New BEST Light Tank in World of Tanks?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen was massively buffed in World of Tanks update 1.20 so is it now actually playable even THE BEST?!?



  1. Silvio Sedevchev


  2. Always has been.

  3. Lobstrex's Place


  4. morning qb ;0

  5. fulcrum_spectre8


  6. This is a certified german tank classic

  7. Mathew GTID Rider

    Last time I was this early quickly was talking about mini ecl French light

  8. Flipwagen FTW!

  9. Rika101 Official

    QB suffering to 3mark this RHM is truly amazing to watch.

    Thanks for keep delivering the terrible content we all need in our lives.

  10. 01:20 “A very good sniping tank” and then misses next shot! 🤣

  11. Well I’ll not rush to get this tank, but will try to kill it if I see it lol😂

  12. Nice to see this sick old camo on rhm panzerwagen 🙂

  13. Love this classic camo

  14. “They’ve increased the turret dispersion from .1 to .8, which is twenty percent”

    That doesn’t sound right to me 🤔

  15. Heyyy I’m early. Glad this tank is doing well. Still not my play style but good. Excited to see your video on the Cent AX it’s actually a strong contender now.

  16. Robert Vlasceanu

    Hei QB. Have you tried the “Fix reticle size” mod(by Jak_Atackka found on wgmods /6349)? Once i’ve heard of it and started using it, it feels like a big difference. Maybe you can do some research and present this mod on the channel as it can change the way you play the game. Snap shooting is so much easier, hitting targets is easier. I really don’t know why wargaming is showing us a much bigger reticle than the real one. I cannot post a link to the mod as youtube will delete it.

  17. What equipment is best now?

  18. can’t wait for it to get popular and then get nerfed

  19. havn’t started the video yet, but NO WAY ON EARTH!
    This single tank might bring me back to WoT :’D

  20. Youtube ad sponsored by Team Raptor, sad times

  21. But good sir horse the xm551 doesn’t have good accuracy Americans we Believe accuracy by volume eventually something’s going to hit 🎯

  22. Hey quicky baby you should play the new buffed centurion AX!

  23. Nah, still prefer the Manticore if I want the LT role with damage per shot to back it up.

  24. still a crap light. if you want to do damage just use anything but a light. damage is NOT a light tanks job.

  25. the ripping and the tearing

  26. Nah bro if I see a light go sniping instead of spotting you can be sure he gets 24 reports that game by me and the rest of the platoon

  27. クリームイカ

    “start grinding”

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