NEVER GIVE UP in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today is the NIGHTMARE in World Tanks. tank, bottom tier, massively outnumbered – let's DO THIS!



  1. QuickieBaby you WoT legend many thanks for all the videos and tips over the years

  2. Good morning from USA!

  3. Love the content keep it going. Learned so much from you over the years and it’s made me a better player. I thank you for that.

  4. Some low tier gameplay? Thats unusual, still very enjoyable and cool! Love the daily uploads qb, keep it up!
    edit: hey you didn’t forget to check on the kv1sa stats, nice:)

  5. This tank is so OP,
    But when I first got it as a new player, I didnt understand how it works and was so frustrated
    It made me confused what I was doing wrong. “I’m sidescraping, why am I still taking damage? Isnt this a medium tank?”
    So many battles, so much of me just not understanding that this tank is what no other soviet medium is like… it was a good riddance after I got the kv-1 tbh

  6. Ah my favourite tank with my best win rate. Love it

  7. Never give up? Yes yes, but the enemies had the habit of making me to.

  8. Bulgarian President
  9. This was the first tank I got an Ace Tanker in.

  10. I honestly feel the premium version of this tank, the T-28 F-30 (85mm) needs to be in tier 5 with that kind of firepower and DPM.

  11. Oh, I thought it was the Rick n Roll title

  12. “Truly, the best way to play, is by not playing the game.”
    -That KV1S.

  13. The T-28 is great and I also love the premium version (T-28 F-30 or something) with the 85mm, 160 alpha gun. It’s just a great performer, if you know how to play with it right.

  14. What a toxic game community where someone has the means to fire gold rounds (QB) but feels that he needs to apologise for it

  15. Zee. Your English why are you calling it the BZee? It is the BZed. Is there something wrong with the English language? Disgraceful, if you want to be American please move to the US.

  16. Damn impressive.

  17. I still remembered that I got my first ACE tanker is the T-28 against tier 5

  18. QB went clubbing.

  19. KV-1SA is now a tier 6?
    Maybe I should try it before it is tier 7.

  20. Hated it when I started, then fell in love when I worked out how to play it. The pricing for premium shells is completely broken, it is much more expensive to do the same amount of damage with the 57mm, than the larger guns; a huge problem when running the 57mm on this and the kv1

  21. Always let the Zis fully aim unless you have to shoot early. It rarely hits unless fully aimed and the follow up shot will miss too because of the RoF.
    44 prems*2800 credits

  22. I thought it was rickroll.

  23. This tank is really good for its tier. I got my first top gun with 7 kills in this tank when everyone else was hating on it.

  24. I was in a similar situation today with the Type 64 you can check it out on Wot replays I got 2000 base xp

  25. Having rewatched an episode yesterday, i finally realize who QB reminds me often with his gestures, style of talking etc. ….: It’s Maurice! From IT Crowd!

  26. Ah yes 4 tier
    New player
    I don’t have MONEY

  27. KV-1SA is tier 5 too 🙂

  28. agree, bigger is never the best

  29. Its the best tier to play. I dont ever play t10.

  30. I uninstalled the game this morning after losing 7 games 3:15.. and now I’m thinking maybe I should get back and play low tiers.. But naah

  31. Saw this one live!

  32. 57mm russian gun is overpowered at its tier + noob trap.

  33. I got my first ever top gun in WoT on this tank back when it had the researchable 85mm. Good times

  34. It was like the second T4 tank i ever played and i utterly sucked playing it^^ But hey, after 50-100 battles or so you just have no idea how the game realy works…. you go somewhere, you shoot once (maybe), you die because you have no idea where to go… or you just get vaporized out of nowhere because no map knowledge and 50% crew.
    But hey, it was better than my first T4 tank. I thought “Heavy tanks are kinda strong and forgiving, so when you play a heavy tank at low tiers where there aren’t a lot of heavies they must be pretty insane! Lets look at which line has the earliest heavy. Oh, the DW2. That looks like fun. : 3”
    Yea…. it wasn’t. The Durchfallwagen 2 (german: diarrhea vehicle) was and still is aweful…

  35. I love the low tier gameplay. People seem to forget about the bottom half of the game. When I played the T-28 it has the legendary 85mm. Happy to have the t-28 with f-30

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