NEW 1.21.1 Explained in 97 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Machine Guns, Autocannons (Automatic Cannons) in Overwhelming Fire . World of Tanks Marathon, Free Premium Tank 56TP, Battle Pass Chapter 4. World of Tanks Update 1.21.1 .

Update 1.21.1 seems to be filled with special modes and events, not much about the changes to the game itself. We get battlepass chapter 4 marathon for a free premium tank 56TP tho…

What do you think?


  1. Enjoy! 😉

  2. Beautiful 😻

  3. Why Ranked, why 🥲

  4. 1:26 tf is that is more turret than tank 💀

  5. Ricardo Nagtegaal

    When will the update go live?

  6. 13th like from me Dez 🙂

  7. Milos MilicTROB204

    Just bring back the Ranked battles, those were so much fun to play.

    • Agree, I need Ranked battle

    • @Milos MilicTROB204 I evaluated the game mode based on its gameplay, not the reward. If they make ranked return but with crappy reward then it would be way worse than onslaught.

      Pretty sure they will eventually put old ranked reward tanks in onslaught . Eventually.

    • @ott rakkaselgi guess its some reddit word

    • @Kian Jacobsen🇩🇪 you had to play ranked and advance to some level, i do not remeber, what it was, but there was a requirement.

    • ​@zeroyuKINGranked was so much better. You could actually progress when you get a team of idiots and lose by just being in top 2 places and you dont lose anything in top something. There you can see the good players complete the mode quickly and the bad ones dont even get close to doing that

  8. Fast comment to a fast video,. m/

  9. 56TP looks awful unless they thicken the front of the turret. It has practically flat 200mm gun mantlet

  10. No more ranked battles :s? I was looking forward to starting those

  11. It would be also interesting, what they changed/rebalanced in Steel Hunter. But these info arent spread out yet xD

  12. If you bought improved Battlepass, does it work on additional chapter or you`d have to get it separately? And about tank….even tho stats make it look crap, it will be good addition for Trade In Event when it comes.

  13. There is a rumor that the new Leopard HT (KPZ 07P) is coming in August as the new workshop tank and I think this whole improved pass for free XP is a tactic they are going to use to drain players accumulated FXP before that event.

    • 200 IQ move by wg right there

    • The FXP purchase option is for the unicums who have everything and FXP to spare

    • I have over one million fxp, and never bought any with gold. I just don’t spend it that easy, i like to suffer with stock tanks :), and if i am correct it is only 85k (But could be that they changed it)

    • That’s great. Tier 10 reward vehicles are far less interesting than tier 8 premium vehicles. For me it’s a win, I have quite a lot of free exp to burn.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @tenkowal I burned all my FreeXP on the Obj. 780. But I did it because I was pretty close to quitting the game anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I think it’d been four or five months now since I last hit battle.

  14. Thanks for the effort mr faceless

  15. Thanks for the updates big brother.

  16. Good luck for me to buy Improved Pass for Free XP. i just spent all my 500.000 Free xp 🙁

  17. still nothing for type 4 buffs?

  18. 1:12 my happiness is above the atmosphere

  19. Will the ranked store come back? And added later to onslaught?

  20. btw, the new article informs about a 7v7 event in august, reward is a TIER 10 TANK

  21. the Tier 8 battle pass marathon tank got nerfed lmao, aim time 1.9s –> 2.3s and engine power 1000 HP –> 900 HP… what a joke

  22. is the marathon pass has battle pass tokens or not ?

  23. Thanks Dez stay awesome buddy.

  24. Respect to wg as this is olmos a complete 180. I dont think ive been excited for an update since the return of the wafflecock Eonehunda.

  25. @dez I heard that you are starting a clan? Is that true

  26. What is the background music?

  27. And no doubt they’ll screw-up controls that I’ve modified again


  29. So, when are those dynamic events supposed to arrive? I thought they were supposed to hit with .20 or .21

  30. FRONTLINE WHEN NEXT BECAUS I LOVE IT XD my favorit game mode

  31. I get “404!
    Page not found
    Somehow you have come to a page that does not exist.” when I click on your merch.

  32. Happy they’re keeping Frontline!

  33. Been gone for a year. Has WoT improved or still getting worse?

  34. This high caliber auto canon thing has me thinking we are gonna see some big rotary canons come things like the m163 armed with a 20mm Vulcan their is another one it has a 37mm rotary canon I forget the name but we may see something’s like that come

  35. Thanks for the quick recap again, always appreciated.

  36. Appreciate the short format! All the news and updates in <2mins. Ace!

  37. @DezGamez you gonna join the clan for clanwars new event maneuvers?

  38. A detailed video about how new 7vs7 clan war work will be apreciated 😉

  39. When is the remaining balance changes coming?

  40. BZ-176 someday it’s going to be sold in a premium shop??? Am i correct ???

  41. Do we know when it’s going to come out?

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