NEW 107mm DERP KING, New KV-2 Tanks (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: BaronVonGamez


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  1. wooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Yo baron… What’s up?

  3. Was this the suprise you were talking about on Twitter?

  4. Hey Baron. Curious to know if you could play some WoT. :)

  5. Gaijin WHYYYYY???

  6. USAF Angels of Mercy

    Whats up baron?

  7. 107 mm looks nice :3

  8. I give up… Why Gyjin !?
    I’m just hoping that the Brits and Yanks get an equaliser at tier 3

  9. Everyone repeat after me : FUCK YOU GAIJIN !

  10. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond


  11. i highly doubt the germans ever captured a kv-2, if they did, soviet union
    would have been demolished

  12. I’m a Russian tanker and even I think this is stupid

  13. Hello Baron! How’s your day been!

  14. fukes sake there all premium

  15. Hmm…KV-2 ZiS-6…does this confirm the KV-3, KV-4, and KV-5? All four had
    the same 107mm ZiS-6 (except for one variant of the KV-4, which proposed
    the much longer 107mm ZiS-24 (KV-4’s top gun in WoT))


  17. so stupid, Gaijin could have add KV-4

  18. Nice to see that you didn’t type in gameplay…

  19. this is like beyond stupid

  20. war thunder is still alive?!?!

  21. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    does this mean the KV-2 with 122mm will be added

  22. KV- 2 derp for you

  23. Still atleast need KV-220/85 and the T-150/107. And every other Soviet
    Super Tank.

  24. Dimitris Paraskeuopoulos

    Fuck it,I’m done………..

  25. Well time to start hiding by rocks again

  26. what is the f*cking secret!!!

  27. Keep up the good work m8

  28. Hmm, looks like most people are not big fans of these additions. Is it
    because they’re all premium? Is it because they’re Russian? Or….what?

  29. Cool

  30. Yeeeeeeeeee new russsians :DD

    Why? ;-;

  31. John Harms (Harminator)

    Needs more game fixes

  32. but kv-2 I’d easy to kill

  33. Ahh still no Char 2C…

  34. +BaronVonGamez
    One of the main rules of Warthunder is No prototypes, except U pay for
    So All of those KW- 2’s have no other option than being in premium content

  35. Brian Dunning (Mr666Games)

    So hyped for these kv2s mostly German kv2

  36. i am ze kv2 captain my friend!

  37. resolved source4560

    Make napoleonic war war and plz

  38. derp a derp o7

  39. great more bull shit nobody asked for. GG Gaijin

  40. Hey which one? The IS-2 “Revenge” Or premium Tiger II? I wanna know which
    one is better.

  41. The german derp i like it

  42. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    the mod 1940 can’t be bought for golden eagles it is ONLY unlocked through
    chronicles which if you have not started you are too late

  43. robert carl dunlap

    The Sniper Derp Master!

  44. so, the russians already had something to easily wreck anything they come
    across in only 1 shot, now they get an improved version of it, and they
    also get a version with a faster firing gun of a lower caliber than the
    152mm but still big enough that it’s going to be devastating.
    and the germans get one that might have ammo stored on it’s ass, so if it
    gets shot the whole thing goes fucking nuclear.

  45. #MakeWarThunderGreatAgain

  46. My wishlist(Forgive me if we allready have one of these):

  47. MORE STRONK!!! (good luck other people lol)

    but that super sucks i missed the kv-2 events and that is cause i had real
    world problems to deal with 🙁 no mercy comrades

  48. Not quite spot on with your little history talk on the KV tank, but we
    still love you Baron :)

  49. I BET THE SURPRISE IS MBR-2 GAMEPLAY XD !!!!!! I hope so I can’t wait

  50. Krauss In The Haus

    I hope the call it the kv222 pack

  51. We need an uber German derp in the form of the Sturm Tiger. Someone said
    the rocket it fires has been found in the game files.
    -But that would be OP!
    Shut up, the RBT-5 is a rank 1.3 tank with a 420mm rocket that can oneshot
    every tank in the game.
    Let the Germans have some derp, KV-2 is a good start but we need something
    to kill those damned T-54, IS-3 and IS-4 tanks with. Only the Leopard is
    adequate at it, Maus and JPZ are so bad it’s embarrassing.

