New 2020 Black Market is Here – What To Expect? | World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Sales

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Source: DezGamez

World of Black Market 2020 Sales – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок.

► Official article about Black Market:

Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is finally back. They teased us with Black Market at the end of 2019, didn’t know when it arrives, but here it is now! 🙂
Be ready to snag some special offers featuring premium for credits, special 3D styles and maybe even some new tanks or premium vehicles.

Let’s about it!

in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. So it is finally here… Ready up your credits and gold!
    What would YOU like to see in the offers?

    • I just want an E25 ?

    • L0gicWülf Schulman

      as long as there is no wt auf e 100 it should be fine

    • Anything except my old waffle.. it’s BS if WG tries to charge me for something I ground for free and took away again unless it’s for credits. Won’t be that good in today’s meta anyway too.

      Old 263 back would be nice too. Much more enjoyable and skilled than the bobject that replaced it.

  2. It said 8am my time I logged in and nothing.

  3. In my opinion it was better with the offers early in the morning like last year because at 17 CET most of 30 years plus players will be at work or on the way home. If we had these offers in the morning and you really want to buy something u just need to wake up…

    • The offers in the morning will most likely be there again this year.
      Last year it also started out with an offer at 18:00 CET

  4. On the Asian server it’s 0300 my time in Australia… Fucking well done WG! Another waste of an event for me. so morning event is 0300 and afternoon event is 1500 when I am at work. More and more I am thinking I pull stumps and sell my account.

  5. I guarantee the “bad timing” is deliberate

  6. 3:44 “That´s THE tank”… T HE… FV 215b 183…

  7. i need ti grind moneyz today i havent got ready

  8. You think there might be offers for bonds? Would be really cool imo

  9. Are you going to stream? Buy it togrther or not bc i lost almost a million of credits in the clash mode :'(

  10. Oh sell the lefh for 50 k gold

  11. I hope there will be some good deals in the morning as I won’t be home before 6:30 pm from work, missing out on most evening deals.

  12. No defender? No interessting….

  13. I do like morning offers, not that fierce competition and I am sure I can always be online for morning offer (just set up alarm clock to 4:55) but I am not sure I can be ready for evening offer – might be out or at work or travelling..

  14. So you didnt tell us anything dez? Useless video

  15. Hopefully the list will be leaked like the last time

  16. Pointless video….

  17. will be disappointing as the final offer VK 75.01 (K) in calendar

  18. I would like to see 3D styles of tier X from 2018. Do you think guys it will by there?

  19. The dog can be a hint for t 34 85 rudy?

  20. WG has no idea, *no idea*, what timezone a large part of their player base lives in. 7 GMT is WAY too early for us central European/Western players. Heck, it’s arguably way too early for Russian players themselves. Like who tf are up at 7’o’clock? And it’s not just awake with the phone, no, you gotta turn on your PC and log in to the game. Like, has literally no thought been put into these timestamps and/or are WG completely ignoring any feedback (and there is a lot) regarding their terrible timestamps? Absolutely moronic.

    • CHRoOMAX who is up at 7 in the morning? Literally anyone with kids or a job or dogs that need walking . ??

    • @Howard Davies Im barely up at 7’o’clock too, but have I got time in a set routine turn on the pc etc. etc.? You cant deny its a stupid time.

  21. Kran = Crane…

  22. Maybe obj 430B? Obj 277? T22 med? Obj 777 II? Obj 268 V? Jagdtiger (H)? we have like 100 Tanks in the supertest and some special tanks that arent available anymore. It could be anything

  23. only just waiting for wt E100 to be sold.

  24. hope they don’t sell deathstars they just break the game at tier X but tier X is in a bad shape ATM anyways

  25. they are fucking retarded! 6AM and 6PM was great! now they have moved it because stupid ruskies were complaining! WELL FUCK RUSSIA AND FUCK PUTIN!

  26. the type 59 g was such a bullshit …i wanted to get it, but the shop site didnt refresh…like wtf

    also it could be that they finally release the 777 version 2 as tier 9 or tier 10 over the black market, they were updated recently.

  27. “Its THE tank” – its gonna be the tier X WTF, it has to be.

  28. Kranvagn is Swedish, and translated kran = crane and vagn = wagon. So I don’t really get the “joke all have been talking about” with cranevagn. 🙂

  29. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Worse for us 2am for the 5pm released items, who is awake at 2am for this?

  30. You don’t get the sense of the early morning offer? To foster a more effective FOMO effect (fear of missing out). It’s all about keeping people on their toes and thinking about it, sadly it works; especially on what they call “whales” and “dolphins” spenders.

  31. Crane wagon looks very ugly! I’ll pass

  32. Dez: What is going to happen I do not know .


  33. If the black market starts, I’m at work. Well done wg

  34. They need an OP tank. Lefh for 10k gold incoming 😀

  35. And again i wont be able to buy anything 🙁

  36. i have a type 59 and then i have a mod to make it gold…. sure im the only one who can see the gold but hey i have a type 59 G

  37. i have no credits, no bonds, and no gold

  38. That’s where the balancing bugget when in to a pointless trailer

  39. Is that a tank? Makes me think of the Mutant

  40. Well isn’t the PZ 2 J free when you buy gold for 100€ didn’t notice that the last time in the black market good job wargaming

  41. Yet another way WG gets you to part with your money. Bugger that

  42. WOT bring us Waffle!!!

  43. well I still have like 100k gold so I might buy something if there is anything good.

  44. Maybe we will get the IS-4 And E-100 buffs in this market.

  45. I think there is a possibility they’ll sell tanks for bonds too. They might even sell the 907 (but not the chieftain) for 20-30k bonds.

  46. Why in the Morning dez? Because there are people in wot who do have a Job, for one its better in the evening, for one better in the Morning Ez 😉

  47. Oh great, in UK that means 4am (middle of night) and 4pm (middle of working day) – thanks a lot!

  48. that golden tank in EU sold in 3 mins. in US in ~15 seconds. I bought also that blackdog. but still have 0 battles on it, i play with grey dog xD also bought t34b and traded to suka pershing.
    About X tiers for credtis – well, it’s fair price, you spend around same ammount if you go from tier1 up to tier10. so it’s fair price for those.
    anyway, i wish they wont sell wt auf e100.. rest is ok..

  49. Guys I’m an old player (begin in 2012), I have Foch 155 and FV215b 183 (had them before the changes)
    The Foch 155 is funny to play, I play it agressive. But you need to have cover (approx 45 secs rld for 3 shells)
    The 183 is cool but as I tried the FV4005 on Test server, after comparing both, I would recommand taking the FV4005

  50. 4:36
    expires.setYear(expires.getFullYear() + 1);

    1 year prem time, with credits instead of gold?

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