NEW AMERICANS Sheridan, M48 Patton, Bolo Bomber Gameplay (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. 1st finaly

  2. Alright ladies and gents, and comrades….the question of the day. What is
    your favorite vehicle added to War Thunder 1.59?

    Also, do you agree with ATGMs being added to the game? It’s a discussion
    point for an upcoming video, so your feedback is important, and
    appreciated. Thanks for being a part of this community. Titty fish.

  3. Master shadow Gamer


  4. Gediminas Jurskis

    i’m early 🙂 3rd

  5. NOTICE ME BARONNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. good intro

  7. dont spam heat

  8. distinct olive (TK-526)

    120 club

  9. Young0Kuleczka /

    This American tanks are so ugly

  10. Notice me senpie!!!!

  11. ThAtSpReTtYgOoD 1


  12. ThAtSpReTtYgOoD 1


  13. Notification squad :D

  14. Baron do u have Xbox one ??

  15. I’m crying Bc I need a new laptop and they frozen my account fuvking Bitchs
    lol I wanna kill ppls with my Sabres

  16. ThAtSpReTtYgOoD 1

    Do you like cheese

  17. dayum that is one badass intro pls keep it :D

  18. The T29 is it for PC and PS4 or PC only

  19. baron do you like aim and think before you shoot? like you should have
    killed at least that t54 with 7 sec reload….triggers me so much

  20. That intro song tho, what is it

  21. hey Baron, when are you going to play the KV-107???, you mention it right
    now!!!, can you play it on the Dev server or it hasn’t came out yet???

  22. My name is Bolo Santosi. I’m the Leander of the revoloutionary army alsa
    known as the reapers

  23. B-29FlyingFortress


  24. 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dick Mcfaggetsen


  26. they used parts from the SB Normandy map to create that map. if you want to
    play the full Normandy map go end play SB !!!!

  27. Do a vid in the yak 39!!

  28. That’s not a glitch to where when you drop bombs they damage your plane
    they’re balancing bombing. they removed the assault fuse and if you drop it
    too low it’ll damage you they added information to each bomb if you keep
    your mouse over it for a bit most 1000s damge radius is about 200m

  29. Yo Baron small tip, if you use the bino’s and hold down space the cannon
    will actually move with the bino’s.

  30. DAT INTRO!

  31. Most anticipated are all the things in this video.


    the M551 looks like a light version of Abrams tank

  33. the first ammo of m48 is feel so terrible,it even can’t pen panther’s front
    armor not from turret

  34. i would like to see the Strv 81 :D

  35. what is the intro song ??? plz tell me i like it

  36. we need speed, immediately gets hit by a bomb

  37. Can’t wait for t29.

  38. Baron what do you think of the he 219? If you like it, play it!

  39. Louis Glendining

    they need to put the spawns vertically on this map and the normal Normandy
    map to re create the real push down towards France instead of fighting
    across the town

  40. M60 is most beautiful tank in game <3

  41. Kirill Sorokin (harp vader)

    I think that the ATGMs should fight each other because for proper tanks its
    a nightmare believe me.

  42. Shady Gamer gamer

    swag intro

  43. t29 105 mm beast !! play him please i think people want to see te new derp
    form america :D

  44. AirProduction AirB

    Baron fly the Turbo Prop plane

  45. +9000 democracy

  46. I bought KV-2-ZIS-6 today 😀
    It’s a beast.

  47. Gamer Saurus Rex

    bout fuckin time

  48. Leopard and Do335 my

    =AZER= CcC_Turkish_CcC

  49. Baron, first I would like to TANK you for the video. next, this may BLOW UP
    in my face, but I think I will GUN for the Sheridan first.

  50. strv 81

  51. Wasn’t there a modification of the M48 where it had the M68 10mm Cannon?

  52. It’s not a glitch, you’re just not getting out of the blast radius fast
    enough, try increasing you’re bomb delay.

  53. Shady Gamer gamer

    u know the reason they realeased the new update today, it is thunder

  54. godzilla691138MW3

    For some reason, the PS4 PlayStation Store doesn’t have the new 1.59
    vehicles to buy available yet…

    Any reason why?

  55. Baron that was the su-122-54 not the ASU-85 which is the airborne tank

  56. 5:00 It definitely was a ASU-85, yeah…

  57. bolo hype!!

  58. in my opinion…you need to change the intro music….

  59. t29?

  60. Scratch PlaysGames

    2:15 How to zoom like that

  61. KING OBERON I licked Asuna

    M48 Patton rate is 9/11

  62. I want the gepaaaaaaard!!!!!!

  63. +BaronVonGamez I think the ATGM is a good addition. It’s a bit of a
    variation in what is a fairly linear game. They still need to add smoke
    launchers (which I know they are toying with currently) and maybe some
    other elements to make gameplay more interesting. But I really don’t feel
    that an ATGM gives you any advantage over a shell in most scenarios. For
    the most part it’s not even easier to aim. The only thing it makes easier
    is hitting long range targets that are moving in the open.

