NEVER Celebrate Too SOON! World of Tanks

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  1. Reality Dysfunction

    P2W gold-spamming on lower tiers on mostly hiding at the back. Not exactly quality content there Quacky.

  2. i have to ask,how tf do i get past the sta-1,that tank suck ass at every single aspect

  3. ha ha maybe a sly hint to baboons 😛

  4. Hey QB,

    thanks for the past years of entertainment and tactical updates on WoT. Unfortunately, I say goodbye now …

    After I unlocked the Obj 279e half a year ago, I lost my drive in playing WoT. For casual players like me, it is not important to get better and better. My recent winrate of 53% or so is sufficient.
    I loved to strive for the missions. But having the Obj, all missions are done now. And going for having all with honours ist not that fulfilling …
    And there, WoT is lacking opportunities …
    It feels played-through to me.

    So, I will have to find a good way to dispose my account now.

    Thanks to you and all the best for you and your family!

    Keep going, you are doing it well!

    Best regards

    PS: If anyone got a hint for me, like what to play next or so, I’d appreciate!

  5. I have a Kolobanovs with a lynx 6×6,I glitched through the map on Siegfrids line,1 vs 6 actually

  6. Lol only premium rounds.

  7. yea thats right fuck auto loaders.

  8. I Play the k91pt with a turbo, and i use it for ramming

  9. This tank is just highly underrated my favorite turretles TD in the game that I have unlocked

  10. Full gold + combat ration…

  11. QB trying to justify how this noob spends his credits in the game by comparing it to him spending 5 mil on a 3d style is so stupid. 3d style is just a cosmetic that has no effect on skill and outcome of the game, where as spamming full gold rounds and auto aiming against tanks 2 tiers lower shows they are a wallet warrior and suck at the game… also some other comment said that the account is a reroll account with 5k battles and 58% winrate (probably only plays the most competitive tanks). where are all the games of grinding up a tech tree and suffering like the rest of the player base before you get the best tanks???

  12. L0RDSH0CKW4V3 Gaming & Advice

    All around good tank too bad it’s a Russian tank.

  13. Wtf he has intuition and still loaded full gold.

  14. Random question. What happend to our ELC amx legend?

  15. Maybe the progetto thought that k91 was a baboon and asked to dance with him.

  16. great fun tank (shall be played with gold ammo mainly (cheap for those who earn on tier VIII skirmish with clan and/or credit boosters)

  17. Prog was playing with Sehawk. He gifted his tank …

  18. I was in a 1 vs 7 situation yesterday… Then I quickly died.

  19. I also spent 5 million on my favourite tank, the T-95. But I have never seen anyone else with it. So I think it went for the lowest bid.

  20. It was 1 vs. 8 6:00

  21. A year or so ago, an EBR 90 and a B-C 12T were raising their guns circling my artillery (G.W. Tiger-P) Just toying with me thinking they had it in the bag.
    We were all low health and I shot the rock in front of me as the lights were circling me, we all died, and the last remaining tank was an artillery on my team that was flipped over. So we scored a win when we certainly should have lost because of the lights early celebration 🙂
    Edit: was on mountain pass in D3ish area 🙂

  22. full gold agaisnt tier 7s lol

  23. wg really needs to put ammunition limits on how much gold you can take. let’s face it. full gold on a 2tier spread top tier game is not normal.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      Why? As if prem ammo was an issue and not a solution.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @J S Sorry to ruin your fantasies, but I’m not.

      What difference did the premium ammo make in this replay? What would have happened if he had a limited amount of prem ammo?

    • @VioletStetPedder – so that people would think if they wanna shoot gold at tier 7 and 8 tanks which would give them some hope for bounce. would make shooting a skill, not just a battle that which person is willing to pay more

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @Matu Fujiwara Why would a T7 or T8 tank ever need to bounce a T9 TD?

      There’s no point in “making shooting a skill” as long as there’s accuracy and penetration RNG in the game.

  24. Prog just dumped all 3 rounds and knew he was dead. He was saluting Seahawk. You should know this by now QB.

  25. It was a good video quickie baby but this is your typical gold spamming bullshit gameplay that World of Tanks Gamers do on a regular basis in my opinion is completely pathetic use your tank use your Mobility shoot on the flanks

  26. Anyone else see vids with full gold load outs and just quit out and go to something else? Normally love QB content, full gold spam is uninteresting and unengaging.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @J S So why did you need to include the _”because when you can pen virtually every shot”_ part if that’s not what makes it boring? You could have simply said shooting gold is boring.

      You not being able to form a coherent sentence doesn’t make my “conclusions” straw man lmao. There’s no argument.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      it is only You problem. That player earned credits and does with them what he wants. Stop being jealous and controlling.