  52. you got me so exited but when you said that all of them were premium i
    almost cried

  53. Is much Russian bias comrade. I have a question though, why did Gaijin have
    to give the Germans some Russian bias? Also, the 107 KV-2, for when the 152
    mini-fridge nuke launcher isn’t enough, just use a 107 high velocity
    mini-fridge launcher. So…Gaijin decided to make a Maus-killing KV-2? is
    much Russian bias.

  54. Joaquin Hernandez

    does that kv2 have a 85 ?

  55. Spiritof SeventySixer

    Baron – “So does that mean it will be researchable, or is it just a pack
    Though we can be certain it is a PACT tank haha!

  56. Joaquin Hernandez

    107mm zis 6…drooling activated

  57. A 107mm gun?! thats bigger than the D10t cannon!!!

  58. Hey Baron, the ZiS-6 107mm gun was originally planned for the KV-5, with a
    way taller turret. More derpy maybe than tower of stalin you would say.
    Hopefully they can add KV-5 into the game though it will be a powerful, but
    weak monster

  59. Thats not a derp gun

  60. Lol the zis6 107mm gun has 115mm pen @30 from horizontal at 1000m. At least
    thats what official documents state.

  61. Panzermadels – Tank Dating Simulator plez do it baron

  62. is there a IS-7 in war thunder?

  63. Wish my pc could run war thunder :,(

  64. Plz add more German tanks gaijin

  65. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    “Let’s pick the most OP tank for its tier, and make… 3 more! Why not?”
    -Gaijin, probably

  66. O God

  67. When are we going to get the KV-3?

  68. as i done said on facebook, the
    derp can only get derpier, those who resist the derp will be derped on
    sight, everyone, with arms wide open, GIT ON DE DERP TRAIN

  69. As soon as baron said that the German kv 2 was going to be a premium tank I
    was like well it’s time to go back to bed and wait another hundred

  70. Derping intensifies

  71. Baron, you got one of them wrong. The KV-2 with the zis 6 is actually
    called the KV-107, on account of it not being OP enough to hold the name
    “KV-2”. Just FYI

  72. always the good stuff are premium

  73. TheAllYouCan Watch Channel

    Every new damn tank they add is premium, come on, there are people who
    don’t have much money and still want to enjoy the feeling of new things
    coming to warthunder but we can’t due to it being premium because we know
    that we can’t get our hands on them

  74. Germany gets derp

  75. I Can’t Wait to get a German KV2!! :D

  76. When is this update live?

  77. Finally not like wot has kv with 107 for 6 years

  78. it looks like they haven’t made a lorry load of money yet lol so they need
    to sell more and over price it like the bushes .

  79. YAY more kliment Vorshnolov

  80. Money, money, money and stronk soviet tenk…comrade….

  81. Hmmm.. More Russian bias to deal with! Just great isn’t it… [insert rage
    quit clip here]

  82. moar premium, thanks gaijin

  83. That basket on the back. going be blown up so much

  84. KV-2 ZIS 6??…
    KV- ZIS??
    KV-6??? OMG!!!!!

  85. you think they will put captured t-34’s?

  86. Well shit the derp has an army THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD i
    personally welcome our new derpy overlords HAIL KV-2

  87. I just went 14-0 in the German glass cannon tank :D

  88. tem algum br que assiste esse delicia???

  89. Derp king, derp prince, and the german one is the derp queen.

  90. Where’s the American kv-2, huh? I want my bias baron

  91. “We can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” sorry, couldn’t help it, you
    said Magnitude.

  92. war thunder more pay-to-win

  93. i think they should be tier 4. and make the 107 mm gun available on the

  94. The boner is real

  95. “0/10, No KV2-2-2″

  96. a premium KV-2? this game keep getting more pay2win every patch

  97. Bleh…

  98. IN STEM ????


  100. I love how stuff like this makes it, yet US heavies with guns bigger than
    90mm(excluding the m103) cant seem to get a foot in the doorway

  101. Gaijin gives us prototype kv2s but prototype VKs noooooooooo that’s too
    much effort…

  102. They should add the brummbär

  103. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    help pls this kv 2 is getting too dank with ze memes

  104. I hope they put in the T-34-88.

  105. They should add the T-150 as a premium then….even though it was a
    prototype it did fought in the battle of Leningrad and it started the idea
    of adding reinforced armor to the KV Series :)

  106. “At the beginning of world war II it became clear that the 76mm cannon
    weren’t powerful enough”

    Yeah… according to Gaijin’s game mechanics they were.

