NEW British Heavy Spotted!

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Rizney Martin Soria Padilla

    lost the MEMES but got some info! gj!

  2. Christian Hostetler

    We got FV as top of the tree for NA.

  3. Good 1st post of the upcoming British line. QB will be jealous that you’ve beaten him to the post!

  4. >still no cheiftan

  5. Good info…. Tanks

  6. I’ve been teased with the british heavy change for too long.
    Not gonna believe anything until I actually get my hands on one in my garage.

  7. The FV215 was about the 3rd tier X tank I unlocked – and it remains unpurchased because a) it is a rear mounted turret HT which is a layout that has only ever been used in light tanks and a (very) few mediums, b) it never got off the drawing board, and – and most importantly – c) it is NOT the Chieftain. I can accept the “Super Conqueror” because the standard Conqueror existed – as a true heavy rather than Main Battle Tank – and that the spaced armour upgrade would have been applied if the Chieftain had not made the Conqueror obsolete. I hope they do do the Foch 155/B thing because I will buy the FV215 to get the Super Conqueror, and then sell it when it gets replaced in the tech tree.
    I do hope that the 32pounder the Caernarvon is supposed to be getting is not the one from the Churchill Gun Carriage – it was fun on the CGC but…. er, no!

  8. Loved the vid, as you said a bit rough but you’ll make it work. Maybe a bit more depth is needed, but that is all I can complain, this wasn’t really a good subject for depth anyway. So apart from that great work, keep ’em coming.

  9. I dont usually make content like this…
    But when I do… I WANT it! NOW! 😀

  10. Hey guys I know where the chieftain is in my garage on Xbox One 🙂 lol no seriously I feel for you guys I know it sucks I’m jealous that you have artillery changes and you don’t have to worry about the Waffen Traeger auf E100

  11. Circon this is awesome. If you could do something like this once every other week that would be awesome.

  12. Make more content, man. It’s much better than pure gameplay.
    I really liked you. And you are among first players (with Sam Lockhart or something like that) who told something about new british heavies. Nice, continue with this.
    I see you don’t have experience like DezGamez and Qb but it’s funny, seems different and i like that. 🙂

  13. what about a sonic amx elc bis!!!!!! or a Good gun T32!!!! or maybe a more armored king tiger!!!!!!!! or infantry soldier that get out of your tank and shoot anti tank guns out of bushes while wearing gilli/gillie suits!!!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… just me ok,how about a rework on all tanks then we can release world of tanks 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok all jokes aside just balance all the shit tanks with decent armour and decent guns its all we ask for

  14. btw more of these type of videos are definitely welcomed a series where you pick apart the tanks and how wargaming could balance them out would also be good ?

  15. plane and simple, i like it.
    keep it coming.

  16. Na has the 215b on the top of the tree rite now or what ever it is when you get free stuff when grinding to the 215b so north America has that kind of thing for the british heavy

  17. Love the “rough” style of this. If you’re interested in the update, keep it up! I’m diggin it

  18. As a Conq driver, I hope they dont nuke the DPM like they did to the accuracy of the 30B and 30 Proto. The DPM is what makes the Conq so much fun as a Tier 9 tank.

  19. Great video
    Loved that you mentioned the pool and great timing
    I was just this morning wondering to sell the tier 8

  20. always good to hear info from different perspectives

  21. in case u guys didnt realize ….. the regular tier 9 conq also gets the space armour as far as i know. after all the before / after pic said “Conqueror” above idk

  22. Poor FV215B never got HD or love

  23. Great, another super Pershing

  24. The british heavy line is “On Track” at the moment for NA. A friend told me about this and i immediately started the line. I am still on tier 6, which is really painful. Now that I am taking a break for the night, i see that you made a video about it! I like this sort of video.

  25. More news content across server like this.. Thumbs up..

  26. WAIT WHAT?! All this is, is the Conqueror with its “battle pack” installed which is just added armor…..This is just lazy for a model point for Wot…

  27. Hey Circon, did you hear that Grand Battle isn’t gonna count for gun marks anymore? I guess Wargaming finally listened.

