Never Thought I’d Like this TANK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Sometimes you play tanks never expecting to do well or even like them… this was certainly one of those cases!


of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. ah yes, QB likes to attack from the booshes

  2. Meanwhile I love this tank and have gone off in it more often then most by playing it aggressively like a medium.

  3. Benedic Justine Velasco

    im stuck in this tank and never got to T8

    This replay is a clan wars but the strategy is baffling

  5. Not gonna lie I thought this was going to be about the E-100

  6. It was my first tier 7 , it was a nightmare ?

  7. Ironically, though I far from loved the T28 Prot when I played it (when it had that awful 18 or 13kph and no ), I found that it was a decent bully against heavies if I was top tier. So, especially on city maps, it was quite fun to be able to spit on russian heavies for once.

  8. That profit without the premium account just shows how shit the economics of this game are.

  9. The game gets a little more worse every time a wheeled vehicle is put into the game…Since physics don’t apply to them…Zigzag on ice, snow, sand, mud, and water. the only terrain tires are better than tracks is hard surfaces. That’s what WG needs to fix.

    • I don’t mind the tires being faster in a straight line on medium and hard terrain, but on soft they need to bog down and turn like pigs.

  10. I’m not pay2win cancer. I don’t like this tank, but I’m almost 60% win rate in this. I really want to sell it but I can’t find a reason to sell it :/ I play it just to find a reason to sell it lol but it performs well. It’s a slower/softer medium but it is generally reliable at punching holes in enemies

  11. I thought it was the e 100 in the thumbnail lol

  12. Andrew Wolfgang Bakes

    Do a review on the Dicker Max! It’s one of my favorites in is great on a Ridgeline

  13. i love this tank and still have it

  14. Watched this during the tech tree showcase. Was funny to watch you discover the T25/2 isn’t as bad as you’d thought (though certainly not great). Was also funny when you spotted the Chi-Ri as you were reading chat; we thought you’d blown it. Fortunately I guess he was reading chat as well. =D

  15. Ive not played Wot for a while, last time I did, the pen on this gun was 170mm on AP rounds, totally inadiquate for anything but being top tier, even the T29 has better pen, thats why people just jumped from the Hellcat to the T28 Prot and beyond, such a shame as the T25/2 has some good potential.

  16. Thumbnail made me think E-100,….


  17. QB needs to play the Lowe!

  18. Not Even a Nice Person

    I find no reason to grind that tech tree beyond T67 (after they nerfed the Hellcat)

  19. I like these videos.

  20. Was good to watch live for sure

  21. I’m glad you enjoy the T25/2 as that’s my favorite tank aswell.

  22. QB, I’m not born speaking English, but I need to make sure myself: 5:05 something is needed to be took or taken? I was so confused the first seconds but almost sure it should be the “taken” but you are natural speaker :/ please? otherwise awesome video as always 🙂 greetings from Czech Republic aka Babiš Kingdom

  23. leFH permatrack Kappa

  24. Excellent game bro. Ignore your base captured – have an estimate heads-up on all red positions – chew yourself through 1 by 1 – match won.

  25. I’m in this tank and I hate it, I finished su152 and still need 45k exp on t25/2. Started them the same time

  26. idk i liked this tank a lot.. but i played it more like medium tank

  27. “Nothing tank”? I’m offended. This thing was awesome fun to play. I’ve held onto mine.

  28. SU100- SHOUT OUT TO YOU!!! Pity you didn’t get your Top Gun after taking all the risks.

  29. American Turbo Diesel line is absolutely amazing . Who says Americants cant made good TD engine.(sic)

  30. You seem much more relaxed (in a good way) in your commentary these days, waaaaaay way way wazay less cuts. I quite like the T-25/2, seems to pull off some surprising bounces and a decent gun.

  31. Damn, how do I get that MM. T25/2 maybe the strongest tank on either team.

  32. Why the flying f is He laughing at the begining of every video? O.o

  33. *Thinks the LeFH is worse for the game then a KV-2 against new players* Ok Boomer.

  34. “Ist amour is meh”
    Has the best amour plate in entirety of WoT on top which is not penetrable from the front.

  35. Your stuttering has got worse I think QB

  36. I LOVE these kind of games! Keep up the good work sir, and thank you for this video! 🙂

  37. They need to remove the XVM stats from the game. Showing how good different players are is not very good for the game as a lot of players rage quit when they see that their team sucks

  38. So, you want arty to spot a TD that might be camping in a bush, how well is that going to work?
    But this is common for all players with good stats, they want others to do the dirty work so they can take advantage of it and get all the rewards.

  39. For a tier 7 Tank Destroyer, the gun itself is pretty disappointing, it doesn’t have the alpha of the su-152 that can compensate for it’s low penetration, and it doesn’t have that hellcat mobility and camo that can move around and shoot the flank, this tank need a buff in penetration, 185-195mm of pen would do wonders for this tank. And still not be overshadowing thr t25.

  40. T78 just happens to be on sale right now…

  41. Why is there no premium tier 8 arty in the game? I was just wondering.

  42. I hover around the 1000th place on NA for avg assist damage per game cuz focus on the highest view range possible for every tank I grind, minus some heavy’s. So I can attest to the relevancy of high view range and how it can boost your contribution to the team.

  43. That tank is one of my favorite tankdestroyers after the little M8A1, because they have turrets.

  44. LOL, one of my favourites, even after a review you made some years ago were you found it meh. I thought ” He should try it more!!”

  45. I liked it. Did ok in it. Now, what I would like to see is Quickybaby losing games or making actual mistakes. We all know he is amazingly good at this game so it wouldn’t hurt anyone to see him make mistakes and lose.
    Failure and losing are great teachers.

  46. Hey QB could you try and find a good replay of the Chi-ri?

  47. The next is tank is much worse. So sad I went this line…

  48. I’d prefer if you don’t pull a clickbait method with covered up tank and sensational title. Something like “I actually like the T25/2” is more neutral, and coming from you, most probably already surmise that the T25/2 usually sucks. Edit: Forgot to add, great video as usual though.

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