Never Seen This Before! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

I've played nearly a 100,000 games of World of yet even to this day sometimes unexpected things happen – this is one of those in the Type 61!



  1. Bartosz Gliński

    Am I first?

  2. One of the firsts

  3. I’m quick

  4. first

  5. Britain: freaking out about 80+ Degrees F
    Louisiana: regularly gets up to 100+ Degrees F unbothered

  6. What is the temp in the UK Lol
    Here in iraq is 48C. Lol

  7. That LT-432 threw the game at the end by rushing you instead of using the many hills and his flat tank as an advantage

  8. 39C (102 F) here today. You English make sure you stay inside in those 80 degree temps. 🙂

  9. what a clutch !!

  10. Mateusz Grabowski

    bicki quaby

  11. 3:44 is QB seriously insinuating that it’s team tactics? It’s just everyone driving to one flank and ‘we’ll see if that works’. At least that’s the World of Tanks I’m playing.

  12. what is good about this tank? I always felt like all of the japanese mediums are quite bad except for the t10 STB

  13. pure rng luck at the end 🙂

  14. anything goes just made a cool video called thermogeddon explaining the political agenda behind the heatwave fearmongering and declaring warm day a “crisis”. nice game in type 91, i love this tank but the only thing i dislike is the gun handling sometimes trolling me with derpy behaviour.

  15. The lemming train got punished despite your team all whining and getting shot up.
    Well played in clawing that unlikely win back again.

  16. oh god imagine being in this heat in a tank

  17. Try the Type 61 without upgrades 😉

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