  28. So it’s the british supershing basically wit all the spaced armor I still prefer the super Pershing nothing beats the original ?

  29. #voteMaus!

    The reason for voting the Maus is to troll WG!
    Read the Forumposts and you will get it at the first 2 Pages 🙂

  30. Richard Komendanchik

    Hey Circon, do you sell any tshirts with that logo you have on the bottom right of your videos? I would definitely buy that.

  31. I hope there will be a new line for the brits

  32. Keep it up Circon, you said it’s kinda rough as it is now (the video) but it’ll only improve as you keep doing it. And yes, I believe most of us would like to hear your take on WoT news and issues.

    About the content, gotta love those Circonquerors, however the Super Conqueror name is considered incorrect by some british historians (I think there some talks back in the old Status Report), they said it would be “more” correct to call it Conqueror Mk. 2 or 3, but I guess Super Conqueror has already stuck.

    And while I would not really complain getting the FV215b as a special tank, I also couldn’t care less if it went away as it’s a SerB Design Bureau® Original (even being one the tanks I feel most confortable playing), I doubt the new replacement will play much differently. Also if they keep doing this it will alienate the player base as to whenever WG wants to change some tanks around the tech trees, people will expect to receive the exclusive “Vintage” version of the tank or something like that.

  33. Don’t expect anything for free. When they split the mause line you didn’t even get the new t10 researched.

  34. Nice vid you should do more like this !

  35. Does anyone know why the console gets the chieftain? And not the PC?

  36. Herr Schicklgruber

    So we get a modified Conqueror that has some historical basis, but isn’t a big deal in terms of new content. Still no Chieftain, one of the most prominent and iconic tanks of the last half century, that WoT players have been begging for. What can we have? Japanese superheavys that only existed in the mind of a single mad man, and other made up bullshit that WG devs decide is a good idea after dropping too much LSD.

  37. The T95/Chieftain is a clan wars reward already

  38. So.. what about the FV4201 though? :'(

  39. Super Pershing and Super Conqueror justice league 😛

  40. On NA the fv215b is on track right now, and i got it hue hue

  41. Why the 215B and Conqueror has the same gun depression, -7/+15 degrees is beyond me.
    215B with its rear mounted turret, should theoretically had limitations compared to Conq.
    Maybe Conq could get 1 degree more than 215b, like -8/+15 to make it “realistic” ?
    But then again, “realistic” would mean that the T 100 LT should have 0 degree gun depression, as there is absolutely no space in that turret to depress anything.

  42. the M103 turret roof needs a buff….especially with all the recent turret changes (like the Russian meds…WTF man… doesnt need it, and my first teir 9 was the t-54)

    or give it the option of using the tier lower t32s turret with the t32 gun……t32 turret is SO SO much betterr

    everyone just shoots the 2 foot area that is the top of the turret….

    and if you use your depression to make it smaller and bob around…..they over-match it….

  43. I like this Update SirCircon, I have not seen any info on this Super Conquerer and where else, I am grinding to the FV-215B.

  44. any news on a TIER 8 premium heavy for the brits? maybe AX caravan with better mobility or the REAL LIFE vickers MBT….those are just some possibilities i think

  45. henry kuechenberg

    Have the mark 6 and cheiftain t95 on consoles but we don’t have some that you have

  46. magical pineapple

    I enjoyed this video, it suits people like me who dont have much time to be constantly checking the forums to get info like this.

  47. If they put the chieftain in with anything like it’s really world superiority over Russian meds, this would be the biggest power jump in the game.

    Other than that, it’s great to see some non-Russian, non-fantasy tanks being made more competitive!

    Thanks for the vid

  48. OK you ask one will tell you i do like your crimbo vids when you do is its worth it on the offers of the days before it lands ,but i feel you are one of the best fighters out there in world of tanks . for you to sit and go on about the tanks infor is a waste of your time realy dude. your best out there fighting then going on about what the tank has to offer .what i would like to see more on here is you in shitty tanks and may be take a person thats shit at this and make them better a training vid so to the old stuff when you link up with others and play is great to watch m8y .

  49. Like it WD!!!

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