NEW AUCTION – T54 Heavy in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The final Auction in of Tanks is the T54 Heavy a tier 9 premium American with 450 alpha and 12 degrees of depression!



0:00 The T54 Heavy Tank
1:02 Stats
7:20 Crew
7:42 Equipment
8:13 Field Mods
8:49 Game 1
13:58 Game 2
24:28 Conclusion


  1. What is a Aiming Device? Is it – dispersion or – aiming time?

    • It improves the accuracy. The actual name of that equipment is actually called “Improved Aiming”. Aiming device is just a different name for that.

  2. I have both Concept 1B and the AE phase 1… I’m happy with both of them, and don’t need another Renegad-ish tank…

  3. Why does this tank remind me of the M48 RPz. The body and turret, the gameplay. It all looks so similar

  4. On console the T54 cobra has a4shot autoloader with a fast mode like polish medium tier X

  5. Usually giving god for tanks means a tank that makes credit, does this make credit? NO!

    • it does, it is a premium tank, haven’t u paid attention?

    • @Robin Khn I have but I also have the STRV K and it honestly does not make more credit than a tier 7 premium. The cost of playing STRV K is crazy. I can never make more than 20-35k profit when playing it without premium day or personal reserves. For example a tier 6 tank makes more credit than these tier 9.

  6. Terrible tank, don’t buy it!

  7. Ah yes finally a tank with tier 300 mm of pen

  8. nope, u suck, unsub, heave great time

  9. I havent played world of tanks in 5 years, i just tune in for you qb. Have an excellent day bro

  10. Thx quickybaby for me to skip and save my resources

  11. Thank you for the review. I was about to bid 12500 for it, but I changed my mind. No bid.

  12. it is not the dpm, that makes renegade better, it is gun handling, you snap, dont need to aim for that long and thus, hitting the weakpoint is much harder.

  13. Kratochvíl Dominik

    Simply its trash tank

  14. Depression of 12. What a joke. Another Hull-Down Shit.

  15. So basically a Renegade at T9… (said it before watching lol)

  16. Looks very balanced. Good to see that WG takes its time before pumping out any OP tier 9 premiums.

  17. HP Buff up to 1.850
    Dispersion reduction by 0.03-0.05 (0.17/0.15)
    Aiming time reduction by 0.15s (2.65s)
    Accuracy Change to 0.39
    I think if Wargaming would change those things the T54 Heavy would feel way more comofortable.
    You still have a big weak point, you still have lackluster Mobility but you have some HP to get that DpM and gun handling working.

  18. What I think about this tank? Thats what QB is for. To tell me how to live so that I dont have to make difficult decisions.

  19. Recommends an aiming device and proceeds to not take one on either setup

  20. @8:25 “artillery really aren’t part of the game anymore” ….what game does this guy think he is playing??!!!

  21. The whole auction was a bit meh then.

    1. A 121B reskin, below average T10.
    2. K-2, another Russian T8 heavy with silly armour but a rubbish gun.
    3. Progetto 46 reskin, very good T8 but selling for 20k gold with an ugly skin imo.
    4. FV183, meme tank, but damn this stops people pushing in randoms for fear of losing 1800 HP.
    5. T54, an average T9 heavy premium, nice gun depression but that’s niche, big turret weak point. A slightly worse M103.

  22. Jorge Mario Manuel Ortega

    Glad I put it all on the death star

  23. its a pass. was hoping for vz55 gw. oh well, it’ll be here eventually

  24. It should have had a clip then it would be interesting, like this its not worth even 10500 base price

  25. Wargaming releasing balanced vehicles? Almost as if they have started to realise that they are killing their game

  26. where is the balance where to use stabilizator or aim device on a tank. Bouth seems like a waste of slots

  27. I do like how the auction this year never really hit me with the FOMO, The only thing i felt a tad bit bad about missing was the Mars, But after fighting a few on the live servers im glad i didnt waste my gold, Hahah.

  28. U.S. tanks always get the shaft when it comes to weak points on top. It doesn’t really give them any advantages either. If tanks with a huge cupola had 75M more view range than tanks without one, it might be worth it. Or if the cupola had a limited number of HP and after that was gone hitting it again would do no more damage.

  29. QB, thanks again for your review.

  30. So a renegade at tier 9 with a worse gun, 2 Extra deg. Gun depression and 1700 hp

  31. It’s funny how German cupolas get smaller but the tanks get larger, compared to the American cupolas getting larger and the tanks stay roughly the same size.

  32. I’m happy that T9 premiums are still worse than tech-tree tanks…

  33. “Your hard earned gold” ??? You mean, your hard earned IRL money with which you buy fake gold and then play a gambling game even if you are under age and spending mommy/daddy money?

  34. Wg will release tier 9 premium tanks of each country and kind first and after that they will start making the op tanks.

  35. 11:30… how did your shot go through the teammates turret for the TD kill?!?!


  37. why do they always ruin American tanks man they hate us.

  38. Looks nice. Thx

  39. I found it cool quickybaby has engaged with a fair few of these comments.

  40. The cupola ruins it, rather run a AE PH1.

  41. so ya after that maybe WG should be giving us gold to take it off their hands lol

  42. Seems like wg has actually put out pretty balanced tanks for these new auction releases. Hopefully the community is grateful so we don’t shame them back into broken tanks.

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