New 650 Alpha Turreted Destroyer 114 SP2 | World of Tanks 114 SP2 Preview – Update 1.12+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 114 SP2, New Tier 10 Destroyer. World of Tanks K-91-PT, Tier 9 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Kunze Panzer, Tier 9 German Siege Mode Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.12+ Patch News.

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Today I am going to talk about couple upcoming tanks in World of Tanks. First of them being tier 10 destroyer with some very interesting features, such like no armor, 650 alpha and a turret. Also, let’s take a quick look at K-91-PT and Kunze Panzer.

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  1. *Y E S*

  2. I’m the fastest boiiii

  3. You have a little typo in the title Dez

  4. News never sleep, so let’s take a look at couple new tanks coming to World of Tanks! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend, my friends.

  5. I like new tanks

  6. The mirny 13 sound track is amazing
    Makes your vids more enjoyable

  7. Why 144 SP2 in the vid…

  8. That “b” in “alphab” isn’t added by mistake?

  9. Andrei Vlad Simion

    Hi dez, me again! Tomorrow i have my hidrology exam 🙁 after watching ur video its time for learning! wish me luck!

  10. today playing i gave up as team were rushing and die what is it about week end its worse then week

  11. In the video tank name 144 sp2 but in name of video is 114 hmmmmm….

  12. When you are so early there is “Alphab” in the title xd

  13. He meant Beta Male Turreted Tank Destroyer in the title, it fires APFSDS rounds Armor Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Soy Rounds

  14. Thing looks fantastic

  15. Front line reworded tanks ? Maybe ?

  16. Here while the title is Alphab

  17. Am I drunk or dez mixed up Price with Shell velocity?!

  18. “Alphab” damage is really high with this one XD

  19. looks like Type 5

  20. The alpha is so high that it needed a “b” at the end XD

  21. Chinese Obj 268 v5

  22. I’m just wishing for a Japanese td line.
    The 114 will probably play like the 268v5 on console. Mobile but not the best with a good alpha gun that is kinda derpy. I’d be willing to bet wg will flood this thing with bad hidden soft stats.

  23. alphab let’s go xD

  24. Valentin Dinculeasa

    Reduced the price…not the speed of the.shells

  25. I love you Dez!!!!!!!

  26. Also if I had that spot at 4:20 in my badger I would cream at the thought of that kind of farm

  27. Lol got the 69th like

  28. Dez you mixed shell price with velocity on K 91 PT 😛 have a nice day bro

  29. I guess, that they are going to replace 114 SP2 with tech tree WZ

    • lol no, the entire line is with fixed cannon in superstructre that would not make any sense, its either one of those reward tanks or a new line

  30. They decreased PRICE not SPEED of shells on k91pt if I saw corectly and you are saying thats shell velocity

  31. Ok halp. TD doesnt mean tank destroyer?

  32. 114’s appearance is like if conqueror and type 4 heavy had a child

  33. I woulde like Kunze Panter to be in the tech tree

  34. Dez, they decreased the shell cost on K-91 not the shell velocity. FYI

  35. And hidden stats of that chinese td will make it slower than current tier x chinese td😂

  36. Swedish SPGs please!!!

  37. Zhe rusty ol' tonk

    yess please, i love TD’s with a turret!

  38. K-91-pt has better ap shell travel than p.43 bis ap 700 m/s and apcr 750 m/s

  39. 9:02 it’s says they decreased the price of the shells not the shell velocity

  40. Wait till you see the object 268 v5 with 850 alpha and a turret on console

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