NEW Battle Communication System 2.0! | World of Tanks Update 1.10 Battle Communication

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of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Test Server – New Battle Communication System 2.0 Preview. World of Tanks New Battle in-game communication. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review.

► Official Battle Communication System 2.0 article:

Today let’s dive into the Battle Communication and let’s take a look what they are planning to do, to improve the communication between players in the game, on the battlefield.

This new communication system 2.0 will be tested on the update 1.10’s test server in the upcoming weekend!

What do you think about it?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– No Tanks, just Pings!


  1. It is definitely a step-up, but what do you think about it? Any more ideas to add?
    Have a good day, my friends! 😉
    And please, ignore that black box on the top right corner, please! 😛

    • Much better to have automatic communication in game like other game and mobile have it, mic off and mic on

    • Good idea is to add artillery areas

    • @Isaac Erb i think you can bind another button.

      I would like to ping specific point on map, like XVM has. Having ping on specific square on map is almost useless

    • Jon .knallpistol

      I just don’t see the point in this, randoms will still be stupid.

    • Thanks for the info Dez!! You always make it so understandable, which is nice when we don’t have to read all the wg BS! Your the best my friend!! Take care, Vern……..the old man

  2. This could be good and the coms definitely needs an update. I just hope people don’t spam the shit out of it and it becomes annoying whilst playing. We don’t want a coms overload.

  3. 8:50 what is that map?

  4. Another annoying feature.
    WoT 2013: bring your tank and go figth!
    WoT 2020-21: Okay this is the minimap, and u can move your tank with the WASD keys. Wot going to be like SuperMario with tutorial: how to move, how to jump how to kill enemys… I think this new communication is go to be very annoying, cant concentrate your battle, i see what gone be like: “i ping there where r u going?! Noob leming go there!! Come help!! F*** why dont come help???”

  5. I may have missed it in the info, but if its not there then some way to make comms specifically aimed to you stand out (maybe a ping) would be good – especially if this new system leads to a mass of instruction and you cant read it all…

  6. An fresh air on the blind eye:))🙃

  7. No more bush TDs? The enemy can pin that bush where the shot came and all blindfire that bush? Arty can your position after one shot? Sounds good.

    Bye wot!
    Hellloooo WT again!

  8. NoHomeLike


  9. I don’t like this. The screen will be filled with spammed messages, and nobody will actually follow those “goals”. Half the people don’t even know what a minimap is.

  10. Edit:I thing this is huuggee mess…pointing on map whole game:)

  11. Instead of complicating it so much, all they needed to do was break down each minimap square into 4 smaller squares for pinging. You can therefor draw a much more detailed plan that your team can see.

  12. Why did they get rid of swamp?

  13. Wish we could communicate with teammates by voice chat… That would be a great opportunity as well.

  14. It’s gonna be a shit show, everyone spamming markers

  15. i wonder if there are “boobs” marked on the cliff map

  16. Between platoon mates “Retreat!” Actually means “go home, u are noob!:))” 😀

  17. Good, good. Still missing the MOVE YOUR ASS ping though XD

  18. Sw1tchd Badarovski

    8:38 new map????

  19. Let’s hope dead players can’t use the comms

  20. No affirmative and negative? I don’t like that! Everything else is good, but how can you not say affirmative and negative in a military game? noooooooo

  21. Yes you’re right Dez, it’s so cool when the team at the end trash talks everyone, we need a command they know I think they are trash with me needing to comment it in game, that way we save lots of times

  22. They missed some buttons – you suck – stop camping coward- move up- uninstall go play war thunder or something else…

  23. Can we just put that new thing OFF? Looks like freaky annoying to me!

  24. I hope I can disable this shitt..

  25. So info is going to be on server about teams intentions, thats not going to get hacked at all is it. Ally attacking target, was there not a MOD with this a while back and they banned it.
    So many players dont look atthe minimap at all and this will do nothing to help.
    Surely there are more things that need fixed rather than this.

  26. Miroslav Tordaji

    Our player Base is quite dumb so we need to “streamline” the tech tree… 3 months later:we are reworking/making more complicated ingame comunication system

    • WG translation: we want to see players playing tier 10 as quick as possible after registration and make battles faster 😀 premium account for everyone 😀

  27. Great another thing we really needed, because who cares about balance… overpowered tanks…. EBRs… changes….underpowered tanks….that doesn’t need more attention…

  28. What we want: impose penalty or mute cancerous and/or dead players spam-pinging the minimap

    What they give: provide more options for cancerous and/or players to spam ping

  29. Isn’t Wargaming sick? Listening to the players in case of ranked battles with reward vehicles etc… I think wargaming have corona virus😂

  30. I kinda wish this would affect xp gain in a way, not majorly, but give small bonuses. Like if you’re an arty or TD and someone requests you to fire at a target, you get a bonus. Or if someone thanks you or others things like that. Not anything huge nor decrease the xp gained, but to encourage teamwork, though this might make platoons something to abuse the system.