  64. the asu 57

  65. DJ Gartin Marrix

    T29 with new T13 shell hype

  66. have you seen the tier 1 new American tank its like a “tank” from the
    beaches on ww2

  67. Daaaamn boiii. Baron with the dope ass intro

  68. t29 and tu4 baronvongamez/titty fish

  69. Is Baron that bad of a fucking shot that he couldnt kill a t54 and Leopard
    in one shot? Oh wait i forgot he is mentally disabled so my bad.

  70. Yo Baron!

    I’ve recently visited the 104th German Armored Division,
    got to see the insides of a Leopard 2A6M+. I also was given a little drive
    around the barracks in one on the loader’s ‘seat’. It still gives me
    goosebumps when i as much as think of the sound, smell and vibrations ^^.
    ‘Cramped’ is probably too weak of a word, especially if you’re 6ft7 like me.
    But hey, it won’t stop me from applying to the army to go and drive some
    real tanks.

    Anyway, nice video – love your content.
    Greets from Bavaria!

  71. It’s a pain to watch people like you playin that game :(

  72. Twin-prop Wyveryn

  73. kv 2 zis 6 plez mister baron,

  74. You a fan of Grime, Baron? Intro music had me feeling like I was tuned in
    to a “Fire In The Booth” episode and not War Thunder haha.

  75. try to take out planes by that tank with missiles BOOM??

  76. Turkish flag 7:16 hype

  77. the German captured Russian tanks or new Russian tanks

  78. yes the T-29

  79. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    That bomb glitch pisses me off I dropped a 1000lbs like 15 ft from an is2
    and nothing but I was like 600ft in the air and it rips my wing off,.

  80. planes are pretty much useless and realistic battle unless you are lucky
    your bombs are not going to kill unless use a bomb bigger than you need to
    to kill them the only kills I get is using rackets

  81. Play the updated IS-3. It’s battle rating makes it face Heat-fs sadly. A
    once beast tank is now minced meat.

  82. Misterrr Von Baron Sir! Play PINOKKIOOO! (KV-2 Zis 6) :D

  83. hey baron take out the new t29 or Guantanamo bay!

  84. Mihael Krajnovic

    fucking gajin rurin everything maps etc.

  85. Love the new intro Baron!

  86. i havent logged on today but has the update been released

  87. Baron, you should do a Tu-4 Squad. See how the 4 Death Stars would fare
    against the unsuspecting masses. Bring the Russian hell fire!

  88. Oliver Hundstrup Stenner Rasmussen 7BT Toftegårdsskolen

    atgm’s is a Nice thing plus my favorite vehicle is the German atgm vehicle
    PS. sorry if my english is bad im danish

  89. T 29

  90. what computer do you use

  91. so is the patch live?

  92. 5:00 not an ASU-85…

  93. ethan “BIOHAZZARD” gray

    dude whats that intro music

  94. Simon Gabrielsson

    i cant wait for the strv 81, finaly some type of swedish vehicle

  95. German Biplane!!!!!!!

  96. ethan “BIOHAZZARD” gray

    TBH myall time fav is still the m18 however i havn’t been able to play this
    in awhile so between you bo time and phly (Steve) i get my fix

  97. Baron I love the intro! Great video as always my friend :-)

  98. Aleksandr Barsukov

    one question there Baron.. i’ve seen some pics of M163 Vulkan ( American
    spaa) and zsu-23-4 Shilka ( Russian spaa) in some of your videos and on War
    Thunder page, no info about it though but does that meant that we might
    have M1A1 Abrams, T80-ies or T72s ? Because they both are from the cold war
    era, as well as M60 and T 54 which we already have . Just asking for your

  99. Wyvern <3

  100. LVT-A1 all the way…. :)

  101. Kinda close to be firing missiles, since I do not assume the war head arms
    that close when dealing with that ostwind. But still, fun to see how the
    Sheridan works.

  102. do you even aim noob

  103. So far I only have the T29 and I am loving it more and more.

  104. tbh The Bolo

  105. i like this intro


    Stuhr Emil Death Machine
    He 219 the most maneuverable 6 cannoned bird of all time

    The Wunderwaffe at its finest!

  107. It’s the SB version of the Normandy map.

  108. Its not “she-lye-lee” its “Sha-li-lah” missles

  109. M551 Sheridan

  110. M551 Sheridan hype

  111. LVT life

  112. For me is M48 underpowered M60

  113. Baron the new update ruined the is3

  114. Misshapen Potato

    Anyone else think that baron should do a wt custom battle where it’s just
    bomber gunners v bomber gunners. Whichever tier and type baron likes but I
    just wanna see this.

