New Accuracy and DPM Combo Record Build on STRV 103B | World of Tanks Crew 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

Most Accurate Tank EVER in World of Tanks. World of Tanks STRV 103B, Mega DPM Accuracy Build. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing, Overpowered Build and Crew Skills.

00:00 – Intodruction
01:30 – STRV Build Description
02:30 – Build Stats
03:15 – Crew Skill Setup
09:00 – Full Tank Setup Stats
10:10 – First Battle
14:50 – Second Battle
22:10 – Conclusion

► Official artile about Crew 2.0:

As promised, it is time to jump into some crazy setups crazy builds from the Sandbox feat. Crew 2.0 and new skills. Let’s see what kind of builds are we able to do and how far we can push it!

What do you think?


  1. Any news of blyat market ?

  2. that is what i wanted thanks dez

  3. Was expecting that and love it! 😀

  4. Please try out the 12,6 second reload time on T110E3 with bond rammer and ventilation. It can be even better with some skills etc.

  5. you don’t need any skills that improve gun handling, strv doesn’t bloom unless you drive forward or back

  6. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Do this on cockroach E25 please

  7. 371 viewed squaaaaaaaaadd!!!

  8. Wait, u can actually hear your instructors? I thought they are juat a little bonus.

  9. Snap shot is not working for strv.

  10. can we just appreciate the shitbarn destroying that ebr at 00:08?

  11. How to get this Strv103b style Dez?

  12. Broken pile of shit

  13. I always feel as if accuracy is one big fat lie in this game, you have 98% of your reticule on an enemy tank and still manage to miss

  14. on sandbox there’s no such thing as ethical

  15. S-o its just not enough The games ends în 3-4 min now with those dpm will go end even faster…. Și again NO

  16. Great! more things but change the names of things we already use. What Blx

  17. NOT WORTH building like this since WG “”RNG” will force you to miss if its not your turn to win…
    (not everyone has youtuber “special” RNG like Dez and others…)

  18. Its seen to lok like a bad SF moovie, well done wg again you just did it.

  19. And this sheet show will come into The game for sure exactly like New equipment, even if we want or not, like many other sheet garbage thing implemented from this guys. No asked just stickit on because why not, ASK The comunity for a change like this, for a buff or nerf. Do not do only what you think or what you want just because you can.

  20. I’m kinda more worried about the enemy team boosting all the view range and spotting up to the point that I couldn’t even get camo use in an S1 though. =P

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