NEW Auctions for RARE TANKS in Mini Black Market Event 🔥 | World of Tanks Under the Hammer!

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Source: DezGamez

It is time to wrap up things with the craziest event in 2021 – Black Market. It featuring some the most “unique” offers we have ever seen, some good, some bad… Something for everyone! 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. Absolutely no idea about the prices, but the history has shown it’s not gonna be CHEAP! 😀
    Also, would you prefer open or closed auction? Open one show the “AVERAGE” bid, but closed one only shows minimum bid + quantity.
    What are you other predictions?

    • The BLUE Book with the WHITE BUNNY is clearly a HINT to the MATRIX and NEO! He took the BLUE PILL and followed the WHITE RABBIT! 🙂

    • Book – my first thought was Alice in Wonderland because the White Rabbit was a character with a pocket watch who led Alice down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. Though other than the White Rabbit no other characters are hinted at, so are they hinting at the book or the character there?

      The egg. It is reminiscent of a Faberge Egg. Perusing the images of all the Faberge Eggs, it doesn’t match any. At first I thought, they were made in St Petersburg, Russia and there was a 007 movie where they drove a tank around St Petersburg, and one of the eggs was in an older 007 movie as well. Of the three tanks they rented for that scene there were a couple T-54 and one T-55. So that killed that idea. I wonder if there are other Eggs like the Faberge. Perhaps there is one that looks similar to the one depicted.

    • “STAY NAKED”, Dez. Really, is it that hard?

    • Bunny is SU-130M

    • The Pocket Watch looks to be an E. Howard, then there is a Book and a Rabbit. This comes to be EBR. Also I made this up and have no idea.

  2. The Obj 268 Version 5 has incredibly low DPM for a tier X TD and awful view range.

  3. Maybe 10 8 10 8 10 means times of sale?

  4. I’ll keep my gold to buy thinks I really interested in not that “rare” and useless tanks.

  5. the envelope will not be a new tank, because they state rare tanks, if it’s new, is it rare?

  6. What do you guys think the price will be? Around 100k gold? Around 1 millions free exp?

  7. Generaloberst Gaming

    How do we do to particapate to auctions? Should we log in ?

  8. I know what all those hints mean.
    To me they mean “don’t buy it, keep gold for retraining crew and removing equipment, maybe premium account if you run out”.

    Unless they will be selling triple barrelled golden 279e. With x3 bonus credits.

  9. Catalin Ionut Florea

    I’m already worried about mine with available resources : 30mil silver, 30k bonds, 700k free exp and 65k gold. T-22 medium and WZ-111 Qilin they cost me last year 100K silver

    • Based on how muhh you spent last year, would you assume that a 30000 gold bid would be a safe bet for all of the offers? Obviously we don’t know what they are yet, but what were your highest bids last time?

    • Catalin Ionut Florea

      @Molly_Daly if I remember correctly: I bid around 35k for Qilin and for T22 (even though I’ve never played with them) i bid 75K silver. I wanted T22 for his reputation to be in the garage, not that I was a great player (I wouldn’t want to make fun of myself more than I should) T22 –> 0 battle

    • @Catalin Ionut Florea alright thank you for the information, I am only looking forward to EBR if it is in auction, I have 31000 gold to spare

  10. I spend my gold from boxes on premium accaunt 400 left ….im happy

  11. How about ISU-130? or kv-4 KTTS

  12. When many YouTubers and WG friends got over 3 milions Free XP and over half milion Gold … Yeah, that auction make sense for typical players. I just sit in background and wait 4 Black Market

  13. Who cares when there’s better games out there it’s more worthy of your time than this rigged game

  14. Chieftain auction incoming?

  15. Sub indo

  16. Thank god — I play on the ASIA server — so no gold auctions — But still shitty move by WG — just spent 500000 free xp – Got 300000k gold but not spending it

  17. I go to check my Asia portal, E25 for sale again… Bro I cannot with this game

  18. envelope for closed auctions

  19. Nope. just skip this event for me. I don’t have much free exp or gold for that.

  20. if book hints writer it could be type

  21. Book, pocket watch, rabbit bookmark. Alice in wonderland, mad hatter.

  22. I want a type 59

  23. The letter has a wax SEAL on it so maybe a seal clubbing tank like the PZ 5/4 😀

  24. alice in wonder land, follow the white rabbit, and the mad hatters watch, late for the T party

  25. I have 100k gold. If they think im going to pay over 25k for a TX I just wont.

  26. So, envelope? Could it be Orders for 279e? And 4th tank. Book with rabbit, pocket watch… do you know the story Turtle and Rabit? Could it be t8 Turtle?

  27. The LT is going to be T44 Lightweight. You are welcome.

  28. The envelope looks similar to a swedish or German tech tree flag.

  29. I think, that before this a(u)ction will be micro patch…and that means, they will add those special tanks 🙂 …so we will see them in “compare tools” before action

  30. Maybe the document could be orders to complete the campaigns?

  31. all the idiot whales will be happy

  32. This game. Such a terrible game. Time to quit. Later!

  33. Calin Vurdea Photo Art

    Faberge egg is something very very rare and expensive. I bet my money on hype59g 😀

  34. The one with the book and the tag with the hare on it suggests a Turtle to me……

  35. I’ve never actually participated in the black market events before.
    Do you submit your blind bid, but also commit to losing that amount even if you don’t win? Like if I bid 20M credits (or 50k gold – whatever) and don’t cross the threshold to win the tank, do I still lose my bidded amount?

  36. The White Rabbit is late – so a late version tank?

  37. 8:44 that is a Faberge egg, Russian so it may be the object 780 because of its egg shaped turret
    the hare book may be for the nameless and edelweiss which was only available on asia

  38. A rabbit and a pocket watch – The White Rabbit, always late… Alice in Wonderland…
    WZ-111 5A wonderland?

  39. Valdarian RaevenHeart

    The one at 8:25 could also represent Alice in Wonderland. The Rabbit always worrying that they’re running late, and is constantly looking at their pocket watch.
    Not too likely I know, but would still be a cool thing to see represented.

    …especially since going off on tangents (Following the Rabbit) is something that players do all the time anyway.
    With all the different options on which way to go for tanks/builds.

  40. norbert velušček

    The egg could also represent Chieftain, because an egg like this was in the cartoon made by wg, where lady chieftain had an special egg

  41. In the case of the envelope, the binding is similar to the Swedish flag. that is, I am waiting for a Swedish tank.

  42. very badd ideea ,wg no offer nothing free,for credits what buy?

  43. The blue book is clearly a reference to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Winston Churchill commissioned the development of a trench digging tank first called the White Rabbit. Could it be some rare variant of a Churchill tank?

  44. Gold camo to apply to any tank would be the biggest prize.

  45. Saving my gold.

  46. got 1Mil free xp wil this be worth it ?

  47. For Asia server its only for Free XP, no gold auction.

  48. the letter remind me of the germain flag or swedish

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