New BEST British Tank and It’s T8? | World of Tanks GSOR 1008 Early Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks GSOR 1008, New 8 British Tank Destroyer. World Tank Best British Tank Destroyer GSOR 1008? World Tanks Carro da Combattimento 45t Preview. 1.11+ Patch.

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
01:00 | GSOR 1008 Introduction
02:35 | Official Description from WG
04:05 | Tank Specs (Early Details, Subject to Change)
05:50 | Tank Pictures
07:15 | Early Opinion
08:30 | Drops and Outro

► Information from: WG

Yesterday I showed you our most modern looking tank in World Tanks, The Carro da Combattimento 45t. Today, it is time to take a look at possibly the craziest British tank coming into the game and it is a 8 – The GSOR 1008, tier 8 British Tank Destroyer, which looks anything BUT a tank destroyer, but nevertheless, it looks very interesting!

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about this tank? Looks harmless, but will bite very, very hard! Seems actually kinda OP, but we have to keep in mind all this is still very early details, specs… Will see, but a bit scared! ⛔
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 | Introduction
    01:00 | GSOR 1008 Introduction
    02:35 | Official Description from WG
    04:05 | Tank Specs (Early Details, Subject to Change)
    05:50 | Tank Pictures
    07:15 | Early Opinion
    08:30 | Drops and Outro

  2. Either there is a typo somewhere in the stat sheet, or this is the loot box seller tank of 2020. It’s way too powerful for tier 8.

  3. I’m shocked their gonna add a OP tank that isn’t Russian

  4. It is an actually armored version if the M56 Scorpion i would say.

    Less worries about arty confirmed!

  5. this tank has better turret armor,speed,hitpoints and firepower than my fully researched Pershing…this tank is overpowered

  6. Tier 8 autoloading Scorpion?

  7. If you thought progetto was most OP prem tank in this game, wait untill this thing goes in. If they dont nerf the stats then RIP wot.

  8. Lol, we could never get bored of you, Dez. Although we might get bored of WOT sometimes. That is very surprising that this is a TD given how it looks – lkke a LT or MT.

  9. Wow, more great premium tanks. So what’s next? How about another premium that’s a medium russian tier 8 called Object 274A? Coming up!

  10. Well Dez, on the first look- for me- it is that tier 7 USA td, scorpion but with the roof xD similar lines and yap, it is a td so let’s call it- british scorpion but in tier 8 xD

  11. tvp futur 450 VIII

  12. I don’t care anymore. The first ones to buy are bad players and unicums are rare. It will also get nerfed soon cause it’s not ruski.

  13. Tier VIII tanks begin be much better then the tier X vehicles, tier X is obsolete now. 🙂

  14. Dezgamez: what do you think about this British tank
    Me: ugly

  15. I wonder if it’s going to be a diesel. I’m sure it will be. The power to weight is low, it’s going to be sluggish to get moving. If it was a gas engine, I could mount the 100 octane fuel.

    I’m sure it’s a premium. The UK doesn’t have a premium for it’s turreted TD tree. And the AT 15 isn’t compatible with the crews for the turreted line.

    I’m also would think it’s going to have horrible soft stats for the gun handling. It’s going to be a premium, with awesome hard stats so people will buy it. But then it’s going to be sluggish to move and have terrible bloom when driving and shooting.

  16. Justin justintheman

    1.5 delay what this sounds busted

  17. Cookiemaster Hamburger

    if this is a premium or reward tank then I’m actually gonna be done with this game for atleast a few years.

  18. load gold -> auto aim -> win

  19. Your the best

  20. This looks absolutely amazing… after release MM is going to be absolute trash. Think 3 of these in a platoon dealing 3840 damage in 4.5 seconds with extremely good accuracy. This is ridiculous.

  21. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Damn, that actually looks pretty good. I hate the UK turreted line so I was thinking of retraining my Conway crew to something else but there’s nothing else to put them in, guess I’ll keep them around for this.

  22. Wargaming jokes will never end. If sheeps still blindly pay for them.

    Happy christmas wargaming

  23. That is literally a tier 8 version of the wt auf e100…

  24. this is the new Scorpion 🙂

  25. I just got the Skoda T 50 (T9) and it’s awesome, but God it needs a lot of exp to develop…

  26. Dez: what do you think this vehicle is?
    Me: ugly.

  27. Looks OP af 😀

  28. If it goes into the game like it is, I’m getting it. Damn, that’s nice.

  29. why premium Tanks should be not good? r u jocking. only premium tank must be very good. because u buy it with money. rest tank. u can have it free or.. rly.. i dont unterstand it from. i ll not watch u again..

  30. I can’t see the GSOR 1008 going live with those stats. They are just ridiculous.

  31. I bought Charioteer about two weaks ago.I love the Charioteer.I like the gun 390 alpha with awsome penetration 268mm with awsome velocity, i also like premium HESH shells with 480 alpha and 210 mm of pen. and i like standard HESH too with 105mm of pen. and 480 alpha.DPM not the best but with HESH shells it’s realy awsome.I like the speed,cammo and depresion.But thus GSOR 1008 is looking like it’s going to be flat out better than Charioteer witch is realy sad. I fell in love with that tank but it’s looking like the Charioteer will be forgoten.

    • I only started playing the Charioteer in the last couple of months, but I love this TD too. You don’t have to spam gold to pen the enemy. This is a great free to play tank. Standard HE can surprise you with how reliable it can pen lightly armoured targets. This one is a keeper for sure. 😁

  32. Its a strv-m/42 57 on Tier 8

  33. It looks like a mix between a T69 and M56 scorpion with a TVP T50/51s gun and mobility, it does look a bit overpowered, I hope they nerf the intra clip reload or something if these are close to final stats.

  34. Looks OP definitely gonna be a premium and this way they can say they don’t shite on the British

  35. 4:32 40 SHELLS?!?!?! YES PLEASE

  36. You had the opportunity to make this video 10:08 seconds long…

    *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  37. TVP in tier 8???

  38. I cannot believe this isn’t Russian.

  39. A new T8 WTF E100 enters the arena. The accuracy and premium penetration means you can reliably deal 1200 dmg in 4.5 secs , if this was a T10 it would still be borderline OP for a T8 it is broken.

  40. power creep is here once again.

  41. I doubt this will hit the public with these stats. Too OP by the initial stats.

  42. 1320 damage in 4.5 seconds at tier 8….hellllllo new waffle!

  43. anyone else who sees a t8 TVP 50/51?

  44. It’s British so it’s bound to be nerfed

  45. Looking forward to it.

  46. Wargaming said the British light tanks had battleship guns (and they’re crap) so I could not trust anything they say about this. So we will wait and see what the truth is.

  47. If it is going to be prem then they can not change almost anything of the final product … Ehh i hope this might be a signal for a new tank destroyer tree C:

  48. Can asia player also receive drops?

  49. ijustnailedYR coffln

    time to sell your prog46 now and wait fof the new king

  50. If this isn’t gonna be a premium I wonder if it’ll be a new TD line and manti will get reclasssed with a 183mm gun🧐

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