NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #12

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


“Wagon Wheel”, “Amazing Plan”, “Mischief ”, “Plucky Daisy”, “Olde Timey”, “Heartbreaking”, “Salty Ditty”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Hey i thought the strv 103b blind shotting a moving ebr clip would be in it!

  2. It’s great you think the vids are getting better and better. Confidence is key.

  3. Some of my favourite content from you!

  4. “363 damage” HOW?

  5. Valkyrie Musician Thirteen

    pay to win confirmed

  6. “Soviet balancing act”

  7. John Emmanuel De Guzman

    the game is making more bad beacuse of the surver its keep disconnecting

  8. 8:09 i would call this a pro gamer move
    and QB should try a lottery just because of the 10:33

  9. 12:44 QB:”A full tank turn , and he clicked me from on top of the bridge…”

    Thats because you’re facing an arty player from chinese (chinese WoT memes) and he’s riding the “strongest” TD in WoT.

  10. Regards from Peru!!!
    Thanks for giving me some smiles.

  11. Is there any possible way someone can spot me $550 so I can build my pc from scratch and play wot?

  12. Love seeing this stuff makes my day


  14. Jimbo's Armored Division

    Why would someone dislike this? Your not a fan of work or qb and just need to take your negativity back to cod.

  15. 4:11 wows gameplay footage

  16. Only 50k games?

  17. Really funny

  18. Is he fake laughing or just has a really bad laugh ?

  19. 2:15 – You hear Ziggy

  20. Damn over 500,000 minutes played on his account

  21. Nice giggles per minute algorythm!

  22. the tank hat was awesome

  23. i died laughing at the 3 ts 5s LMFAOOOOO

  24. The Russian Top Hat was amazing

  25. so conclusion Pz II has worst cruiser III best gun in game

  26. QB losing it makes me lose it. I love WOT moments like this and the RNG series

  27. I love best momets

  28. after so many years, nice to see Qb enjoying, having a laugh and streaming like crazy. All other streamers have so much to learn from him. Thanks Will, you are trully a bless!!

  29. The best moments are really funny. Just shows that even the pros get owed at times. Keep em coming Quickybaby. 🙂

  30. could it be that wg has some rng buffs with gold ammo like that its actually more accurate? or should i shut up to not give them.any ideas?

  31. I like how at 6:45 the team players’ names are all censored but the Deathstar’s nickname is not even blurred in the vehicle HP/module damage panel.

  32. Hello! I was a STB-1 yolo style! 😀 3:34

  33. Thanks Phil!!!

  34. 7:11 song name plss ;-;

  35. 8:10 Trinity Help

  36. i was looking for some EMTY mems

  37. I’m always killed by SPG which is fraustrating they hit you several times those clickers.

  38. Very funny keep them coming

  39. He has 50,000 games played of world of tanks

  40. 0:49 – After 15,000 games of WoT QB finally was able to summon the derp!

  41. 10:06 Object AMX 703 49 version III

  42. The only Bias Quicky, is Russian Bias

  43. 6:42 sums up what this game has become in recent years

  44. awesome… though, I spilled my tea on the monitor. Well, actually it happens all the time to me! Keep up with good stuff!

  45. great edits m8

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