NEW 1.18, The Biggest Patch Ever!? | World of Tanks Update 1.18 Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

Update 1.18 Patch Test Server Review – Tank Destroyers, New Map Outpost, Kranvagn and AMX M4 Mle 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More. What is new with World of Update 1.18 Patch.

One of biggest patches I can remember in the last couple years is ready to be tested. Update 1.18 features new map, new tanks and a lot of rebalancing and changes… itis hard to even start from somewhere…

What do you think?


  1. Lovely changes on LT and arti BUT… what about some of the stupid missions that not all players have completed. If you still play arti because you HAVE TO not because you WANT TO you can be sure that you will be yoloed by LT trying to finish stupid “spot one, damage one arti” mission and with less arties per game its gonna be a bitch to finish it if you still havent before release. Also playing arti means the same, will you have time to finish the mission knowing that LT will be focusing you and you alone because he (or she) didnt saw arti last 9 games… And it will affect all other classes as you can be sure that some portion of the games will be effed up because LT will be on the hunt providing no spot for the team.

  2. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Vk 30.01 P to Panzer 7 line won’t get a buff …

  3. they never nerf the right things. what should be nerfed is the 279e and ebr. and that lefh arty.

  4. Imagine that they did the light tank platoon restrictions every tiers, which would have meant that at low tiers it was impossible to even play on a platoon XD

  5. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    As i complained on their video, i’m asking where are the weak points from the front? They’re forcing us to use premium rounds again. No longer are the days where even the machine gun ports are modeled in the tanks so even if they’re face hugging you, you can deal with them with patience. Those map changes i think would only serve purpose for the upcoming tech tree as well as existing beasts mainly from the russian tech tree that majority of the players are playing. They keep doing this because people are going to play nonetheless

  6. For such a DelHuge update there were clearly are HUGE lack of red arrows in the thumbnail xD

  7. Some nice changes coming, particularly to mm and maps. But no rebalance to Mines? The most unbalanced map in the game which should be limited to tier 7 imo.

  8. like the HE changes and so much more …they continue to ruin the game.. plain and simple

  9. Love this patch, lots of great things coming.

    I particularly like the LT changes and as you say they could go further by hard limiting max. number of LTs per team, similar to artillery.

  10. Anything on the premium Italian tank destroyer and when it may be released?

  11. there seldom is 3 arty per team now, but what it changes is, that there will be less games without arty now. i think this is bad.

  12. ok, how about they start using recon maps as regular ones?

  13. these changes are all mostly good. now they just need to stop selling the lefh and add the chieftain mk6 to the tech tree. the one console has that actually has weak points in the turret and the chieftains hull.

  14. lol these MM changes are not changes at all,…they just theoretically explained how could be better and wash themselves if things dont be like that,….hahahaha

  15. e25, elc, borat, lefh ? Oh I forgot pay to win, it works as intended.

  16. So the Contracarro Minotauro has 2x slower intra clip reload than the Rinoceronte, has 5 shells in the mag (improvement), has around 40% more DPM, has 0.44 dispersion on 100 meters?! *Rino has 0.29 diesprion on 100 meters when equipped*. 2.3 seconds aim time?
    *Rino has 1.5 seconds aim time when modded out and equipped* XD It’s slow as an E3? It has a semil reliable turret? Doesn’t have an Autoreloader? Doesn’t have higher Alpha than Rino? Doesn’t have the burst like RIno? My bet is that such a tank will get grinded down when attacked with it’s full clip, which is a joke. Imagine having a TD which is slower than S. Conq, does everything worse than S. Conq and is played like an S. Conq… What do you have? A very bad tier X tank. Not even S. Conq it’s worse than Rino!
    **Rino isn’t a bad tank, it’s balanced**
    Also lets not even mention the fact that S. Conq can put 2 shells into your Minotauro while you with a clip can only fire one off due to S. Conq firing 1.5 seconds faster with great equipment. So that tank looks absolutely ridiculous to me. Badger is much more scary to face than that tank, and Badger isn’t even considered to be very good. I am just going to pretend that this new Italian tank doesn’t exist, it will work out for me.

  17. why no buff stb???

  18. Koenig Technologies

    Not happy with the Redshire change for the fact that now 1 team can have its TD’s support the heavies on that lane while the other one doesn’t have that option. Also the TD position behind the heavy lane is a lot weaker in the north spawn. With the south spawn, a lot of time the heavies could loose, but the game was still won because the north team, while having an advantage in the fight for the Zeppelin would have it more difficult to exploit that advantage. The south team has it way easier to break out of the heavy lane in my experience.