  31. @DezGamez do you think WG can add a “Lemmingtrain alert” as well if 10+ players mark the same area where they go?

  32. Why add stupid decals for tier 8+ tanks, and this new command / Notification setup, when players really want;

    Object 279E nerf, or at least, make the match maker fair, so that if the enemy team has one, then your team gets one too.

    This also needs to be done for the following tanks as I believe their to much of a game changer; in the right players hands…..

    Lynx 6×6
    Ebr 75 FL-10
    Ebr 90
    SSupe Conqueror

    As all of those tanks are game changers vs other vehicles of the same class when each side doesn’t have an equal tank line up. Anything else is ok I reckon.

    Also Nerf premium ammo shell count to a max of 10 per vehicle, for all Tanks except TD’s which get NO premium shells AT ALL! They already have great penetration and enough shell velocity.

    Also Increase AP shell velocity on every round, for every tank and It’s base pen slightly, or even damage not the pen, to outweigh the need for players to use premium ammo every game vs every tier including vs tier 8 when playing in a tier 10 tank. If not then, Decrease the RNG and give an increased accuracy buff to all guns. People have had enough of RNG and shells hitting the dirt or bouncing off weak spots. Especially When their pen is more than enough to go through it.

    Only time they should bounce is when effective armour is greater than the penetration value of the gun, the vehicle is moving so you miss where you shot at the said weak spot, or finally, the tank is at an angle that shells ricochet off due to the armour thickness and the angle increasing its effective armour to more than your guns penetration value. They SHOULD never bounce or miss because of RNG!!! NEVER! NOT WITH 127% CREWS STATISTICS OR HIGHER. THIS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID. I understand at 50% – 75%, even 90% perhaps. Not 127% and 5/+ crew skills. This is retarded not fun.

    Name me one competitive player / Unicum player / or Purple Wn8 player that has ever said RNG is fun? Or better yet, go ask any young new player do they understand why their shells miss, and if they think it is fun when they do miss, or when they die as free to play player after penning 4 shots in a row just for the last one to miss or bounce because RNG says no kill for you, only death. Also why is it always the last shell???? You seriously allow the first 4 was perfect and penned but RNG kicked in and said no, now you miss, which makes you die and him live? Come on,…..

    One final note as well, Chat should only be allowed with surviving team mates for a maximum of 10 seconds after you die. To give info from Where, and if possible how much hp the player had left. After that let only the dead team mates be able to talk amongst themselves and click the map to the dead bbt the survivors won’t be effected.

  33. World of PINGPINGPINGPING.. 😀

  34. dez congratz on 200k

  35. So yeah, some 40% WR arty clicker will now be able to tell you exactly what you should be doing when you’re nursing critical damage and under fire from OP premiums, as *he* hides in a bush behind a rock on the back line half the map away. Apart from that, it’s okay.

  36. “You suck”
    “No you”
    “You both suck”
    This is literally me and my platoonmates

  37. Any change is good but ppl won’t be happy and won’t like it, yes there’s other stuff to be worked on but that’s another subject.
    Players will still be idiots as a lot of them are, me personally will be looking forward to the update.

  38. SanSanSanSanSanSan

    with all the markers on screen the visual clutter could become a bit too much, rest seems fine. it’s better than right now so anything they do with it can only turn out well though.

  39. This is very nice

  40. As long as it can all be disabled so whining shits can’t be heard, seems ok.

  41. You are 1st to this, Dez. GG!

  42. I just hope they give the option to disable all these new markers. 15 Generals all pinging the map, Ye Gods!
    Dead Generals, for five seconds after they die, can ping the map indicating the direction they were shot from, after that they are locked out of ANY interaction.
    PS> Where’s the, WHO PUT YOU IN CHARGE button?????????

  43. Dont we have fast enough battles? I think this new pinging will provide more quick battles when one team rush one site in the first minute

  44. So I can still tell the griefers to commit die. Good, dood.

  45. I still can’t use chat because of idiots playing music… I really have no desire to hear the mating call of your people when I’m playing WOT

  46. 4:12 it’s ha mog joe ness ly

  47. Is it just me or… do I just see promises made by WG?
    I have stopped playing WoT for some time – roughly a year – in an anticipation of ammo rework/balance overhaul…
    Welp. A year later. Ammo not reworked and balance overhaul squished to “less tanks, but some more new tanks”. The core game is unchanged. Tweaks are minor. Every now and then we see new promise to be cancelled or side-lined by a wannabe quality of life improvement (e.g. new skins,…). I am slowly getting fed up with it.
    This is one another “hey look here, but don’t look there” kind of gimmick.

  48. I miss the good old days of wot where the losing team tells their allies position

  49. Ever played World of Warships ? XD
    There you could see how many people are targeting from the start.

  50. Nice presentation DG, be intering in see how well it will be used.

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