  27. T9 shooting tier7:s with gold, yippiii real hero….

  28. more gold spamming… no skill

  29. VioletStetPedder -

    Why not? Is YT only for people who haven’t been able to figure out all game mechanics.

  30. Can we at least do not encourage full gold replays? If Wargaming doesnt do anything to balance pvp game, at least we should do. Like to not promote full gold replays.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @SDOne 2014 Best tanks in the game are free. Actually, the best tanks in the game can’t be even bought with real money (Chief, 279e, etc.).
      What supply stuff?
      All ammos are 100% free. You can’t even buy ammo with gold anymore but sure you can buy silver with gold.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @Nemesid _”Oh, so 1/3 gold and full gold are same?”_ When did I say anything like that?
      You do realize that you grind money in Skirmishes not in random battles? Credit boosters on, clan boosters on, that’s 100k profit from a 5 minute game.

    • @VioletStetPedder – Not going to argue more with you. Your deny the truth. WoT is only game around with such pay to win model. Not even World of Warships dared to touch it on that level and it shows something. Any new pvp game with such model will be stomped to the ground by players.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      @Nemesid Deny what truth? You can get the best tank, equipment, consumables, etc. in this game completely free. There’s no advantage IN BATTLE you get by paying. You can’t tell if a player (unless it’s a premium tank of course) is paying or playing for free when you inspect them IN BATTLE.

      Does paying give an advantage? Yeah, of course. That’s how it should be. Does paying make you win more battles? Nope.

  31. Progetto probably out of shell to play so he salute and given up

  32. this is why h.e

  33. You are so nitty, do you try to say a 1000 words a minute? Jesus Christ..

  34. The Proghetto didnt care if he dies. he thought the team is winning anyways so he just had some fun.

  35. Most of them are no skill, low enemy hp, good armor, and there is good game… Its easy.

  36. Soviet premium with full gold in top tier. Ye he’s so good!

  37. this tank sucks. nothing redeems it

  38. 1v8 situation*

  39. But wtf do you guys care if someone fires gold, mind your own business

  40. Omg still at 669k subscribers

  41. I don’t play anymore but it’s still exciting to see crazy unpredictable gameplay like this
    GG QB

  42. Well, idk where to start, first of all, ty for featuring that replay. Its not even close to being the best game i ever had, but it sure was my first 1vs8 kolobanovs, at higher tiers.
    About the rest of things, from comments, etc.
    1) About being a filthy reroll, first of all, im not a reroll in terms of typical sceario, if i could, i would love to get my account back with everything unlocked/all the reward vehices etc., but its not possible. My original account was created on 31st of october 2013, for the first 8k battles i was a tomato(efficiency rating back then), i played until early 2020, had around 40-45k battles, 56.something wr and roughly 2.9k overall wn8. So why do i have this acc now? Well i quit the game and deleted that account via wg support request. Why im back 2 years later? I dont know myself lol.
    2) About spamming “special” rounds at lower tiers, as some other people have noted, i did not have field mod for 2nd ammo/consumable loadout. Having low ammo capacity has a role as well, just 1 battle before i had a loadout with 2 HE, 16 APCR, 12AP. Because of terrible rng in terms of accuracy, i said to myself F it and loaded full apcr, the gun on k91pt is not for sniping weakspots most of the time, you could see that in replay as well, when shells dipped into ground, even at short distance. It didnt change the outcome of the battle, i would of penetrated every shot with AP as well, so i dont understand what is the issue. Anyway, 258AP for a tier 9 td is terrible, iirc only foch has worse standard pen, but its an autoloader. Another sidenote – i will always preffer apcr over ap just because of shell velocity.
    3)someone mentioned about playing only best/reward/op tanks, check my acc and you might be surprised what is my most played vehicle. Anyway im not 1 of those “rerolls” who statpad in low tiers, just to make shiny stats, i try not to play anything below tier 9, except prems and when grinding through tech tree line. Yesterday i met that kind of reroll in a batlle, who said that i played like shit, even though, he did quite a bit less than me, what a surprise – 60+% 3.3kwn8, but has 2.6k dpg in leo pta – thats your typical reroll, statpads in mid tiers and then fails at high tiers. That is a sign of mediocore player trying to be better than he is. What i mean is that, if i wanted to statpad a reroll acc, with selected tanks, it would easily be 4k + wn8, but thats just being a fake.

  43. cmon QB, this is impressive?? really?? that was lazy job from you to make video about this (i dont even know how to properly describe it), and also, i dont care about result, there is no excuse for full gold spamming. you really disappoint me.

  44. The new WORD going around in WoT is “Nopper”.
    It means (in game): a member of Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski: playing VERY badly and NOT like a team player at all.
    Ignoring spots, not helping others, all-in-all playing egotistically for their own stats.
    NOP is an ultra right wing Polish group btw.

    Just saying. It’s hilarious

  45. This was excellent

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