New BEAST-100 Better Than Maus Now? | World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay

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World of Tanks E-100 Buffs / Rework / Rebalance. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object 430U Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. World of Tanks Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020.
► World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/1-10-1/

One of the oldest, the most Legendary tanks in the game, E-100, is finally receiving some love from WG, much like T110E5 and IS-4. They are going to boost the firepower by making the big howitzer a bit faster aiming, but the main buffs go into the first gun, which now is a very solid option. Buffing it’s DPM with increasing the alpha damage and lowering the reload time. On the top of that, it’s main armor weakness, frontal turret armor, will be buffed.

What do you think?


  1. Pin me 😉

  2. First! Finally… 😛 (Nevermind, 5 others were quicker 😀 )

  3. damn u guys are fast

  4. First comment

  5. I’ve stopped playing WOT but I just watch your view to “stay up to date”

  6. Buffed or something

  7. I was actually excited to play with E-100 again, not gonna lie.
    On the test server everyone are shooting premium rounds anyway, but do you think this tank will be The Beast on the live server?
    Have a nice day, my friends! 🙂

  8. Greetings from Venezuela!

    • Hello. Hows things down there? I don’t trust western media to let me know the truth. Anyway, hope all is well friend

  9. First!!!

    Oh wait nobody cares 😉

  10. These sort of buffs to armor make me lose faith the gold ammo rework will ever happen

    • Yea I’ve been thinking this for a while. I stopped playing WoT years ago now but still like to keep up to date. They wouldnt have to go through every old tank, increasing armour all the time, if they just reworked gold ammo. I’ve always thought Higher penetration is fine, but you have to sacrifice damage or dpm as a trade-off. Gold ammo to me is the biggest pay-to-win aspect in WoT. Perhaps they make a lot of money on people firing gold all the time, because if we’re honest, higher tier play without gold ammo is very difficult for some tanks and it costs too much for a F2P player.

    • Yeah I’ve kind of given up as well. It seems now that tanks have to be literally invulnerable in some position to be competitive

    • @Gazza Sloane world of tanks blitz is the test laboratory for wargaming, everything is going really well with the balance system

    • The buff is only to the cheeks. Not to the weakspots. For once you have to aim, suprising right?

    • There’s such power creep, I think they should just decrease every single number in the game by 20%. Everything has 20% less armour, does 20% less damage, and so on. This wouldn’t actually make a difference, except for seeing lower numbers above people’s heads. But now they can introduce more powerful things, if they really want to, without making them do 4,000 damage (for example).

  11. Try driving the E100 in warthunder

  12. finally, a reason to play the tiger 2 again

  13. Maksymilian Łucarz

    not first but early! hi from pole land (poland)


    • Remove is too harsh, what you will do against some op reward tanks then?
      The best idea is to limit gold rounds to 30% of total amount and lower the price to not be automatically negative income

    • Dont cry and maybe spend more credits on ammo. You are the type of player that got 500 wn8 after 40k games and flames the team

    • @Atlas.- gold ammo is problem, it’s one of the reasons why e100 got this buff, it’s armor is useless when everybody is spamming gold in tier 10

  15. Still no pen,
    wargaming just made everything worse because they try that all frontal armor is only penable with gold.
    So wont go back to WOT, once was my favorite game but nowadays its just pay or grind 1-2 games with t8 prem to drive around one t10 match with gold ammo and consumables so youre on eyesight with everyone else.

  16. This tank deserved the love more than anything else in WoT

  17. EVERYONE already fires gold HEAT AT E-100.

  18. lillspratt lolio

    Omg i was your 200k subscriber!!! 😂🤯

  19. I want to play Steel hunter but i can’t download the game because it glitched my cpu ,every time i try to download a wargaming game it goes to 100% load ,and 90 degrees celsius.Wtf.i can’t achieve more than 60 degrees in the most demanding games.

