New Bounty Equipment, BERLIN, BP Season 2, Customization! | World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Patch Review

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World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Patch Review – Battle Pass Season 2.0, New Mechanics, New Bounty Equipment, New Berlin, Ranked Battles 2020021. World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Test Server. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

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Let’s take a look at Update 1.9.1’s test server, which comes with a brand new Berlin map, new Bounty equipment units, changes to the customization more!

What do you think about it?


  1. I hope you had one amazing weekend! 🙂
    Btw, final day in the Road to Berlin event, how did you do?

  2. I definitely need the booty rammer for all of my garage sluts. But my opinion is subject to chains 😉

  3. Maybe a more achievable decal…like a big tomato that turns more red every time you throw a battle?

  4. More pay to win.
    Simple as that.

  5. Ive played over 2500 games in my E75 wow more than 5% of all my games played is in E75


    Hey Dez I’m flash687 😉

  7. “This is too easy, make it harder WG” sounds like “I want this reward for myself and only a few others. Bounty equipment “for the masses” is ok, awards not so much?

    • DugThatOutMyself

      It`s not much of an achievement if everyone has it.

    • @DugThatOutMyself I think it would be quite a feat for 95% of players with these requirements already. If someone needs “I’m special” badge – there are mods for that 🙂

  8. “This is too easy make it harder WG” WTH… Really?.. Make my undies Golden so my Big D can go shining dingaling.. WG please make it hard so Im the only one with that shiny dingaling for my dingdong. -is all I was hearing.. Smh

  9. So Bounty optics on the EBR’s, wtf …….. the game will be unplayable……… great job wg

    • lol, you realize bond optics are a thing and you only gain extra 10 view range from bond/upgraded bond optics

  10. landric vautmans

    The East and West bases in the Berlin map, this must be some kind of an easter egg by the developers 🙂

  11. tbh I’m 100% against bounty equipment because a lot of it is straight up pay to win. . . It’s doing what every other F2P game out there does and that’s a huge disappointment to me. Instead of increasing the numbers just give us more content like new maps that are good. We need some larger maps that aren’t just for hull down tanks as well.

  12. Also I played wot for like 6 hours a day on average and it only took me a week to get the bounty rammer. For players better than myself I’m sure it took them even less time than that. So we are talking about a 40ish hour commitment for me for the first one and well that’s not that much to be frank.

  13. Lol its a copy of the Berlin map from warthunder

  14. Dez looking at Berlin on Google Maps the Berlin map actually looks quite alike reality.

  15. Couple hours of trying to get Berlin on CT?

    Jokes on you, I got it in my first battle 🙂

  16. 9:00 – Progressive badges = nothing more than e-peen waving.

  17. Carlos Rodriguez

    Up until a couple of days ago you could buy 20 stages in battle pass, but it looks like they removed that option in a recent patch.

  18. So…BP S2,it will be new tanks with their own unique 3d styles or 277 and s.conq still remain there?

  19. emm War Thunder?

  20. “It is a test server that is super hard to test stuff out” gets me laughing, classic Dez humor as always <3

  21. Great and very informative video. Thanks Dez

  22. marlboro9tibike

    yeah put your decals p2win players. I want to see decals for destroying 1000 vehicles with stock tank. It would be platinum shining and I hope everybody would be suffering EVENLY

  23. If that was on the Berlin map the American P51 Mustang against a Russian IL2 then operation unthinkable would have gone into affect which would put us in a alternative history moment. It would have to be a German ME109 they use to get misidentified with the P51 Mustang a bit.

  24. DEZ : BOUNTY❌ B00TY✔️

  25. I was hearing literally Putin Optics,Putin Rammer
    i hope im not the only one…

  26. Do we know the nations of the second battle pass yet ?

  27. So still nothing about the buffs for is 4 e100 e5?

  28. Im not interested in decals, I want to upgrade my female crew’s booty, make them big and juicy

  29. El tio joe Comunista

    someone knows if the IS-2S have preferential MM because i play many games in it and onyone of it was with tier 9

  30. so with the new Battle Pass season you can pay more to get bounty equipment to win more? Or are they giving them to players who do NOT pay for the season.. I am holding my breath so hard… not

  31. 4:35 that face 😀

  32. Lol Dez you said that you waisted a few hours to get a single battle in berlin when I get it in the second battle

  33. So the “Bounty Equipment” is for pay to win players to outclass the free to play cannon fodder players… again…

  34. If we paid for upgraded rewards in season 1 do we need to pay again?

  35. I’m more interested in knowing that the tanks for the next BP will be, hopefully American and German stuff.

  36. Yet another pointless update, and I am just sitting here waiting for ammo rebalance go live.

  37. Booty rammer…

  38. As an American I am fairly wary of ANYTHING that has the word Progressive in it.
    Politically the word Progressive means Communist
    And lets face it, Communism/Socialism has killed Millions of people.

  39. I dont agre with that badges . 9:55 no its not easy to get ace man . I get 1 ace every few months .

  40. Tangled and Happiness

    12:18 “Play 1000 vehicles in this battle” oh dez. :*

  41. Tangled and Happiness

    16:21 *speaks about plane names*
    Me : what are those alien terms…?

  42. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
    Say no more, say no more.
    I bet she does! I bet she does!

    Anyone else remembered Monthy Python’s during this epizode?

  43. Ranked battles comming in 202021 bloody hell

  44. Jeroen Clysters

    Will they finnaly buf the freaking E100, IS4 and E5??

  45. Interesting changes/improvements?.

  46. Hopefully bounty vert stab will be for free players, but this will not be case i think. 🙁

  47. On those progressive Decals: They are cool.😎 I’d have loved it, had they gone for historical ones on the “total tanks killed” one. The fame is cluttered with fake and odd football and event styles already.

  48. Crazy Russian Gamer

    One of those aces on the KV-2 means a lot.

  49. Do we already know what 3D Designs (if there will be 3D Designs again) will be at the top of the BP?

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