New ALTProto AMX 30 and T-34 1940 Coming… | World of Tanks Update 1.13+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AltProto AMX 30 and T-34 1940 Premium Tanks Preview. New Marathon Tank? 1.13+ Patch News.

Last we covered new upcoming Czechoslovakian and their tech tree, together with new tier 8 Skoda T56, but this Friday is about 2 new (most likely) premium tanks – T-34 Model 1940 and Altproto AMX 30. Let’s about that!

What do you think?


  1. Yep, same the French tank also gives me marathon tank vibes, well let’s just wait and see

  2. The proto T-34 1940 sounds like something for sealclubbers…

  3. T-34 in tier 4 6 sec reload is awfull too much!

  4. Vladimír Palička

    Maybe amx30 and 30b will come back to the tech tree with new tier 8

  5. another t 34 really ,hav they stop using imagination and all they got is a t34 wow …

  6. Does WG know there still is AMX CDC?

  7. Nadrkana Veverica

    That AMX look like Jabba the hut

  8. Oh boy, the next marathon could be this French boy, or the Charlemage boy…

  9. I can smell marathon, its coming

  10. Wtf IS that shitty french tank with shitty gun and low damage compared to lancen C better gun ans better dpm with more alpha??? Gf wg again too hard to make french t8 tanks good?

  11. Dez has now informed us we are the informed ones, go fourth into the world informed ones 😛

  12. i like the idea of early T-34 seems like a funn tank, wonder if it will have a less powerfull engine as the early T-34 aswell, the armor will be troll on tier 4

  13. T-34 is such a cheese tank for statpadders, i hate it

  14. French tier 8 medium – sounds like a Marathon premium tank to me! The last three have been Polish, Russian and Chinese. My guess is there will be one more and then this one.

  15. French tank is either gonna be OP like Ebr 75 FL or useless like Amx CDC….No in between

  16. Guys…your clan members are not just decoration. If this is marathon with them because its will be more enjoyable than you thought

  17. More shit in “world of premium tanks”

  18. T34 is legendary and was a game changer, so good to see it in its earlier form.
    The French tank looks interesting .

  19. the French mediums were pretty meh, i played the tier 9 medium and gave up.. the same with the French heavies. the two lines have one of heavy armour but otherwise useless and the auto loader which has no armour so gets annihilated at tier 9. i’ve researched no French line to tier X. none… why play them??? this new won’t change anything. stay away from France.

  20. If you remember the AMX CDC, now you have to completely forget it

    • Some days ago, i played with CDC. Holy F a Progetto 46 was not slower acelerating and vmax than the forgotten fastest medium tank with paper hull & turret. The hp/ton is still good but the terrain resistant should be improved.

  21. T-34 1940 got same gun with A-32 but with lower speed? That doesnt look too good imo but the armor might work well as long as it been shoot at by lower tier.

  22. 11 degrees of gun depression is nice, and having a 100mm is also nice, but the issue is…

    Why .38 dispersion? Every single tank with a comparable gun caliber is more accurate, with faster aimtime and better softstats, and the ones at don’t are close range brawlers or have a perfectly valid reason (like being an autoloader or more light tank than anything).

  23. Dávid Szerencsés

    Deep inside I truly hope it replaces CDC. Unfortunately WG is not that type of a company…

  24. Hmm, I kinda had a feeling these might be new bond tanks

  25. So its an A-32? That was recently in the black market.

  26. Gun handling will be trash with these statics

  27. Another tank to train my t-34 radio operator with… that will be the most trained crew member in my garage..

  28. T-34 1940 looks a lot like an A-32

  29. Anyone else thinks T34 stock gun is the best gun? And that this new tier 4 one will be a seal clubbing bonanza?

  30. Somehow all the French tank in the game are very bad…. except the EBR but it is a car 😉 Big tank would use the Minigun to take those down not the main Gun.
    If Wargaming want to make other nation tanks nice they have to fix their own EGO first…. RUSSIA

  31. soooo A-32? what’s that existing for now I can’t remember

  32. They be adding basically a tier 5 stock tank as a tier 4 premium they can do it it with tier 8 to 7 with Ferdinand at tier 8 and the Elefant for tier 7 premium

  33. does anyone know the name of this song on the background at like 0:34

  34. The french medium has the amx liberte gun

  35. this t34 is basically slow a32

  36. So WG took two tanks in the game, made them worse, and moved them down a tier. Why?

  37. Txs WG. I was leaving the cave of Marathon, and now… I Will back 🤣🤣😂😎🇧🇷

  38. Just add the alt proto to the regular tier8 under the 30er, split the line from the elc amx supplement tier 6 and 7 with more paper medium tanks, that’ll fit more than playing an autoloader light tank till tier 8.

  39. I’m still hoping for a new campaign

  40. What’s the name of his background music??

  41. New French premium medium tank.
    Meanwhile AMX CDC players still waits for a buff.
    Other players: Wait, that thing still exist?

  42. Being that the AMX is tier 8 makes it likely that it will be a marathon tank…that or a Czech premium

  43. ALT 30 trash
    T34 trash
    But bots will bought it

  44. Basically Stock T34, as a premium, with T4 MM instead of T5…. sounds like a deal winner!

  45. I’m reading the comments and cannot believe that people seem excited about this. This is beyond boring. Who in their right mind would even consider playing these things? In current meta. I don’t get it.

  46. So what is the point of the A-32 if they introduce this T-34? Slightly better speed and mobility?

  47. Nice so the amx 30 here is gonna be garbage. It’s able to be overmatched by 122mm which like every Soviet tank has, and quite a few others do too. Type 4 and 5 heavy can hit you for full damage with he since it’ll always pen the side and rear of both Hull and turret. Nice

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