NEVER EVER GIB UP! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. phly, you saw me in baron’s video?


    high speed hellcat is sexy.

  3. love you phly

  4. another great video so he by Phly, You are awesome!!!

  5. Phly, does that hellcat get the 75 or the 90???


  7. I’m still a scrub at WT. My tank is rated 1.3 and my best plane is 2.7

  8. Phly went Rambo XD

  9. The M18 is probably my favorite TD so far if you play it right.

  10. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    I love war thunder and i love your videos 🙂 pls continue :D

  11. Meh, just got a 20-0 killstreak before watching this in my KV-1B.

  12. How do you rotate your crew!?

  13. Please play the SuperPershing next

  14. phly do you stil play with baron

  15. airplane name?

  16. soo guud…
    much inspiration..

  17. Hi guys!!

  18. lol “Ahhhhhh…! FXcking ruski..!”

  19. Have you already recorded yourself flying the H8K2?

  20. I’m early. Can I have a cookie?

  21. Hi Phly, just can you try to destroy some ground targets with the Schräge
    Musik on the Do217N2 in a ground battle, that will definitely be awesome!

  22. M18 Hellcat – best tank in this game. I’m using this race car still against
    Tier-5 tanks and it’s still awesome!

  23. What does RTB mean???

  24. totally enjoyed that phlyrage,phly you were like not today comrade,great
    vid mate.phly any plans to do more warships vids mate?

  25. Best game in a long time!! Great job!

  26. phly you derp you wrote gib instead of giv

  27. Never. Gib. It. Up. Ever. EVER.

  28. When comes a vid with the New Russian Vodka Sprayer? The 94KM zis

  29. Altagracia Ramirez Luna

    when are u going to do a top5 best plays war thunder again

  30. Would love to see more with them,they seem cool

  31. 9NukesontheMoon Explode

    Combined Arms : Do 335 B-2 and Sla 16 Diesel Tiger II :D

  32. Ayyyyy, i see what you did there

  33. I got a mission for u get out the mcdonell F2H the fastes and lets go phly

  34. Yo i am looking for a warthunder account(mainly groundforces) if u want to
    sell one contact me:)

  35. i want the SUPER PERSHING NEXT pls

  36. Eat the biggest chicken Lol

    Hold my dick and watch this

  37. How did you lose… the tickets looked even…

  38. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    Phly please take out the BB-1 maybe with Baron you never flew this plane
    and its awesome!

  39. Awesome video man! :)

  40. wow those Stalins 2nd Red Army was the worst. I coudve killed Phly already
    eith my T-34-57 while he was circling around killing the Kv-1

  41. I remember this game, WT name Lastronaut :-)

  42. Fucking God mode Phly, that was a Ripper of a game. 😀

    Going to check out your buddies channel.

  43. Upright productions

    Super Hellcat OP

  44. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    I love that War THunder Golden Eagles app. I simply said if i like
    Starbursts or skittles more and made 600 Eagles xDDD

  45. +Phlydaily when will you be accepting applications to PHOB

  46. Clash with a Noob

    phly I have been playing for 3 months and lvl 7 how long did it take you to
    be at lvl 100 and how long have you played?

  47. My highest tank is tier2 at the m4a3 (105) for planes I’m at the a20 e1 I

  48. This was the first interesting Ground Forces game I’ve seen in a long long

  49. you spelled the title wrong :D

  50. Sick at fuck my great jobe

  51. give*

  52. Hey Phly, i heared you like precision firing. Why sont you try the nashorn
    and me410 B-2/U4. Have fun! :D

  53. cool match. give us moreeee.


  55. CaptainCaptainZach

    Phly is rambo

  56. Cesar augusto Villatoro hernandez

    M18 have new APCR why not use :v ?

  57. You gib up when u made no attempt to cap B at the end there… would have
    won the game and even if it hadnt worked you would have at least tried


  59. Eternal pain The Hellcat it makes you blow-up literally

  60. lovely vid :)

  61. epic vid phly! and nice music too!

  62. how to do turn the tank? 4:40 :V

  63. I have a challenge land a bomb inside a dicker max!

  64. Pls phly you should use sea fury and centurion for Korea combo

  65. Would be nice to see more of these videos where you totally focus on being
    the best in your team, without cutting out deaths etc. Just pure gameplay!

  66. I gib up on the game the BR sistema it’s such bs.

  67. That BTD-1 is a thing of beauty and horrific power!

  68. Never Gib up

  69. Amazing video!

  70. F9F-2 and M103 top tier combo!

  71. Next video please , play with the KV1-S and the yak-9M please

  72. Hey ply, U gonna upload your game on Volokolamsk in the Chieftain mk3?

  73. the hellcat is 2 spooky

  74. Lukas Luby-Prikot

    you and baron both did tank destroyer charges…


  76. alejo ruiz camauër

    CHALLENGE:kill a tank using the scrage musik cannons in SB

  77. Niber iber gib ib

  78. Der Realist DayZ RP

    Gib is actually the German word for give :D

  79. THAT WAS INTENSE!! Thanks for the shoutout buddy!!

  80. if gaijin sees phly playing with the btd they will nerf it

  81. Last time I played in berlin, someone on my team respawned in an arado…
    against tier 3 stuff. Lmao


  83. Mark Jayson Miranda

    Phly the RAMBOOOO!!!

  84. The tune in the beginning is “Discovery Hit” by Kevin MacLeod, if anybody
    was curious.

  85. Phly your a badass. Says oh shit, spins 180 degrees and shoots someone.

  86. phly your like the cornel from battlefield friends, but u get the bipod for
    the hellcat, then a bipod for your bipod

  87. Hey phly for meh B-Day fly the Do335 [Premium one] and Nashorn New Germans
    combo :)

  88. Never give up, never surrender! NBER GIB ^!

  89. Nice MySpace page!

  90. man, sick. hands down, great gameplay

  91. what is the difference between hellcat and blackcat?


  93. Did they fix the garbage matchmaking yet?
    Or are they planning to chase people away until nobody is left?

  94. Don gi bab Kipidap

  95. Your college friend sounds like Gunther from kick buttowisk

  96. That was awesome, the US tanks are a pain to play with it.


  98. Can someone please tell me what is “AI”?

  99. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    HOW DO YOU USE the CUPOLA?!?!?!

  100. Make more videos with those guys phly!!! We want to see them in action with
    you :D

  101. Why did phly get lions??? isnt it a custom game?

  102. What does gib mean?

  103. JCraft27 _____________

    SuperPershing & P-61

  104. hey phly,fly the do335 with only the back engine and another one is of

  105. I have been having some problems with , war thunder world of tanks ,
    warships and armored warfare that resums to random long lag spikes (30 s to
    2min) that freezes the games totaly. can someone help me out?

  106. Question what is this mode realistic arcade custom

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