Never played this tank…Does this mean I go to GULAG? (War thunder)

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Never played this tankæDoes this mean I go to GULAG? (War thunder)

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  1. Phloopy whoopy play the STB-1

  2. Krzysztof Cierniak

    Dominantka is not he. Is SHE;)

  3. oof that music, where are the RO2 videos

  4. 5:55 Damn, I miss hearing that, I haven’t played Red Orchestra 2 in ages. 🙁

  5. “How do I penetrate Tiger II from the front with this thing?”

    One sentence that perfectly describes everything that’s wrong with Russian and German heavy tanks in this game…

  6. The Legit Gaming Raptor

    Obviously you’re not camping
    Where TFUQ is you’re TENT AYE?
    And you’re in Battle not in the Russian woods

  7. What is the sound mod he is using?

  8. When I play as Germany: Russian bias. When I play as Russia: Germany does not suffer. I just can’t win 🙁

  9. why T-44 have repair cost higher than M1 Abrams????

  10. I used to play the base T-44 a heap when I was grinding the soviet tree, at 6.7 it can kill literally anything efficiently except the Tiger II (H), which you have to get a side shot to reliably kill.

  11. damn I tried to follow you on myspace
    EDIT: your acount is amasing!!!1!11!!1 everyone should follow!!!111!!!

  12. germany does suck because they have no fast vehicles

    in urban maps(90% of the maps in the game) the allies are already waiting in ambush by the time german tanks get out of spawn
    the only option is the RU251 ..but it’s expensive and few people play it
    many who do die easily

    the “germany players are stupid” argument is invalid… who the fuck plays only one nation?..that’ll be boring as hell

    i got 30% winrate in AXIS
    but 55 or more with Allies XD

  13. Hey Phly! Please play with ambrams an m135

  14. Take smk and il-2(1942)

  15. Phly dont Cry the Russians have still the IS-2 with over 200mm Pen on 5.7 so i say it is balanced..

  16. 1:02 “How do I penetrate the Tiger II from the front?”
    Oh questions all American line players ask themselves daily.

  17. Those sounds are fricking awesome

  18. Men the tank on your video clickbait is a jugoslavian tank

  19. Hey Phly what soundmod are you using right now the Sounds in the Video dont Sound like the game at all

  20. The german tanks are so hard to kill, i cant one shot a Tiger II from the front i can’t believe this game.

  21. And how you managed to not play the best tier 4 tank?

  22. >Phly plays Kursk without losing his mind.
    me: how do u do dis teach me master

  23. play the independent

  24. Phly, you posted this video about 13 hours ago, and I just want to know if u’re still here or in gulag.

  25. Т44 my love. Best tank.

  26. Did they do sounds in the last patch? Or is it a mod, cause damn it sounds good

  27. Please can you show the power of the German Reich and kill a tank with the schrage musik cannon
    Attempt #1

  28. I guess hell make a video about he Centurion Mk.10 lol

  29. do you only play tanks?

  30. The T44 isn’t about the firepower it’s about the armor.

  31. what sound mod is this?

  32. T44 best tonk in game phly

  33. Phly! You’re wrong, gulag was an organization, lagar was the soviet death camp it was worse than Auschwitz

  34. Lorenzo Martínez

    Could you make a tutorial of how to unlock the I 180?

  35. You should play the Cent10 again. It still rips through anything you look at

  36. What sound mod are you using?

  37. did u use a sound mod ?

  38. What a comeback!!omg

  39. SM 91 in Air sim 😉

  40. “how do I pe a tiger from the front” Exactly my point of frustration when I played it years ago (also I was bad)

  41. I’ve been facing 7.7 with my 5.7s once, Panthers, did killed a T95 alone wasn’t that bad.

  42. here is a tank you also never played the Bchat

  43. otan vlepeis to onoma greek gamias

  44. New sounds?

  45. i’m having flashbacks when i had both tiger 1 and couldn’t penetrate the t44 from the front

  46. OMG the sounds, I want to know where to download this soundpack

  47. That’s what playing the British feels like

  48. T-44 bias tank
    I ever shot side turret using 75 mm panther gun from 10 m
    And it’s non pen
    From front turret using 88 mm panther II tank and non pen again

  49. “I feel like i can’t penetrate anything”
    yeah,story of my life when i take T-44 for a spin
    and if I combine it with t-34-85 and Is-2 its a match vs 7.0 90% of the time

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