NEW American Progetto AMBT | World of Tanks AMBT – Under the Hammer Auctions

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Source: DezGamez

AMBT, New Autoreloading Tier 8 Premium American Medium Tank.

Under The Hammer auction event day 3 brings our first tier 8 auction, introducing a brand new tier 8 from USA, The AMBT. The easiest way to describe it is, it is an American Progetto as it is the first autoreloading tank in the American tech tree. So let's couple battles and see how it behaves.

What do you think about it?


  1. First

  2. Close to the first XD

  3. Apedog TheTwitcher

    I bid 20k Gold on NA, just a collector. But has potential I believe if used correctly like you did. Opening bid was 9k+ on NA and 10,000 in lot. Love your Videos and info on Tanks Dez!!!

  4. Guys, just wanted to say thank you very much for all the good wishes under my previous episodes. Feeling a lot better today, I think you did it! 😉
    But what do you think about this tank, going after it?

    • The Sanity Assassin

      Glad you’re feeling better buddy… I don’t know if I’m gonna bid for it… probably not… I’ve been emotionally damaged by the T69 gun handling in the past…

    • You should be comparing it to the progetto and the bisonte honestly, its like they made a baby.
      Or should i sai its really like the standard n but slower, more armor and little worse gun handling

    • will there be one just for creds ….dout it 🙂

  5. It’s lower plate is a massive target. D:

  6. The commander also is the radio opp. So Patton wont work!

  7. Based on the statistics I think the AMBT is more analogous to the Bisonte C45 rather than the Progetto M46.

    • Yea and the AMBT is in nearly everything worse

    • I was going to say that its compared more to the Italian heavys, I would say its more similar to the progetto 54 that bisonte (beacuse I play the 54 more like a medium)

    • @xInFeRnOx No, AMBT has better mobility, gunhandling and accuracy. Also better gold ammo. Bisonte only has better hull armor and 2 sec faster reload on last shell. Not to mention the fact that its a MEDIUM TANK, so your team gets an extra heavy because AMBT has good armor.

  8. Asia server it’s 150K free exp bid

  9. 3 sec intra-clip make this tonk trash tbh

  10. TY for info Dezzzzzzz

  11. AusCan Plant Support

    Grousers? I put them on the 122TM and it transformed the tank, no turbo required. Doesn’t go faster but it gets to 80% speed pretty quick.

  12. ქჴąʂʂჩტჯ

    And another clipper. 1000 dmg in 6s.
    And they wonder why these matches are so short. Yesterday i had the pleasure to get 4 15-0 and 3 15-2 in a row.

  13. Yesterday I bid 200k free XP for 268. Didn’t get it. I think this one is actually worse than BM

    • Buckets_Full_of_Bacon

      And there will still be a BM in february

    • @Buckets_Full_of_Bacon no its not. Median was 400. My point is that WG only giving to best of the best. Which is good for the game right

    • Buckets_Full_of_Bacon

      @Goran Sthe first 2 offers were pretty pants tho

    • Buckets_Full_of_Bacon

      @Goran S and as for the free XP auction, it was only really for the players with heeps of XP after unlocking everything they desired….

      These auctions are for the rich wot players, no doubt … But not for the best necessarily

    • @Buckets_Full_of_Bacon I don’t argue that they are not very good. But completely ignoring F2P players over and over again is just lame

  14. I’m wondering how many tanks in the game are real versus made up tanks.

  15. Too bad, for gold. 🙁 I guess that means the next tank will be for freexp and tier10. I would prefer to buy a tier 8, but i dont buy gold.

  16. dez i dont see any red arrows in the thumbnail are you okay you are not kidnapped or held as a hostage or something like that

  17. I bid 15.069 and not a gold more

  18. 1 more trash tank……..and they pay 25k gold for ..ahahahaahah……

  19. Watch the video on 1.5 speed and you get better mobility

  20. An Easter egg for this tank! This is the only tank which has an auto mg on top of it not like any other on the tanks, definitely representative of its AMBT name.

  21. I picked a bad weekend to be out of town.

  22. stats shows that this tank should have the same or not even better gun than Renegate. how could that gun handle so bad?

  23. this medium tank is basically american bisonte without compensation reload with better frontal turret armor

  24. have you tryed using field mod on it?

  25. absent-minded goldfish

    kinda wondering which of the clues point to this thing

  26. bid for gold? asia server it is still for free XP, and the bids are up to over 1/4 of a mill…. WTF WG

  27. projetto 46 uses a gun rammer. italy better choice

  28. Looks like hidden stats kill this tank

  29. How much do you bet mates??

  30. T69 is crying in the corner right now. Another premium autoloader/autoreloader that is better than tech tree counterpart.

  31. I cant shake the feeling wg changed the rng in the game. Almost all tanks can snapshot these days. Accuracy means nothing. Heavy tanks are snapshotting me on full speed all day long lately. Anybody feels the same?

  32. Asia server bids with free xp, what the hell? 150,000 free xp min

  33. Didn’t buy any boxes or tanks, no money spent on this game for almost 2 years now… That’s the way, Ahaa Ahaa, I like it, Ahaa Ahaa… I hope players realize that WE have the power over them! They need to listen to our requests and not for us to bend to them! We don’t need new premium tanks, we need fixes to MM and OP tanks! 15:3 games are sickening and much too often. Haul down premium ammo spamming hope for RNG to give me a chance one team full red and other team purple games are everyday thing now and it makes player base leave the game. What players are asking for is VISUAL CHANGES to tanks, 3D skins and 2D styles, Commander voiceover and look, customization options… The things that don’t change gameplay but the way we expirience the game. Enjoy the new tanks to all that still support WG and the way they run the show.

  34. Waht? The best VIII of two years ago has already been powercrept? Nooo, I don’t believe you. That is definitely not how the moneygrabbing wargayming work!

  35. I bid 35k gold i am a tier 8 prem collector so i need to have it

  36. Great vid but next time please take the marbles out if your mouth when you talk.

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