  107. Will the 107mm has a pen of 137mm at 100m at 90
    degrees…….sooooooooooooo have fun penning a tiger who knows what their

  108. what ever. war thunder can kiss my but cant take the grind no more bye bye

  109. When he said 107mm for the ZiS-6, I misheard it for 170mm.

  110. I’m waiting for the 2B1 Oka

  111. yay, triple kv2 line up finally

  112. Because clearly the Russians needed something with this much penetration at
    Tier 3

  113. Jeremy Willoughby

    I’m buying German kv2

  114. Derp update I see.

  115. Is there a reason baron doesnt do content with phly anymore?

  116. So,When They Will Be Added? Or Are They Already?

  117. I will keep asking them to add the starship (m60a2) the game, that should
    be Americas Derp tank.

  118. yeah yeah of course always soviet tank

  119. Well. I guess the former commies figured out the whole capitalism thing.
    First overpriced bushes, now more Russian derp derp pay to derp derp.

  120. “Hey people, we’ll add 3 new KV-2s…isnt that great?? And you have to buy
    all of them! Woohoo!!”

  121. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    I am looking forward to A German KV 2

  122. 7thRoyalPirateAssassin

    Gotta catch ’em all! Gotta catch ’em all!! KV-2’s!!!

  123. cant wait to play prem german kv2 with german kv1 along with german il2

  124. Didn’t we get Russian tanks last patch?

  125. Fuck off with these premium tanks

  126. Add Japanese tanks instead of this….

  127. WOOOO
    NEW KV-2S

  128. and they’re all below 3.0 br

  129. And yet, they can’t fix the balancing

  130. The Germans get their first point, click and kill tank XD
    I’m not fussed over these really. but IMO the Russian KV2s should have been
    main line.
    German captured obviously prem.

  131. It is so nice of them… Wait – ALL of that 3 tanks are premium? F*ck that.

    IMHO – Considering that there are from Russia, prices should be lower.

  132. The amount of premium stuff recently bothers me. Is Gaijin running out of
    money, I know its a free to play game which isn’t always a great business
    model, but I think they’ve over stretched on dev costs and are forced to
    add premium stuff to fill the black hole. I think the 1940 model should
    also be added to the research tree, all the t-34’s etc have there yearly
    models added so why not this one? Especially when they are added a large
    number of the essentially the same tank

  133. play with The Isis Stalin 2

  134. Is anybody else having problems with the video? Playback stops multiple
    times throughout the video but you can skip ahead to other parts…

  135. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    KV-2 with 107mm gun gives you faster rate of fire, but the 152mm is really
    the KV-2’s true image, so i think most people won’t use the 107 at least
    too often.

  136. Germans and Russians usually gets matched against US and Brits, So now it
    will be more KV 2s vs Shermans and Churchils


    fuck my tiger2 going to get wrekt

  138. must have been hell in those early tanks without smoke extractor on the

  139. I know all the kv-2’s seeing this happen gives me such a long rod… then I
    heard you have to pay for them… half rod

  140. Fucking gaijin. Everything is premium.

  141. I was so looking forward to the 107mm…
    then I saw it was premium.

  142. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    3 new tanks and all of them premium. Yay for Gaijin!

  143. Germans shouldn’t get a Kv2

  144. “…we need some american derps….”
    That right there my man, is a damn truth!
    I mean all we have is M4 105mm, thats it!

  145. LETS HAVE FUN in a RUSSIAN BIAS Tank Game -.-

  146. I think it’s good that those KVS will all be premium. The Russian have more
    than enough tanks to oneshot everyone else………

  147. Zdenek Precechtel

    Give me german t34-85. I will give to sovjets their own medicin. Uraaaaaa.

  148. Tommas the Tank Engine

    every single youtube video ive clicked on, it has loaded the first five
    seconds, correctly…. but then suddenly, FN RICK ROLL

  149. FunnyPotato Productions

    dude i’ve already played the 107mm one in World of Tanks and it was soooo
    awesome…. now this tank’s gonna be in WarThunder? that’s gonna be too
    epic :D

  150. Mr.ELC Dr.CombtMedic

    Feat German KV-2 Have Rocket on rear

  151. Oh please no, not more KV-2s……

  152. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    So….. there’s no way to get them?

  153. OMG no more russian scraps !!! Fuck the gaijin !!!

  154. wow finaly ther will be my favourite VI tier tank in WoT…..KV-2 with

  155. Omagawd, Baron and Slick are getting married??

  156. Ok can we have the t-150 with the 107 gun

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