  115. eyylmao 1:30 there I am in chat

  116. ━╤デ╦︻

  117. Daniel Barragan

    When Baron bailed out of his plane, the spaa who hit him should’ve got that
    kill like before. Tired of setting tanks on fire only to have them bail out
    before I get the kill, tired of this.

  118. It is normandy that map

  119. German KV-2 and T-34

  120. Daaaammmn the new intro is just too good. Man I love it.

  121. Andrew Wagenknecht

    So glad I pre ordered the T29. It’s like an American Tiger II 105 with a
    better turret. Hull down is pretty much GG for me so far, we’ll see as I
    play more games with it.

  122. The wyvern is amazing, it climbs like a spit, dives like a fw190 and
    doesn’t overheat. The problems are its energy retention and its turning.

  123. gasdorfic muncher

    maps changed alot on patch release i was clueless of were to go ?

  124. Hey baron. New amphibian. It,s in the reserve for america. It,s LVT(A)(1)
    so maybe a new ocean battle With tanks ;)

  125. anti tank bicycle

  126. The Cookie Diary

    was on the game maybe an hour after patch released. The T29 is hard to
    kill. oddly enough my team was composed mainly of Tiger 2’s but judging
    from th enemies chat comments their team was entirely T29’s

  127. St. Emil first then kv-2 zis6 then strv centurion


  129. Baron you have inspired me to become a youtuber do you have any tips?

  130. im most excited for the sturer emil but im bothered by the fact that for
    some reason they put a loader in the fake cuppola on the left side of the
    vehicle reducing the loaders from 2 to 1 :'( :'(

  131. The higher tier you play the more the various cheats, spawn campers, and
    map memorizers come into play. More powerful tanks adds nothing to the
    enjoyment of the game. Especially in the artifically small environments at
    artificially close ranges.

  132. Bad decision against the two tanks. You already disabled his gun, then you
    forego a shot on #2 to try and get a kill on #1.

  133. The Shillelagh had a min range of 730m. So much for “realistic”.

  134. t29 heavy tank

  135. What happened to trauma packs?

  136. Great intro. I like the fact that it leaves you guessing who won that

  137. I’m looking forward to the Handley Page Halifax. Somebody I know was a
    Bomb-Aimer in them, and after being involved in an aircraft collision, he
    was the only one who survived and became a POW.

  138. what hapnd to the IR lamp?

  139. i wonder if the Sheridan can kill a plane??? it that posible?

  140. Song name please baron :D

  141. stvr 81!!!!

  142. Can someone tell me how to post a comment on a YouTube video?!?!

  143. that intro though

  144. T29 Baron T29

  145. does the m551 still get heat fs

  146. The new map is like the Normandy’s map

  147. Baron play the wyvern

  148. Love the Intro song! :c :3

  149. is the m551 worth getting

  150. the patch is not downloading for me, the files get lost I guess, anyone

  151. If there is one tank that is missing from the ATGM line up, it’s the M60A2
    Starship! That needs to be put in soon. Looks weird and should be fairly
    quick since it is based off the M60.

  152. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Baron. Why are you pointing your gun at the ground? The enemy isn’t going
    to pop out of it. Aim where they are going to be

  153. uhh so whats the difference between the m48a1 and the m60 patton? and is
    the m60 even a patton?(sorry for my english)

  154. explosions to the max

    How big is the 1.5.9 update gb wise

  155. Holy shit this bitrate, it’s like 360p quality

  156. Floating derp

  157. Duncan De hulst

    Asu 85

  158. Not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but that music in the intro gotta
    go. Feels like im about to watch some rappers spit some words in a battle

  159. CanadianBacon 2500

    My favorite veichle is the Cheftain. My favorite patch veichle is the LVT

  160. baron please bring the wyvern and sheridan for next vid love the vids

  161. Stermimeal

  162. plzzz play the T-29 baron

  163. landon melesky (Ninja2199)

    I’m out of country atm but what shell do you get first with m48?

  164. landon melesky (Ninja2199)

    That reload rate wtf

  165. Tiese the customizer

    Definetly the t29, will you role it out anytime soon?

  166. Lovin the intro music

  167. gotta say, my truest loves in this game are the Tiger H1 and the m2a2

  168. ST. Emil. Dicker was my favorite tank. Emil will be even better

  169. the game needs further zoom when targeting and with binocuolars, you kinda
    struggle to aim at distant targets

  170. This looks like the tank out of armored warfare

  171. how do u use binocs

  172. yo i love the intro music

  173. keep doing it

  174. I curse all Tu4 players to the 7 circles of hell and i hope it get a Br of
    7.0 to 9.0

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