New Battle Pass + New Bounty Equipment in Update 1.8 | World of Tanks Update 1.8 Patch Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Battle Pass 2020, Rewards, Review, How it Works. World of Tanks Bounty Equipment, New 3D Styles, Special COmmanders. World of Tanks Update 1.8 Patch Review, Test Server.

► Update 1.8 Patch Notes:

Today I am going talk about Battle Pass in World of Tanks which is going to be here with update 1.8. I am on the World of Tanks 1.8 Update test server, where I am able to bring you full preview how the system works, what kind of rewards can we expect and some other tips and things.

First Battle Pass 2020 in update 1.8 introduces 2 new styles on OBject 277 and Super Conqueror, special commander, crew book and most importantly, brand new Bounty Equipment.

Let’s take a look!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Free stuff is always free (unless it is improved rewards), but what do YOU think about it?
    Have a nice weekend, beautiful Beasts! 🙂

    • I think it is good that they’re starting to give out more 3D tank styles, as long as they look good of course

    • When will it be released tho?

    • @ChandSlam Eh…good, bad, at least they’re doing it. Not every one they make is going to agree with everyone but at least they’re doing it. People have been asking for these little additions for quite some time so its good seeing them come out. IMHO…

    • im 100% fine with it if they do it like what apex legends has, if you get to max level, it should pay for itself (like buy it with gold, you should get gold at every few levels where once you hit max level, it gives just a little more gold back than what you payed)

    • @dalton barries
      You’re dreaming buddy.

  2. Dez thank you for the test server info. Best CC out there

  3. Don’t like the buying your level option 🙁 it’s should be grindy

  4. as usual amazing info video

  5. A battle pass in wot… wow they will introduce sharks soon

  6. I watched WGs own information video about this… And I didnt feel they actually explained ANYTHING at all. I still have no idea what battlepasses are all about.

    • @janusha, basically you pay money to get the pass. Like 10-20$ typically, then you have set missions to do. Once you do those missions, you progress though the pass leveling up and earning the rewards. (example: for tier 1 rewards you have to do 3 missions.) *missions could be anything (shoot 2 enemy tanks, block 500dmg with armor, kill a total of 10 arty, ect)

    • @Tim Lewis
      But I already have a premium account…. So whats the point in this extra payment.

  7. Hi Dez – have to agree with Jin’s comment below. Here’s another instance of providing the best equipment to either the best or richest players and thus driving a deeper wedge between the top tier players and the majority of the player base (read casual and new players). I’ve had this debate on the NA forums before: the top tier players do not want a skill-based (or possibly an equipment-based) MM, their argument being that only a Random MM is “fair”. But in reality, it’s not “fair” due to the ever-increasing disparity between tech-tree and “special event” equipment. That’s why they have very strict equipment rules in F1 car racing – to attempt to make winning the race as much dependent on driver skill as possible and NOT just that Ferrari or Mercedes spends twice as much cash ON THE CAR as everyone else. I’m sure this new scheme will generate lots of new cash for WG, but I wonder how many “standard” players it will drive away.

  8. Cant wait for this. The amount of tanks I can finally make competitive against green players with this system will be immense

  9. British one for my death star. Even though my crew has just started their third skills I will replace the commander and reset his skills to my preference

  10. Freshwater Spaceman

    Do these new commanders have custom voiced dialogue? You know, something to make them interesting?

  11. Who's got the time?

    Time to say goodbye in WOT. LOL battlepass……

  12. Okay so as usual WG is just doing this for money. Never thought they’d do this “Battle Pass” shit tho. Now it’s gonna be impossible for real Free to Play players to get all of the rewards, whereas until now everyone had the chance to get rewards without paying (other than premium vehicles that you HAVE to buy obviously). I doubt that buying the “Improved Pass” will be cheap, I think it will be like 1000-2500 gold, which, unless you play Clan Wars or other things regularly to get free gold, won’t be achievable. Yes, extra rewards is nice, of course, but this just doesn’t seem like the right way to me. Idk, maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve hated all Battle Passes on all games I’ve played.

