New Bond Turbo, HE, Battle Pass & Ranked Changes | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Big Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.13 Coming – Battle Pass Season 5 2021, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units and HE Changes. World of Tanks TNH T Vz. 51 CHanges, New Czechoslovakian Tank Tech Tree.

► Information from:
– https://.com/wotclue

This Friday I have some really hot and juicy news for you about upcoming events and the patch 1.13. It seems to be quite a big a massive patch with big changes to the ranked battles, new battle pass season with new equipment units, HE changes and more! Also, taking a quick at another set of changes to the Czech tanks.

Let’s talk about that!

Czechoslovakian Tank Tech Tree:
Tier 7: Vz 44-1
Tier 8: TNH 105/1000
Tier 9: TNH T Vz 51
Tier 10: Vz 55

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– American T110E3, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
– Czechoslovakian TNH T Vz.


  1. 🔴 Keep in mind, as long as it is not officially confirmed by WG, take it with a grain of salt. At the end of the day it is a LEAK and subject to change! 🔴
    Other than that, have an absolutely FANTASTIC WEEKEND!

    • @Jim it would be better to just remove arty completly it has no place in random battles but its not gonna happen since wg doesnt want to refund all those credits and xp and besides dez already covered the arty nerf if im not wrong so what would be the point in covering it again?
      And what do you mean by not getting included in certain missions?

    • @a witcher there’s missions to improve your play meds heavy tds and specifically not spgs. As for not needed in random battles your completely wrong if arty wasn’t there everyone would complain about Hull down tanks or heavily frontal armoured tds arty is necessary more so than fast wheeled French tanks.

    • @Jim well arty is not really necessary, some battles are without them and they are so much better, Arty is so broken class, like when I played 50B and 30 seconds after start when I was crossing from top base to left at mountain pass as every other battle the Arty shot me for 1100HP because the shot landed at engine, this things are many times broken AF.

    • @Jim ebr needs to be removed too and no arty is not needed assuming you dont only play arty you will know that there are arty free battles and no one ever complains on the lack of arty( and those battles usually are the most fun).
      And improve your play missions are really minor besides we dont want more arty in battles(there is a reason people want arty missions removed…)

  2. General Vasily Badaev

    The tokens of S4 will it remain when S5 is out?

  3. Let’s get new arty line from China or completely take it out the game one or the other

  4. Arty has no place in ranked, but limiting to one instead of two is at least something, but there are less players too. In general I’m actually looking forward for the changes, I’ll definitely be playing it even without any rewards.

  5. No changes on lower japanese heavies?

  6. EBR nerf, good news. I just hope they don’t nerf the Sherman Jumbo, and we’re good, so to say.

  7. yvanthe terrible

    at the end what a great news

  8. Cant wait for ULTRA fast EBRs with the new turbo….

  9. Where are all the new maps we were promised with 1.12?

  10. I’m so stoked, I just got the Sheridan, and it really could use a bit of buffing.

  11. They have done some horrible update recently and all shells are dipping, Even close range shots when moving are flying of at random locations, Pathetic lowlife money grabs.

  12. Me : Ebr with 75 HE pen now thats what im talking about!!

    WG : but it can pen spaced armor and object terrain now

    Me : then dont implement spaced armor on the game!

  13. Wilshire the Orange

    I really hope they aren’t making the new czech heavies like the italian heavies. No dpm and not much going for them

  14. As a clan war participant the adding of bond turbocharger worries me because most of top clan going to have fast chieftain and 907… This would change the meta of global map.

  15. improved turbo on t95 turns it into a racing car hopefully 😀

  16. jhvudnsbc fhkdbnvb

    Meh, you have to complete all 3 divisions in ranked… no way i will have enough patience in this cancer mode.

  17. I hope the T-44 gets added to that list, that 122mm can be entertaining

  18. Screw the casual player over even more WG…

  19. social3ngin33rin

    incoming pay2win cancer update

  20. wolfattack402000

    Make the games faster, after all, it’s DOLLARS PER MINUTE that they are concerned with!

  21. Maarten Hartmann

    Bond turbos? Sure why not, to hell with everything.

  22. Full health TVP flipped and died in 5 seconds. Hahah!

  23. 1spg per side per battle been saying this for years. Finally.

  24. Players: Nerf EBR! Remove EBR!
    WG: How about 90kmh MAUS?

  25. EBR will reach 200 km/h soon…

  26. So FV4005 with HE won’t be that good anymore then as will low tier SH Japanese tanks. Also wished they one arty & two lt rules were for random battles too! Not really a ranked player so won’t really be worth playing this coming season since can’t earn any discount. Might be fun to dust off my KV2 with the buff on it. I’m very concerned if any EBR can use this bond compressor &/or fuel filter directive. They don’t need more speed.

  27. WTF don’t they just treat HE the same for ALL vehicles give ANY vehicle that fires HE the chance to stun? So, instead it’s buff the KV2… and nerf all the arty, with NO compensating factors? Yeah, right… good job WG. Bunch of money-grabbing muppets

  28. I like the new game mode better already for RB as it sucked before as it was just an SPG advancement mode. Smaller team size is the way to go and only a maximum of one parasite per game.

  29. Yeah baby, my KV-2 (R) will be buffed…it was unplayable 🤣

  30. Nemanja Stanojlović

    So we gona make some stutututuu sounds bois

  31. Yea let make tanks faster. Now games can end in 2 mins instead of 3. Who cares about equipment fix your game . Mm , wheelies , arty , rng ……

  32. It’s still BS that they didn’t nerf M44 yet

  33. Davor Damjanović

    Kv2 buff not needed but ill take it xD

  34. Wheels and two arty every game completely ruined ranked for heavy tank players. Glad they have reduced arty but there’s still going to be two clown cars and fewer targets for arty. Not convinced it will be any different for players who want to play actual tanks.

  35. Dez, what are you even doing? Turbo on Maus…. 😟🙃🤥

  36. this will improve the game a lote i think

  37. I dont understand what WG is doing right now. whats the point of having a mobility slot? Maybe if they could add +2,5% bonus if you put in in the mobility slot ?

  38. Ranked Battle changes YEEEEEES PLEEEEASE

  39. Bartosz Zieliński

    No changes for pz IV H 🙁

  40. Since it’s update 113 it would be nice from WG to buff Chinese 113 as well

  41. vincent harrietha

    EBR with bond turbo and fuel filter directives is a “do not shoot the messenger” by giving a thumbs down moment

  42. Why don’t they just make an EBR light-speeder edition?

  43. So you have to play ranked if you want the turbo equipment – WG can fck right off…

  44. Don”t care i don’t play this game anymore.

  45. Another great information video Dez, the new equipment sounds good however, I’m not sold on the HE changes as a good thing. I get the impression that WG want these changes & are pretending to listen to player feedback, so I’m expecting the spg changes to be shoved down our throats while not actually fixing the problem.
    You say that playing ranked is the great, I tried & it quickly became obvious that I wasn’t good enough to progress without a lot of grind. I can except that I’m not a great player but if I’m not having fun what is the point.

  46. stoyan atanasov

    what about new tanks in bound shop

  47. Hope they add engine management we going to get Need for speed!!!

  48. jesuse… those 2 piece of eqiupment will make some tanks op… gg wargaming , GG again…

  49. So how fast can the EBR be now?

  50. When he said beautiful people
    I felt that…thx Dez

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