NEW Artillery Ammo Useless? | World of Tanks T92 HMC Gameplay – SandBox Artillery Rework

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay, SPG Rework. World of Tanks Artillery New Ammo Rebalance – AP and HEAT Ammo. Rebalance Test Server.

So, after going through hell, I was finally able to get into the battles and show you some actual gameplay with SPGs on the Sandbox server. I am going to show you all the new ammo types they decided to bring back.

After playing couple battles with SPGs, I found all the new ammo being quite useless… What do you think?


  1. This type of episode needs late night upload, at least over here! 😛
    And now stay tuned for more! 😀

    • Awesome review of the Arty ammo in the sandbox server!! Thank you Dez my brother for all your help!! Take care, Vern……..the old man!

    • Great video Dez, as per. I’d have to say, when WoT back in 2014 after the Great Arty Nerf in 7.0, to before they put in the stun mechanics was when it was the best. Was it perfect? No. Was it 1000x better than now? Hell yeah. Should’ve balanced the shells more. Maybe not the 1800 damage the T92 used to have, but going with another comment, it has the largest gun IN THE GAME. That should mean it does a load of damage. But 500, out of a 240mm howitzer? Not good enough. This is my idea: 1st shell- Keeps the stun and reduces damage ~slightly~. It also has a smaller splash so it can’t just keep things perma-stunned when it shoots at a tank 10m away from a corner. Make it so it affects 2 or 3 tanks, not an entire zone.
      2nd shell- Make this shell with not 20% more damage, but 45%, then make its pen lower and its radius bigger. It should be said that a large shell has a large AoE, so why does it feel like I need to hit right next to a tank to deal damage? I think this is a better middle ground, and of course, NO STUN!
      3rd shell- Single target damage. Yeah, AP from a 240mm howitzer should deal a shit-ton of damage. Maybe not 1800, but closer to 1300. You have so much more RNG with arty that it should be rewarding to hit with a shell like that. Or at any tier. But 1 shotting heavies and other high HP tanks? No.

      Does this cover every aspect of the game? No, but it’s a good starting point.
      I’d also like to mention that the Russian T10 arty has less DPM than the M41, 888~ to 1130~. Like… what’s with that BS?
      But those are my thoughts on it. Glad they’re making a step in the right direction, but they need to take a small hop back to where we were.

    • @Manfred Bettin missions

    • @dezgamez you forgot to look into an important parameter : WR , as someone else said arty WR is super bad so it is underpowered , people might complain about arty but arty does not win games atm , so there should be a rty buff argument , when was the last time you did play arty on the standard server ?

      and yes as i nee it there is no shell choice , aka use standard HE , also didn t the dmg HE cost way more?

      maybe increase the fire rate of arty

    • with ammo switching,..dont forget you have that skill which can be ok

  2. Stun needs to be removed. I hope that they increase the alpha of the ap by at least 30% in some cases.

  3. Gonna break the game even more if they do this… ?

    All these crits you described not doing any damage… ridiculous. Crits should always do some damage.

    Stun – poorly implemented.

    Oh, and FYI – they do not listen…

  4. There is no real choice given, and one factor contributting to this is the long reload on higher tiers spgs.

    The other factor is the RNG, you have the aim circle the size of a small tennis field, would be wierd to chose AP or HEAT for that scenario, those shell types would only be used in close quarters combat, IF you get the chance to reload before you get obliterated.

    The 3rd and final factor is efficiency and cost. 15% of extra damage isn’t worth the 6 k extra shell cost and the loss of stun effect, which has utility and awards you with assistance damage when used correctly.

    They could make spgs a lot better with a few tweaks and real utility rounds, but they seem to like the negative attention they get for stupid shit like this.

  5. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Really bad idea, if you lower the damage on the stun shell then you just totally fuck over SPG’s since they will have to fire 8000 credit premium rounds to do any damage. Don’t forget all the tanks will have 20% or so more HP so they are already getting a damage nerf, making it even worse is ridiculous. With this latest mess if they want it to work they need to get rid of premium rounds altogether, allow SPG’s to instantly load whatever type of shell they think will work best when needed. You know, giving an actual choice….

