NEW Best TD in World of Tanks?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Blackout_Malice is going to show why the Minotauro might be the new best in World of Tanks!



  1. First here

  2. 4th! livin’ the dream..

  3. Großdeutschland-Mapper

    More like the new most boring TD in World of Tanks.

  4. Played a few games, its good hull down frontally, but as soon as you need to relocate or play not hull down then its an easy target.

  5. He said a 530mm gun with 530 dmg per shot lol 2:40

  6. Very boring tnaks to play. As soon as you need to move or do anything that is not hull down then its not very good

  7. just came back to wot since i quit this game three years ago, still love your content. love you qb!

  8. more like new pain to me

  9. Who even still plays this joke of a game.

  10. it doesnt matter tank, if u have 14 other muppets in team…u will loose….in Wot Asia we see a lot of 15-5 ish games n I havnt seen one pools medal in enemy team in 20k games….most games r 3-5 kill that ends in one side snowballing another in 5 min….u can have 3 cheiftain platoon n u will still loose when rest of ur team are 42% n opponent mostly 55%+…also rng fks u if u r supposed to loose…I have hit 300m+ shots in my IS5 in prokhorovka without miss when we r winning n tracked a full sided amx 65t from 50m when we r “supposed to loose”.

    • On Asia server also and yep see all that as well. Miss/bounce fully aimed broadside shots again and again when your team is supposed to lose.

    • that is an interesting as everyone is complaining about the 15-1/2/3 2-3 min matches on EU too.. after playing ranked (it’s literally the same there even when both teams are full with unicums) and learning that you have this problem too on the Asia server I would not be surpised if it would turned out that the rng is rigged like hell and favors 1 side.. I mean it is statistically impossible to get the same results (15-1/2/3 and nothing else) over and over

  11. Hey man, I know the Vipera has a lot of attention. I’m on the CC-67 and I think that thing is really good at tier 8. Check it out when you get a chance.

  12. Ur the best

  13. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    You did great job presenting this,for now this tank is impressive.

  14. can someone please tell me how to fix IS 3 II Right barrel cuz it always glitch my aim on the right barrel please help me if any one know

  15. 2:35 530mm autoloader? Just when you think this thing was already overpowered as hell

  16. Skill said it best; it’s stupid to play with, stupid to play against.

    This is just a shit heavy tank, whilst the Italian heavy is actually more a TD. But yeah, Italians…

  17. This basically reminds me of the Obj 268 Version 4 or whatever when it was introduced. This is basically just another heavy tank to brawl with and RIP heavies

  18. A tornvagn at tier 10, pain to play with and a nightmare to play against.

  19. just another type of heavy tank

  20. Its the best tanks in world of tanks.

  21. cmoon, playing 3 grilles in platoon is prob best way how to lose games

  22. I think I would literally fall asleep playing that thing. Wouldn’t want to play against it with non meta tanks, absolute power creep, so glad I quit the game about 1 year ago

  23. jup, imo E3, v4 and Jgpze still a lot better than this

  24. @Janis Karklins yeah I wouldn’t do it myself, no idea how a tank that accuracy always seems to miss everything, just saying matchmaker shouldn’t match up a 0 armour Grille against an almost impenetrable heavy armour TD, same as when it matches an amx 50b against a kranvan, it’s about time WG ditched the basic light, med, heavy and TD classes for the purposes of matchmaking, it looks like they started alteady by giving tanks support, assault and sniper sub categories, now its just adjusting the matchmaker.

  25. i expect a nerf coming

  26. Looks like WG got what they wanted, a tank that sucks all the gold ammo at tier 10, why does it have better armor then t110e3 and even better mobility??? WG you fucked up. I also took a break from WOT just because i don’t want to play this shit game for the moment after this stupid patch

  27. The wood That could

    How do you get that skin? I need

  28. How did he manage to kill Emil 2? He shoots building??? Wtf

  29. These kind of videos are enjoyable, keep making these please

  30. I love the skin on the Minotauro, reminds me of Damascus steel with the swirly pattern

  31. @Johnny same thing with matchin an ebr with a t100lt especially when the ebr dies within the first 2 mins

  32. How did you get the speed up must have level 9 crew too

  33. 5:30 – aim bot?

  34. Rounds go anywhere wot thinks they should miss gun need a buff but new nerfed TD money waste disposal unit. Thanks wot

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