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Source: QuickyBaby

A whole new of heavy “Yoh” tanks are to World of Tanks featuring reserve tracks: here’s all we know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Tank look quite … unusual but after having seen dual gun tanks and an avalanche of auto(re)loaders, they almost make sense. And I agree that it is yet another line ridge-line warriors, nice for people knowing maps and positioning.

  2. How do we fix the hull down meta?

    Some possibly controversial options;
    – Pen buffs to Casemate Tank Destroyers, like JPz E-100 & Obj. 268 to render the hull down turrets pointless?
    – Serious gun handling nerfs on micromovements on hull down heavies penalizing “peekaboom” tactics?
    – Track health + repair time nerfs on all Heavy tanks to force players into choosing survivability over gun handling?
    – Ground resistances nerfs on heavy tanks across the board, especially Heaviums + MBTs like T95/FV4201?
    – Increased turret ring fragility on Heavies, to ensure that their turrets more regularly lock when attacked from the side?

  3. You know the premium is gonna be in the Christmas boxes lol, it’s a good thing my gold is starting to dwindle.

  4. YOH guys! How r u doing?

  5. A true gamer. Giving us a commentary while the washing machine behind is going off .

  6. American tanks started the hull down meta in this game, then the rest of the tanks surpassed the Americans at hull down now the US gonna take the crown back.

  7. I wish we could still track people better with HE I guess WG had a plan to that feature had to go

  8. Yohs aren’t op, fight me.

  9. man this is going to be novel for a wille … you have to realise that tier 9 premium tanks are coming and the yoh will not be a priority (bufs and nerfs here and there and see how much crying there is and if there is not to much they will ignore it) … premiums however will be a diferent story …. i am willing to bet that the premium presented here will have the turet armor bufed and it will be a tier 9 => an expensive one

  10. The turret of the tier 10 looks like this :O

  11. Yo man. Tanks for the great vid!!

  12. Santiago Acevedo Hernandez Gutierrez Sotto

    That thing has been on blitz for ages lol

  13. QB Having a jingles moment… literally says (on the t8) the hull is similar in design to the T110E5… then goes on to say the turret looks like an M103 not a T110E5… I guess hulls and turrets are the same now.. nice ones QB.

  14. Nguyễn Quốc Toản A188

    YOH tanks looks like a fish smoking cigarette

  15. Wtf?! These are going to be inside the game? I thought it was a joke. I’m lucky, i stopped playing WoT. The game is just a massive chaos.

  16. Silvressa Aynth (Ry)

    They test Thats tank On WOTB first

  17. The game does not need the reserve tracks. The tier 10 looks extreme funny and excentric. I will grind it!

  18. Heavier armour encourages the firing of gold rounds against heavy frontal armour. However in certain situations you can track a heavily armoured vehicle and flank it to hit the less well armoured sides and rear, probably with standard rounds.
    This development makes that much harder to do. Thus forcing the greater use of premium rounds. Like the arty and HE nerf it’s about getting people to load and use more gold.
    WG want your cash and will close any gaps in the game that allow you to choose standard ammo.

  19. If it’s anything like blitz this tanks a piece of hot load

  20. They should apply this new mechanic in AE Phase 1

  21. 😂I man this version of YOH on pc seems pretty balanced than wotb but yea 😍 oddly beautiful tank line up

  22. well, I think M-V-Y is the upgrade of the M-VII-Y.

  23. 30% isn’t enough, personally i think it should be 50% for the first and 40% for the second so if both of your tracks are gone you should be 90% slower.

  24. I have a feeling that the rest of the modules are going to be super weak to force players to gear around it.

  25. The tier 9&10 look like the tier 6 Swedish mt

  26. i like yoh mic quality Quicky 👍

  27. tier 8 ready for christmas boxes ??

  28. Ugliest tank tree to ever go in the game

  29. I have been seeing a lot of players in high tier tanks not using fire extinguishers. In the last two weeks I have burnt out kills on at least 2 and caused major damage on more.
    At the same time these same vehicles are spamming gold shells. They have the cash for the fire extinguishers.

  30. notice how they said it will come not might will so its gonna be in the game regardless

  31. I remember the good old days when you had one repair kit that would fix one thing and was gone,…..

  32. the tanks from blitz are here boyz

  33. “What happened to the M5 Y?” Seems like a tier 9 premium candidate.

  34. All I see is another meta ridge line warrior ( that’s not a problem) but now idiot proof because if they over extend they make take damage but u can’t track them (it’s very unlikely to get shots on the rear wheel in a ridge line fight or one of the many corridor maps in WOT…… Fucked

  35. If by this principle the AE Phase 1 should not stop when tracked

  36. 9:10 I cant unseen the happy face of the tank 🙂

  37. My big question is, are wargaming going to use track repair time as a new way to balance vehicles. Will the E100 or Maus have a much longer repair time than say a light tank or a medium. What about case TDs vs turreted TDs. Is this going to be a new wave of changes to all vehicles, and if not individual, then perhaps weight or class based?

  38. How is the washing machine working but not making any noise? Mine just generates earthquakes

  39. just look at this thing 8:59 lmaooooo
    we got the hoover from teletubbies out here

  40. This tanks in blitz was so Annoying 900 damage in 1.63 seconds

  41. Lower tiers still have 3 arty a lot. You need to play some tier 5 and 6 tanks.

  42. just time for tier 11 and 12

  43. I love how the video shows these tanks driving around in the open like a tomato. Most people understand cover. Basically they are untrackable tanks in the hands of most players

  44. Why AE Phase 1 cant do that when part of the track is damaged?

  45. You may be worried about the “mistakes not being punished” but we all know you’ll be playing the crap out of these new tanks and enjoying being able to save yourself from mistakes when you get tracked with your repair kits on cooldown.

  46. They should bring the Vickers Light in PC with the same dpm of blitz

  47. Retropaintball clips

    Quickybabys cripple shooting days are over 😢 😂

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