  13. As if they needed to grab more money out of people. Make sure you buy the battle pass, skip the grind, buy the premium bundles, and get the premium time. It’s not a game unless you have to pay minimum wage to enjoy it

  14. Idk why people complain. Free stuff is free stuff. Want more pay for it. People will have gold after campaign to sink in. And tbh if you play a game without helping devs with 2-3/beers per month idk why are you playing tbh. If you enjoy a game give something back.

  15. Great. You can now pay a stupid amount of money to get the upgraded equipment, now the game is even more pay to win than it was

  16. Soon we will have Alan Walker tank skins. Look just how successful that was in PUBG Mobile.

  17. Well it’s….something.

  18. Great another money and time-sucking game feature

  19. While the S Conqueror cammo looks ugly, I have only unlocked the S Conqueror but not the Obj 277.
    So want to cry now😭

  20. Season pass and u dont even need to play, just pay

  21. Nice…even more P2W factors that make F2P players cry
    Also RIP players who saved up all their bonds and used it for improved equipment because hell, could have just bought the stuff with gold

  22. WILL WG EVER GET THAT TANK BASED EVENTS RUIN MATCHMAKING IN THIS CASE FOR A FULL FCKN MONTH IN TIER 10??? GET FCKN READY TO GET SHIT ON BY SQs and 277s wtf man… Good idea but leave out that special tanks for extra points BULLSHIT!

  23. Update 1.8: Battle Pass! Buy your way through all events!
    Update 1.9: New type of ammunition – Anti-Tank Guided Missile!
    Update 2.0: You can now join a special premium server for just 59.99$ a month. Your tanks will play by themselves against bots, increasing your rating!

    *SerB laughing from his moon base*

  24. we want some battle bus!

  25. Since we are testing some stuff, could we test climbing too? It had lots of fun before 9.20 released.

  26. Lol more monetization, i hate it

  27. This crap will be the end of WoT for me (i believe for many others). I am talking about “upgrading” equipment. In all mmorpg games i have played upgrading was the key to be competitive, WoT had so much players because there was no difference between a unicorn tank and a noob tank, now there will be, and a significant one. Many will quit because they will not be able to keep up with the upgrades, so do I … You will see in the future game an upgraded Maus with 50% cammo and the 60 TP with 10 rounds/min rate of fire.

  28. So you have 30 battles to complete it all?

  29. So more pay to win. Eventually WG will scare most casuals away. Next, if you pay 1,000 dollars you get a point increase in win rate for a year.

  30. how much cost this battle pass ?

  31. So when is this happening? Where do I see which patch version we r now?

  32. So improved equipment and Bonds are buyable with real money now. Well done wg.

  33. And you know some sealclubbers will fit the improved equipment to their T67….

  34. Disgusting… why they allways give extra ingame adventages for good players? [Faster rammer, faster aim, unbeatable vehicles??] Give all types ammo for free!

  35. True question, how possible it is to complete elite 50 without having to purchase basic at start of the season ?

  36. Last 40 days, then I won’t have any account, they can eat my shit

  37. Finnur Kári Guðnason

    They have the exact same reward system in Magic Arena 🙂

  38. why didnt he try to upgrade the bounty thing again. maybe there is level 3

  39. “Like 100 credits even farting is more expensive than 100 credits in this game” – DEZ 2020

  40. Preparing for 277 shitstorm

  41. I think WG should at the BATTLE ROYAL mode to the battle pass 😀 But it’s nice like this to I think

  42. Guys, did you get your WoT DEZ Commander/ Because i can’t find him anywhere

  43. When a premium account is not enough – buy a f.cking battle pass

  44. Battle pass in WoT …!?? Lol they copy Call of duty now !?? and they give you shity rewards … good job WG , u did it again .. 😂😂👍

  45. Alright ima head out just about mc fuckin had it wg

  46. I’m fine with the skin being pay-walled but I hate how the bounty equipment is, fucking pisses me off.

  47. the battlepass seems to be awful, you only win some credits and some obligations and some awful style as we see on this video, what a shitty battlepass u’ll have to buy omg, i would expect more from WG

  48. I like this battle pass idea, much better game monetization than selling OP premium tanks every month

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