NEW AUCTION – MONKEY KING in World of Tanks!!!

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The Auction is back in World with the Monkey King, a clone of the 121B with a suitable primal style! Here's all you need to know!



  1. Tank is 20 million credits for effectively a clone of a “boring” tank. You decide if it’s worth 20-40 hours of your life grinding credits with boosters!

  2. So Wargaming is think players are gullible enough to fork over 20 million credits for what is effectively nothing more than a 3D skin. No thank you!

  3. Id rather get 3 tech tree mediums for the same price and are better lol

  4. Stereotypical Gamer

    They also clone tanks on console

  5. Quickie baby good video Say Hi to Tanya for me

  6. 20,000,000 credits

  7. These Are nOt PrEmiUm tAnKs at tier X. Buuut youu caaan buuuy them with REAL WORLD MONEY oke?
    Dirty words for me

  8. 20 Million credits for a meh tier 10 Medium Tank… IMHO for 20 Million credits damn thing better have magical powers too.

  9. Nope. Can’t see paying 20m+ credits for what amounts to a 3D skin for a tank I already have. Pass.

  10. All MONKEYS should buy that tank!

  11. As much as I like the 121b I dont think anybody should buy this over priced skin. WG needs to stop with these constant FOMO strategies. I personally like to use Turbo, Vents and Rammer as a general build. The gun handling is okay with field mods but I think it benefits from improving the meh power/weight to get into position earlier as you cant use every spot. The 121b isnt the most flexible but its reliable, nice ammo and ok armor to work with. Fun from time to time (M60 prob better tho)

  12. Will there be another bid for credits?

  13. This video was followed by an ad for “Team Raptor” tank booster company…guess Wargaming is still trying to dig into your wallet, or at least the employees running/affiliated the booster company.

  14. ok is it just me or is the fact that they are making the monkey king in black history month a bit intresting

  15. Now for a rafty price of 20M+ we all can play like baboons

  16. I would have thought that by now players would understand Wargaming’s business model. They are in it to make money. Its like car dealers selling “Chelsea Tractors” to people who are never going to leave the bitumen.
    Caveat Emptor / a fool and their money are soon parted.

  17. fhanny anticópias 🖤


  18. monkey king more like monkey bait

  19. goofy ass skin

  20. new tank for monkeys hahaha

  21. I wouldn’t even pay 10 million

  22. As far as WOT content creators I’m glad that when you post your own replays on YouTube, you use your personal accounts. I follow other WOT youtubers who have press accounts. They’re all posting replays with crazy crews, all the best equipment. Its sad and stale. Thanks QB for your youtube content

  23. 30 million credits, offered 24 million credits and regretted it whole day. Luckily didnt get the tank and got my credits back. Already won 121b from clan wars

  24. So as far as I’m concerned I didn’t waste my money on the bonds. Besides Christmas is good to me.

  25. If anyone is vaguely interested in the Monkey King or Wu Kong: Sun Wu Kong translates as “awakened by the emptiness”. The legend is about an arrogant monkey god that was born from a rock struck by lightning. He fights a buddha, gets shoved under a mountain for a few centuries and then was forced to guard this monk (as atonement) as he traveled across China to obtain a special sutra text. Wukong can transform into other animals and hasa staff that grows/shrings like antman. Popular legend in China and Japan, alota shows made off of it.

  26. Get your hard earned cash idiots, soon you will be out of job and you can sell your pixels for food… bhahaha

  27. Won Monkey King auction for 27mil creds where competitive bid was rising from 26mil _ My 1st Tier X tank so I’m looking forward to it 🙂
    Thx for the 121B info, much appreciated 😉

  28. they are getting fame with the most know streamers. amazing comercial stuff by WG. they know what they are doing when we talk about comercial stuff, but when we talk about actual gameplay… ohhh my…

  29. Anyone wanna buy a good WoT account?

  30. You need to try rammer, v-stab, and IAU on this, it is easily my favorite tier 10 med. It might not be as dynamic as the Lion, but it feels just as accurate as my leo, but with way better armor and more versatile ammo with those insane gold shells.

  31. Someone on the senior level needs to to seriously kick the person in charge of the advertisement campaign in the n…. nether area, since few new players are coming in and the advertisement campaign as a whole is ridiculous and despicable! And now someone decided that the best idea would be to focus on milking the whales for most profit. Logical decision, no doubt, but not respectable from a player’s perspective!

  32. Pass.

  33. So what all bullshittery are they adding now?

  34. I wonder why they are only offering 2500 on the NA server?

  35. I just remembered this game when you did the crash. I watched this live LMAO

  36. WGing is getting so lazy. All their platforms are cloning tank and ships in their games ,black ships in wows and these special tanks wots

  37. Wg are going to have to do better than a reskinned 121B if they want to part me from my hard-earned resources.

  38. Anyone interested can watch a cartoon called Uproar in Heaven on YouTube.

  39. There choice but I like it cause silver free xp >>>> bonds gold bonds are crazy hard to get and gold obviously real money. I would much rather save bonds and use silver.
    Most like way more time to get the bonds than silver

  40. Blitz has been doing this in in their battle passes. They just take a tech tree tank and reskin it.

  41. Shoots bananas?

  42. Quite expensive for just a skin. But as long you got complete idiots in the game who are prepared to pay for these of schemes, WG will keep pushing this sort of stuff out.

  43. It looks cool? Really?

  44. Milo's Hockey Cards

    Got it for 26 mill. Worth it. But I enjoy the m60 more.

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