    • Install wg game center and acces to game from it….it helped me,from some reason accesing from game shortcut would make my CPU go to 100%….now when i open game center and click play game loads and works perfectly fine

    • @P The problem is the game center….I can’t install Wot because of it.The cpu goes crazy while installing.

  20. nice , and about 289mm of armor on type 5 turret no one cares

  21. Maus needs buff ffs

  22. Răzvan Partebună

    Why the fuck wg just not nerfed the gold ammo in place to buff E100? Because gold just sh*ted on it

  23. 11:58 Priceless !!

  24. Please try the Tiger I in your next video

  25. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    The E75 is gonna be OP at tier 9. They didn’t need to buff that

  26. Give it +5 mms in next phase

  27. RIP Maus

  28. Problem is everything nowadays needs ot have crazy DPM,penetration while having good mobility and armor….not good way where game is gping

  29. The pain…. And suffering… It’s finally gone

  30. Will be fair if gold shells back to be buy with golds
    Or remove gold shells in ranked battle for sure TT

  31. Dez, the title of the video should be, beast 100, better than 60tp? Cause the new e100 has very very promising stats, with 2 competitive guns

  32. Is-4!!!!!!!!!

  33. 8 years or more of speaking english and you still cant use a normal accent

  34. i got my first t10 tank … never used gold cammo fitted but every tank can spot it … whats the point

  35. 11:12 That happens like every day to me it’s really frustrating

  36. louieuk eu server

  37. i like the lightings of new reworked map and also the upcoming Pearl River map but i hate some maps like new Kharkov,Ensk,Himmelsdorf,new Erlenberg and Mines..i hope wargaming will bring back other old maps also on the game like Komarin,Hidden Valley and Dragon Ridge..

  38. Does anyone use regular ammo anymore?

  39. This is illogic. The 12.8 mm gun on the E 100 is named “12.8cm Kwk.44 L/55” in the game. This gun is also on the Maus, the Maüschen, the VK 45.02 B, and on the E 75. We all know that. But with the E 75 and the E 100, the alpha is 530 while it’s 490 with the VK 45.02 B, the Maüschen and the Maus. So they should also increase the alpha to 530 for these 3 tanks too. Because now, that change make no sense.

  40. 2:12, all those gold rounds….shoot…andd then bounced…on the turret, of…the…e100, i’m crying

  41. El tio joe Comunista

    please do an episode testing the tiger 1 and 2 with their buffs please

  42. Man… these changes wants me to leave WoT but Ive been playing this game for 6 years, same as WT.
    And also E100 is already OP, Maus is’nt.

  43. Now the Pz 7 need some love, i love this tank but he is not very in the meta

  44. Who remembers back in the old days when the maus has 3.2k hp and was way to op they need to bring it back

  45. As a 3 mark e100 driver I will say my thoughts on the buffs
    1: the aim time buff is the best thing about the changes
    2: the Armor buff for the turret is nice, makes angling the turret easier, more importantly they buffed the turret ring to 300 so now you can’t shoot the ring when angling for easy pen
    3: I don’t care for the 128mm buffs, I got the e100 for its high Alfa and heat pen, I would of preferred a dpm buff on the main gun instead

    Overall out of the 3 tier 10s getting buffed the e100s the best changes, the e5 is still a worse sconq except for its heat pen and the is4 is the worst in my opinion because now it can’t aim. I hate it when they force a play style on a tank

  46. im way more interested in the E-75

  47. I wonder if the Maus will be getting the same gun buff as the 128mm. Only time will tell.🤔😁

  48. It bothers me a little that the buffed turret of a super heavy tank is still a bit weaker (or just about the same) as 430U’s nerfed CUPOLA

  49. I thought they wanted to make a spot on F6 for the north spawn to counter the E6 position 🤔

  50. E100 is made for dealing big alpha,also 20mm wont make much of a difference. In my opinion 280mm turret front 200mm turret sides nd 150mm hull sides would make it much better brawler in the current meta

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