  6. These proposed changes are ass. Nothing more to say about it.

  7. I would bet the arty is conq gun carrier with the high dmg HE

  8. What you are missing is then pen difference will spread the damage of premium and standard more than just 200hp more than likely

  9. They should just give old arty one stunning he with lower alpha…

  10. I hope they remove artilery forever they destroy heavy line

  11. AP need a bit more dame
    Non stun HE need more pen
    Stun HE pen and dame need to be nefp

  12. FV304 with AP?

  13. Here is what I think wg should do

    1. Get rid of stun effect
    2. Significantly lower damage caused by regular HE shell
    3. Reduce artillery reload by 40%. (This should compensate for RNG factor and AP doing so little damage)

  14. Again if a fv4005 can do 1200 damage with a smaller gun , wg need to buff arty ap Shells that have a bigger gun Or same size gun Or nerf fv4005

    Second possibility is to give arta same tools like in frontline, smoke, xp boost friendly tanks, artillery shot, Spy plane i.e.

    As it looks and plays so far on sandbox it’s a piece of crap

  15. AP on T92 had a 395 mm penetracion. That was a good old times

  16. Any news about campian artys missions remove ?

  17. Lower the hp of stunning he indeed, make a 400 diftence or something. This whay you can anticipate on supporting your team or helping to deal damng.

    Note from my side… I play heavys A LOT, why does HE with 50pen damngs me so hard and cripls me so freaken hard? 50 pen vs 100+ armor… This would go explain the use of ap in arty. But yea wot isnt always logic i guess

  18. So 20% decrease on dmg is not enough? (Damage stays the same but HP and dmg raises in every other vehicle in the game) So you suggest more decrease in damage? Why not just remove artillery altogether? Why play a vehicle that will be almost useless in the battlefield? Wg please remove Arty and refund us the xp we used to get them. That would be the most fair solution.

  19. Impeach the orange Clown

    WHAT???? 530 Damage is a highroll? Come on Wargaming. That 600 damage AP round from T92 was just ridiculous. Im not ever going to use AP when it comes along like that. Remember when early T92 in 2013 hit a target like Maus? This is just another “FU” Finger by Wargaming. But i appreciate your work and suffering Dez so i give you a thumbs up. I see no reason to use AP again if its damage potential wouldnt be doubled. this game is about doing damage. so why would i stop firing HE??? At least they could remove the stun effect on allies. that would be clever but , hey, its wargaming.

  20. They just need to lower the regular HE dmg slightly (like 10% less) remove or significantly lower the HE pen, then remove arty missions and arty won’t be a problem anymore.

  21. The leafblower firing Heat! Or perhaps the Crusader SP with the baby gun using HE

  22. So they’ve pushed away players by making the game extremely unfair with op arty, then pushed away arty players by “nerfing” it. Even though the new artillery is just as cancerous as before. Now they are trying to retain the sub human artillery players by “buffing” them, but will ultimately lose more players if it ends up being as over powered or as annoying as before. Wargaming is one of the dumbest companies I’ve ever come across.

  23. Je me suis désabonné

    They have to bring back old skycancer, it was less cancer to be one shot than full stuned. Or simply, remove this class from the game

  24. Wg knows that spg are hated and they will not allow high damage like the old days the high amount of RNG done for SPG currently and the addition of stun means alienation continues to not stop a highly dissatisfy player base for both those who play spg and more so those who dont its broken either remove them and create a new class that suits people who like spg gaming cheers

  25. 1 arty per battle every battle im fine with that fixed ez

  26. Impeach the orange Clown

    the idea of these ammo types are that HE always does a bit of damage and AP always much more when it penetrates. so now they give us AP back but with the same amount as with HE? had they bad vodka? literally no arty player is going to use it. ive got 30k games on arty since 2012 with every arty in my garage and im telling you that i wont use AP because its ridiculous.

  27. They just need to take that vehicle class out entirely, they’ve gutted it so badly it’s barely useful now solely by the mediocre stun, but with these changes… completely useless.

  28. My ridiculous AP dmg rounds were awesome because I would use it when lots of soft targets presented themselves in a spot that I can shoot. This low dmg AP is trash. I will carry 1-2 and the rest will be free HE.

  29. This is not situation where people pray that arty shoots AP on them and not HE. I really dont know what is WG drinking when balancing things.

