NEW AUCTION – The Mars in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Mars Progetto 46 clone in World with a dashing Roman legion inspired style! Here's all you need to know about this sassy tank!



  1. I think it’s getting ridiculous with those clones. Not the fact that we have clones. But that the player base does now have to know what a Mars or Monkey King is. It would be so much simpler, especially for new players, if the tank would be simply named by it’s real name in the matchmaker.

  2. Love the work on how light shines on the armour… guess we’ll have Asterix and Obelix themes for the coming tanks.

  3. Przemek Lewandowski

    Gj wg, put even more fortnite crap into this game please, it will surely help it.

  4. This one is actually worth it as a tank since progetto is S tier premium (and obviously if you don’thave the progetto already). But I’m bidding the exact price of 12 500 gold which the progetto costs normally and that’s it. Probably not going to be enough though since the competitive bid even now 10 houra before the auction ends is 14k gold….

    • if I’m not mistaken it is around 25 EURs in the shop and WG used to sell it before frontline. If you have already gold then ok, spend on it but 12,5k gold can be only justified if you also need the skin or if you need the tank right now. Because 12,5k gold is more than 25EURs.

  5. such kitch

  6. That’s looking more Spartan, Greek to me.

    The shields, sure, that’s Roman. The implied helm design pattern is Corinthian.

    Spear? Red cape and red horse hair like that? Hoplite, Spartan.

  7. At end of game nobody will play techtree tanks

  8. I don’t have a Prog 46, so I’ll try my hand at bidding for this one, but probably not more than 12K; if I get it, good, if not, I’ll wait until the Prog 46 is on sale.

  9. These styles are fugly

  10. This is Sparta!

  11. Just played Mines in my Skoda T56 and got 2.7k base xp with 9k combined damage and 2k blocked, my best game I have ever had in this tank.

  12. you just digital gipsy man

  13. Tank for Roman Empire and he puts a Spartan shield on the intro… English people only know there own history xD

  14. More crap from WOT crapware. Why do people tolerate this sh*t?????

  15. I really hope these abominations are not visible by the rest of the players. I mean I don’t mind anime voices and avatars as only you can see them and “appreciate” them. But this… this is so immerse breaking and awful it hurts.

    Next we’ll have pink tanks shooting potatoes? Oh wait, that was War Thunder’s diss on WOT during an April’s foul and now it seems Wargaming really wants that to be true.

  16. the art department carrying the game as usual

  17. ” one of the collest skin” ??? QB can be funny…

  18. I hate seeing stupid names of MONKEY BUTT and MARTIAN in battle instead of what the tank actually is

  19. Topless QB.
    What a frightening thought

  20. it’s so f…… ugly!

  21. Imagine paying for skins…..
    They need to release missions for good tanks, we only have a couple and the obj 279e is hard to get.

    We need more instead of silly skin auctions

  22. I think ill over bid like 50000 just to boost the price up and the when its 5 min left ill lover my bid to the minimum bid.

  23. Looks cool but already have a progetto

  24. This game becomes a total joke! Next on sale perhaps is a premium ebr tank in fluffy pink bunny skin, running around like Buggs bunny on speed!

  25. people say some of the prem tanks are op . what is op when you face off to a t10 if you take gold ammo away from prem tanks which should be a thing prem tanks would fall off big time due to 98% of prem tanks spam nothing but gold these days .

    on top of that match making system for some tanks is really crappy anyways . like alot of the tech tree tanks i been trying to go threw has some of the poorest match making i have ever seen . A stock tank fight full on max t10 tanks doesn’t truly seems right . never been a fan of the +2 system .

    tanks like i said tanks like the obj 279 (E)/ the big Chief/ just naming a couple these should never see t8 tanks . like there t10s that should never face t8s .

  26. I live at tier 8, it moulded me, by the time I saw tier X it was only blinding.

  27. Those abs look dumb af

  28. I have to congratulate Wargaming for being able to sell the same tank to it’s customer, just with a different paint job.

  29. Is that spartan or roman

  30. This tank skin is hilariously terrible looking. I don’t know what you are smoking bro

  31. Another Progetto that is going to be nerfed shortly, no thanks.

  32. This Is SPARTAA !!!!!!

  33. Holy crap WoT really has lost it now… Might as well begin with tanks from games a la command and conquer or even starcraft 😛

  34. so far I am fortunate and thankful that wg hasn’t auctioned anything I view as really worth the cost. was going to get the K2 just to collect it but meh. should have given the Mars a little spaced armor credit for the shields on the sides… flash back to the gold T59 did t chase that either …

  35. Only 2000 for the NA server? Great cause the auction price to skyrocket up

  36. This is a no no for me. That skin is horrendous. But that’s just my personal taste.

  37. That thing is the definition of poor taste

  38. So ridiculous this strategy of WG to provide reinvent the wheel a fake new tank just with a new 3D style. Ridiculous also to have a such skin so so so so far to the historical style !. What is really the goal except taking money from (ignorant) players… What is the next step ? having an american tank with the skin of Mickey mouse !!!

  39. Hoping that wargaming adds a mauerbrefhe, one premium I really want to actually pick up. (already got all the super competitive heavies)

  40. looks like shit, its the turret makes it look crappy

  41. $ 4 Putins WAR !!!

  42. Last thing the game needs is more t8 prems infact all of the vehicles should not be premium and as such I will not take part in this event.

  43. That’s an ugly 3d style.

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