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The FV215b (183) is back in World being sold in the auction today but is the hardest hitting tank still worth it in 2023?



  1. im trying arty mission today….

  2. Sold it 5 years ago. And im not buying it,very boring tank

  3. Jgpz100 and grille has bigger gun…

  4. The problem of balancing tanks like the FV, Hetzer, old ISU and so on is similar to balancing guns like the AWP in counter strike even though in WoT it is easier, because of more variables you can tweak. You just cannot balance the AWP completely. Shotguns have potential to one shot at short range, but AWP has potential to kill at any range even with a body shot. You can hold corners and therefore if you can react quickly enough the oponent will never win a 1v1 engagement. Similar if you have an FV, you can give it slow speed, long reload, bad gun handling but still there will be situations, where it just absolutely dominates like no other tank ever could which ultimately makes it unfair in that situation.

  5. For once I will try the auction. It will be different gameplay from my other tanks, and i will not grind British td tree anytime soon.

  6. bought it during the first black market event. The worst 25 million credits I ever spent, I regret it every day . This SHT is totally RNG dependant, team dependent. On open maps as soon as u get spotted all arta immediately focus you.
    My advise. Dont buy it . The FV4005 is much better simply beacuse with its turret is way more flexible than this piece of garbage.

  7. The long reload time allows time for tea and crumpets old chap.

  8. my bid: 3,5M free exp…

  9. This tank should be on tech tree. But WG say NO

  10. Why does it have to be so fucking expensive…
    It’s already difficult to have ANY free xp because be have to grind everything in this game and modules are hilariously expensive, especially at tiers VIII/IX. Most casual players don’t have this much laying around for god’s sake…

  11. I bet 176k

  12. it still does on blitz lol, tortoise then 183

  13. Don’t pay for pixel tanks to those russian scammers at WG

  14. i still love my Deathstar

  15. QB, I was one of the people that helped/caused the change for the badger. WG even payed me for my idea with in game gold.

  16. why don’t they just put it in the bond shop already….
    I don’t care how expensive it would be just let people buy it properly like they did with the Foch 155…

  17. HowDidThisHappenNow

    MIN bid on EU Server: 175 000 free XP

  18. people dont be scammed by this, they rigging the game so you loose alll the time so you keep spending money, dont be stupid and learn to invest start businesses start your own tank game and make shit loads of money and piss on this scammers

  19. When we are here talking about FV’s, would you like to consider, to think about the video of HG. We want to strengthen the community, not attack you.

  20. Fv4005 is much much better then this

  21. i pledged 219k, i doubt i will get it. but i was pessimistic also with the perregrin and i got that one for some 135k, so we shall see…

  22. You should say “vanqheshing” with heshing at the end of vanq instead of vanquishing because the tank is heshing its way around. To say that the least this is not a low damage quisher Mr. Qb

  23. the fv does not have any armour and wg killed that tank even though it was not even op this has at least has some armour not great but some

  24. QB I like your youtube vids, but you are a toxic PoS on twitch. Much prefer to watch Skill or Wallst live.

  25. Aww… now I can’t participate in the auction… since I already had it before it got removed.

    But this whole auction is a disappointment, since they said they would all be NEW tanks…
    Oh well, what is another fail with all the recent fails anyway…

  26. The turret armor is pretty decent

  27. 10:36 thats true lorraine 50 t sucks ae phase 1 better k91 pt better obj777 2 better cobra better and even the germany medium i forgot the name is better

  28. Its funny how QB thought is gonna cost around 500 000, and actually minimum is 175 000, it shows that WG was afraid that it won’t sell all 20K

  29. Thats Not right with all respect
    The k2 got 20.8k PiDs
    And the lowest winner pid was 8105 gold there was almost 800 who ped lower than that soo
    Also the tank is not that bad if you use the armor right and not to over play it also full gold is a must on it

  30. got them back in the days 😉

  31. I like it helped me win alot of battles

  32. Anytime I get the urge to start playing WOT again, I just read the chat in battle and think “Nah”

  33. Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    yeh this TD sucks now, on the odd game you get lucky, but with all the HE nerfs and recalculations for HE damage, the gun can’t do much vs anything with the massively poor aiming/accuracy. Ontop of which, when a tier 7 can pen through the weak upper plate above the gun mantlet every time (has about 80mm of armor), the FACE of the turret doesn’t compete with anything tier 9 or 10 for blocking damage, and the hull is that much worse.

  34. Theres not even have enough free exp to convert so no

  35. The 183 being so different from the rest of the tech tree TD’s at the time was parr for the course I think from that time. A lot of tier 10 vehicles didn’t play like the vehicles that came before which was pretty jarring after playing so many tanks in a specfic way.

  36. I’m curious now because on the console version of world of tanks the fv4005, badger, and fv215b(183) are all tech tree tanks. I wonder if one day they will remove this this tank from the tech tree. Makes me want to just hold it in my garage just in case. They removed the bt5 and I had it in my garage and it turned into a premium tank.

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