  30. get rid of the stunning allow team damage for the arty class only to make you think more about your shots and got back to the golden days of arty when if you tag a tank with a direct hit you get 1300 to 1900 damage; just lower the accuracy a bit more. In real life whenever a tank was unlucky enough to get hit by an artillery shell, it was usually killed in a single shot. The reason to add team damage back into the arty class is to eliminate the indiscriminate firing into the crowd when your tanks are in close quarters combat with the enemy. If you are worried about the arty being used by Claus’s “Biggest Assholes,” consider they can’t be bought like tanks can as a higher tier premium. Most of the trolls who start a fresh account a and have to grind their way up to the larger arties, only to have that account banned because they are being a jerk.

  31. World of Tanks Blitz Master

    Ok AP is back but small dmg

  32. Arty should be removed. The wot community will be much better for it. Remove the toxic Arty players, and you will see the community be much happier as a whole.

  33. By God the first AP Arty Penetration was so beautiful. Haven’t felt that happy in years. Im going to need my 261 back if it gets the AP back

  34. He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly… AP IS BACC!

  35. Get rid of artillery from this f@#£ing irritating gam

  36. Lefhe with ultimate heat-baguette-powered ap rounds

  37. I already feel useless with ly french arty… Need 200k xp for my fucking tier 9

  38. How about… making the arty unplayable. Nice <3

  39. Make reload time 10seconds more and accuracy aim time increase, now it is too much accurate, remove dumb stun effect out of game.

  40. They should buff the HE pen end nerf the stunning and the problems are all gone.

  41. Dez, your voice is so deep/dark that it is sometimes hard to hear whar you are saying. The speakers are rumbling.

  42. I agree. Those shell types do not gives an interesting choices. I think that if WG add one interesting type of shell gives e.g. low dmg but fog cover / fog blindness in area same as stunning area, it might be something usefull.

  43. For once I agree with you: artillery will be more useless then before.. I had no problems with the old one. I one-shotted enough Lorraine 40T’s with it, but never got one-shotted myself while playing it, even though I wasn’t a good player back then. The ammo choices make indeed no sense. I would never go for 15% extra damage, because if I miss, I could at least get some stun assist, which means more xp. The class used to take more skill and I can see the difference in how much influence bad players now have compared to good players. Good players used to be rewarded for playing better. These days it doesn’t matter anymore and they are even making the class worse and worse and it is already a lot harder to get decent damage in artillery.

  44. I think you are overstimating the regular WoT player: if one gun or ammo type is gonna give you 1 single point of extra damage, sure they’re gonna use that. So stun effect bye bye!

  45. useless work from wg , none will use AP for that dmg , if you pen….bcz you can still use normal HE that stun and take assist dmg .

  46. Actually dez I agree, but the 3 most annoying things I find are;

    Gold ammo spam. It is not needed nor necessary, especially tier 6 vs 4, 8 vs 6, etc. It is ridiculous people NO longer can feel they can win without spamming it, or they try SO HARD to boost wn8 “Which was never actually intended to be used as measurement” that they must spam gold ammo just to cause damage. 8-10 shells is enough for when facing +2mm and that is it.

    Stun is ridiculous. Arty is already OP when it pens for full damage.

    Rng is just a joke. So many players resort to gold ammo just to negate the effects of losing pen value. There a lot of factors that are ruining this game right now

  47. normally I love your content, but I got really tired of people whining about how annoying stun is. There is a lot of annoying things in the game, basically everything which hits me and everytime I do not hit or do not win is annoying. EBRs are anoying. Chieftains and obj279 are annoying, etc, etc. I do think the damage of arties should be increased to make it more fun to play. So what if you get hit by an arty and lose a lot of HP? Happens also when you get hit by a deathstar for example. If we nerf or remove everything people find annoying, the game in the end will be like: you press battle button, 1 second later (there is no real battle) all players, including enemy see “Victory” on screen. Everybody sees they were the best player in the battle, win all the medals, lots of gold, credits, bonds and a free prem tank as reward. You think people will be happy?

  48. Arty should be lIke in the past… 2400 dmg in gc was fun.. now they are just anoying (gwe100 30 sek reload…)

  49. The premium shell like HE shell in the past (with only flash damage and no stun) but the AP shell is totally useless. With T92 HMC, you have to wait nearly 40s to reload and with AP Shell you only get 5xx HP. It’s not only too slow to reload and to minimum damage you could get, but also it could be ricochet, unfortunately. May be, AP Shell could only suit with situation of LT spot you and move so close to you

  50. Fckn nonsence again 🙁

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