New Accuracy Build Makes Grille 15 MAD in World of Tanks | Grille 15 New Bounty Aiming Equipment

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Source: DezGamez

New Equipment Best Accuracy Setup. World of Tanks Best Equipment 2.0, New Bounty Aiming Equipment Unit with Battle Pass 2021 Season 4. Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.12, Battle Pass Season 4 2021.

Today I am going to play with Grille 15 like I have never seen it before. I am going to put new Bounty Aiming equipment unit on it, to get the best accuracy build on Grille 15 it has ever seen!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. After playing plenty of battles without this, I can say that for me it made a difference. Maybe RNG, maybe I just want to think that, but… It started clapping! 🙂
    What else would you like to see, this on STRV?

  2. Idk why but the mix of the accent and the methologie of his vids just make them soooo good

  3. I was yesterday playing with the exact settings on test server and you are today making a video about it. I had the same experience as you, the gun was hitting everything.

  4. Please try obj 268 next! The second most accurate troll gun (also the fastest loading troll gun in the game) with 395 mm of penetration!

  5. Thank you, I’ve been saying the grille is such a troll since I got it… And I play the borsig with the fat girth…

  6. After HE rework i want this accuracy for all derp guns in the game, as HE is fired from lower pressure no problem.

  7. if you use equipment on the cencerean AX you wont have a rectical lol

  8. Now you just need to try this on the Strv 103-B.

  9. Improved aiming aka the RNG reduction unit… I love that piece of equipment and can’t wait for the bond version since I won’t be able to get this from free BP.

  10. Let’s try to do the most accurate Strv 103b 😁 please

  11. Just watched your old Grille 15 video this afternoon, bc i unlocked this awesome tank today. And now this amazing video. Thx for the beautiful content and keep up the great work. Much love

  12. Now that’s the truth Deutsche Qualitat gun !

  13. welcome back where today we give a wot td the accuracy of a real life heavy tank

  14. Dez do you know what the most accurate equipment is? If i would be running vents and rammer, would it be best to add: improved aiming circle, gun laying drive or maybe the improved rotation mechanism?

    • Improved aiming reduces minimum dispersion. V stabs reduces aim time, but not miniumum dispersion. IRM does not improve your dispersion at all, since your turret traverses faster which normaly would increase dispersion, but that gets canceled.

      So in conclusion, if you will have the time to fully aim: improved aiming. If you need to snapshot: V stabs. If you need more agility IRM. Gun laing drive is basically never worth it in the high tiers, since V Stabs is always better.

    • @Gerrit Roseboom k thx, you cant use vertical stabs on tanks that (on paper) have no turret so that would leave GLD and improved aiming. The specific tank i had in mind was the 4005 but i thought generalising the question was better. Since i usually try to peak shoot and pullback in fairly close distances probably GLD is best

  15. Would anyone recommend playing this game on PC? Former console player asking.

  16. Cant wait!!! Did set the Grille up in your 1. attempt. Give me….

  17. I can smell the nerf from WG headquarters already

  18. another videoform deja vu, I have literally seen this same video for the third time now at least… its getting old ok? now I am not saying its not funny seeing all those crazy and chancy shots hitting, and penning, or actually dealing the rolls its supposed to (I know its crazy this tank and setup) but it needs to be smth new, smth fresh, ok?

  19. I believe with improved ventilation it would be even more accurate 😉

  20. Can we just think about the fact That WOT videos are made from the introduction of a 0.01 buff.

  21. Yea, this calls for a strv remake… what is it gonna be? 0.18 dispersion in siege mode?

  22. In next video do full HE grille with this setup, please😛

  23. Is it a mistake he made, or did he actually have no other skills to slap on both loaders other than safe stowage 😂

  24. Anyone noticed that Dez rolled 678 on that 705A, and left him with 9 HP? 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. You just discover how RNG is a joke … well done sir ! God bless our CC

  26. Dez: So is there any other equipment that can improve our gun handling more?
    Improved Vents: *cries in the corner*

  27. Ugh german accuracy that is why playing panthers and mutz is so aggravating. You aim fully,shot and somehow it goes out of aiming circle and to the moon never to be seen again. Now it wouldn’t be a problem if it happens once in a while but it happens way to much.

  28. Did 3moe it with rammer camo binoc, coz you can’t trust your team to spot for you you have to do it your self

  29. what about aiming unit directive

  30. Now i’m kinda sad that you didnt put the russian flag on it :'(

  31. It is the same with skorpion G, i don’t use an aiming unit on it but it has 0.27 accuracy on paper, this is one of the most accurate tanks in the game and yet it feels like firing with the defender which has 0.40 or higher…

  32. I want blueprints AHHHH

  33. Strv is even more acurate in siege 0.21-0.20

  34. I know td what is more accurate TD NAME : isu 152 xD

  35. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    What’s with the massive hidden nurf hammer Wargaming has applied to the Grille 15? It’s complete BS.

  36. confirmation bias.

  37. Next SU152 derp gun sniper pls or KV2!!!

  38. please remove the gold ammo, or nerf it like valve nerfs TF2 weapons. I’m sure these games on the video are cherry picks, showing that it’s easy to perform well in battle but in actuallity, you’re the one in the losing side

  39. I have played this accuracy setup on test server also and it really makes grille more accurate especially on long ranges you can see your shells going middle of circle most times but low rolls are just sad

  40. Now do it…… with KV-2

  41. Hi dez what’s up do you have any news on balck market I really wanna know about that event

  42. Havent missed an aimed shot next shot fires at Deathstar fully aimed miss lol .

  43. Long time ago I was so excited about Grille 15, but now I must say to everyone – DON’T GRIND IT!!! It is precise only on paper, it has bad hidden stats that It don’t work, only from time to time and if you hit it is 80% of time low roll (RNG is a BIG WG LIE). If you want to snipe, grind Leopard 1!

  44. @dez crew 2.0 <3 <3 <3 <3 plz soon 😀 😀

  45. Can it make IS-5 playable?

  46. No you pre aim is good mine miss 100%

  47. Yea…. such a deadly sniper… hitting all my shots: bounce bounce no pen crit crit bounce. Thanks wg!

  48. @DezGamez I’ll upload my replay with Grille 15 with worst RNG ever- 0 dmg

  49. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Sorry, but 99% of players don’t (cant) use bounty Equipment, so watching this kind of movies is just a big fake feeling for all the 99%

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