Never Ending Autoloader, The Fastest Reload! 🔥 | World of Tanks M26 Pershing Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks The Fastest Reload Speed in High Tiers. World of Tanks M26 Pershing, Tier 8 American Medium Tank. World of Tanks Battles, Best Replays.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today I am going you with the fastest reloading high tier guns in the game… It is the mighty with its 76mm little boomstick. This 2.4 second reload feels like a never-ending autoloader.

Enjoy the Show!


  1. Oh I had fun making this one! 😉
    Let me know some more crazy builds you would like to see me making an episode about! 😛

    • I remember the days of Platooning with one over or under Tiers or ever way back any Tiers in a Platoon (The good ole days) How I miss them!!

    • I’d love to see your take on the churchill III machine gun, I’ve managed to get the reload on mine down to just under 2 sec

    • Dez, why didn’t you platoon with Skill and Daki this year? you could have got payback for them bullying you last year into getting all Tier 10’s, by demanding they 3 marked all artillery’s by the end of 2022.

    • The fastest in high tiers? There is also the E-25.

    • Did you have deadeye on this crew, Dez? Thanks for the video, I’m working that way, on the t20 <3

  2. try t34 with 57mm gun, under 2 sec reload

  3. 4:19 that shoot did a critical hit …. …. …. so might have added that on bit more damage to the ammorack, so your ally could finnish it off with one shoot. unless his shoot alone, is enought to cause ammorack detonation
    edit: paused the video 2 sec to early cough

  4. Just one word, just one: E25

  5. I love this build, been using it since you showcased it last year.

    It’s awesome for the memes, great for pairing with a friend. Perma-tracking beast!

    Thanks for showing it again.

  6. If you really want a better auto loading gun at tier8 med try panther 2 with long 75mm better pen and better damage and accurate and velocity.

  7. Imagine if the Pershing using the 105 derp without the HE nerfs ….

  8. i like these video it give old player new ideas and it help0 new player get ideas so good job the last

  9. Nice…one of the underrated tanks

  10. the tier 6 has the same gun meaning you can do this at tier 6 with the same rate of fire ( and gun )

  11. Your English improved so much. I’m very proud of you.

  12. Game is bad for your health, make sure you don’t give wg money, it will help the game die!

  13. i mean if you want a fast, infinite autoloader you can take the MT-25 with the 45mm as well
    i mean its 2 tiers below but with max boost reload goes down to 1.41s, so its a 360 shot infinite autoloader

  14. Stan Van de Woestijne

    Well that first game…
    What an average game
    It’s so dumb ever game is like you that
    Always 0-15….

  15. Death by a thousand cuts 😂

  16. why don’t you list your fittings in description?

    • What exactly do you mean?

    • @DezGamez I mean list your fittings in the YouTube video description, vents, rammer, coca cola etc. I listen to your video while I am driving and can’t watch it as it is illegal. a written list in the description would be useful.

  17. I just wish it was still on track because I can see a meme build of it with rammer, grousers, turbo and circling heavy tanks

  18. West Coast Warriors Archive

    the m7 medium was like this back when it was a t5 medium tank. I loved playing that thing.

  19. Xavieris Malagyvechkish

    Arnie top

  20. stop putting the video suggestion over the battle report. Its kind of annoying. Great games thanks for sharing!

  21. Mobile Photographer

    when i set up this i play in 9-10 only

  22. reminds me of the KV-1 using 57mm. the same one the T-34 uses, but KV-1 fires faster with it. 🙂

  23. Fastest gun with no pen, no damage, just a crap overall tank unless you are fighting 2 tiers down.

  24. Should try this with the Tortoise with the 20 pdr

  25. Laughing in my e25 😉

  26. I think WG should create a system similar to preferential matchmaking but for tech tree tanks using certain stock guns. That way the grind wouldn’t be as painful, but we all know they want money right?

  27. E-25 players: you need so many items for that?

  28. I guess the E25 doesn’t count as a ‘high tier’ tank? 😉 2.42 secs per round… Almost taking first place.

  29. Most of us started playing WoT because this was a game trying to replicate, WWIIish tanks and gameplay, we all loved it for 5+ish yrs…. now I think its a garbage game, Russian money-grabbers, $$$$$$-money-grab free-for-all, and now, this “build” and anything that replicates a “build” of any kind, M26 having a autoloader…not realistic from history what-so-ever…….(Tigers being obliterated) from everything in the game!

  30. I wonder if it’s just me,but I think I rather have turbo. It’s so sluggish

  31. Full speed build cs 63, best turbo, best grousers, and best driver skills!

  32. Free 2 Struggle version of the E25 cockroach

  33. Funny setup, this autoloading configuration. Just not that funny for your credits balance I guess because of the full-gold spam it requires, LOL.

  34. You made a T23E3 at tier 8. Congratz

  35. Ooh boy that thumbnail. Only imagine!! And at what tier will that premium tank be released and how OP will it be?

  36. Try AT 7 with clip gun is very funny

  37. you can get under 3sec with panther or panther 2 with 7.5gun with 150/194 pen!! its the better choice

  38. That last game was pretty funny 😛

  39. The Tier 7 prem T26 thing has similar DPM with the 76mm.

  40. Best to delete this Tank!
    Every battle High teir Like 10 no chance to fight with Sam teir or low teir
    Easy kill U! no Block damage

  41. How about you Plat again with Skill & Daki, but setup Pz V/IV with highest DPM. Almost endless reloader right there & you can ram to death as well. Such filth!

  42. What will happen if Centurion I have reached crew with stronger turret and stock gun?

  43. Hehe like the t5 leopard. Ignore the autoloader and use the <2sec load time higher pen and damage gun.

  44. If i remember correctly, you can get the Tier V T34 under a second of reload time, thats brutal

  45. Ever heard of m10 rbfm

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