  19. Looks like too much nerf on those swedish heavys tbh

  20. its Massive yes a Massive Pile of Shit this is all to little too late the map changes are to little to late the Light tank and arty MM changes again to little too late and adding in a new map that only 200 people got to play again Bull and Stop adding clips of new tanks 1 Shotting things that have been tweaked to Blow up in 1 shot the Whole Video and new Tanks are always Missleading because all way want to do is drum up some hype for a Tank class that is going to be all the rage for a week tops, the Whole “update” is a big nothingbuger because 90% of the patch only fixs Problems they caused and STOP nurffing bloody arty for doing its job, as for the NEW tanks all of them are bloody Fake’s “based on” AKA Fake as they HAD No REAL tanks in ww2 ask the Yanks who went there 90% of the Tanks WG are adding are a joke and no one cares or wants to play them but we are FORCED to..Gone are the days of playing your “fav” Tank and to have Fun anymore.

  21. I just got the Emil 2, wow

  22. this matchmaking changes should ve been implemented years ago! fuk wg

  23. Any danger of WG not putting me in tier x battles 80% of the time when i play tier 8? There’s enough players active for MM to be one up one down. No need to be 2 tiers down and given the field mods upgrading the gap between 10 and 8 is much bigger now. No fun bouncing 80% and being clipped out on 1-shotted by gold spamming top tiers.

  24. Sound like an interesting update. Let’s see how it will pan out.

  25. Its called game for a reason

  26. I’m waiting for WG to limit SPG’s to 0 per game

  27. I love how much WG is adjusting tanks with this patch

  28. Bigger than 8.6 with accuracy changes, arty nerfs, tracer mechanics, … ? But yes, this one is pretty significant too

  29. @elp 021 Would be nice to make games with 0,1,2 or 15 arties 🙂

  30. Can you pls make a Video of the KV1SA that is in the Super test now? The KV-1SA has an 6 Round Autoreloading gun with 1 sec. reload between shots. Reload time 8.63/7.67/6.71/5.75/4.79/3.84

  31. And another bunch of overpowered autoloaders – ready to destroy any gameplay at tier 6 to 10! And still no +/- 1 matchmaking! Come on! Lets quit this fucking game! Thx Wargaming!

  32. I played the nerfed Kranvang version on CT but hell thats not enough – i mean with Bond Turbo u can easy reach the 54-55km/h – the Gun yeah you cant snapshot, you need to aim but you hit almost of the full aimed shots – reload/Dpm nerf yeah it doesnt matter, you just wiat couple of second unpenterable – no new weaktspots? Raise the gun to the air and here we go.
    pls nerf it more: 40 km/h of top speed and weakspot under the gun

  33. This is notthing what about borat and elc 2 most po tanks in the game…

  34. I maybe will reconsider playing wot cuz the game is in a bad state now but these changes may be good for the game

  35. Making cannons inaccurate is the biggest stupidity. Only a moron could come up with that. There is nothing else to say about it

  36. Yet they still ignore THE most OP tank in the game the Pz V/IV…

  37. Blitz: “we won’t do everything our elder cousin do”
    Blitz: * about to launch same tech tree line at the same time *

  38. The balance of no 3 artys in a battle is ENOUGH, THEY NEED TO LEAVE THE M44 the HELL alone!!!! Thats the ONLY vehicle that can get some of the missions in campaigns done….

  39. Bro its like WG just woke up and choose community and gamequality

  40. Best news about ebr and arty MM. No I only will wish that strictly 2 Arty are maximum, and also maximum 1 toptier arty. But anyway… the right direction

  41. I guess I’ll sell Emil 2… they killed it imo. And depending on the changes on T29 I’ll sell that old boy too. Those 2 might not be good enough anymore to keep them, even if they are still “ok”.

  42. Wait what did they do to the t34 2?

  43. Very much looking forward to the Italian TD’s. I’ve been watching them closely since they were mentioned in Supertest and am frankly surprised they’ll be coming sooner than Christmas. I’m a bit of a TD junkie and have many from every nation that has them including the TVP. Looks like the tier 10 might be a replacement for the Waffentrager that I worked so hard to get only to have Wargaming remove it from the game. Only time will tell! Keep up the content Dez as I try to watch your posts as soon as you get them up.

  44. I don’t play arty haha but man there are so many soft people in this world over arty and lights, everyone continually wants easy mode.

  45. Hi Dez for my ITS A BIG NO u can tune the old maps ower and ower they wil be the old maps in which i played for ower 7 years same boring maps whit tuning :))) so no more old maps we have new one which we tested for 20 games per map Have a god day

  46. When are ranked battles any one know about?

  47. Check out the tier VI Italian TD, gets a very nice meatball cannon.

  48. it is just crazy if you think about it.

    type 5 heavy is a tier10 super heavy tank, yet a tier8 russian premium tank has better armor.

    not to talk about this new tier10 italian steel wall. just stupid

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