NEW British Tanks, War Thunder British Tanks Gameplay 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Who what some tea and crumpets?

  2. second!

  3. 6th like

  4. Baron in Australia it is 8:45 am

  5. watched phlys but you’re is so much more entertaining :)

  6. Baron i love your vids man I’ve been watching you for two years now and i
    love all of your videos keep them up :)

  7. Oh shit im early ! Time to make a joke

    British tanks

  8. Do more payday 2

  9. Im here on time for once


  11. god even the firefly was poop lol

  12. Thank god for the fucking British are here, been waiting so god dam long
    for this…. ??????

  13. T obviously stands for Tea. Unlike other nations the british actually used
    Tea instead of Tracer in their shells.

  14. Patch is out ?

  15. side panther armor was not that weak they need to fix it -.-

  16. a13 is 10.99$
    that TD is 17.99$
    sherman FF is 26.99$
    Black prince is almost 40$

  17. I agree we need Frensh tanks in warthunder.

  18. In the beginning you say “you focken wot m8” and I have it on full blast
    and my then my mom yells at me XD. I was like ohhhhh sheeetttttt

  19. The brits are comming

  20. Literally, as soon as I saw this.

    I came.

  21. what about the pt76, can it swim now?

  22. So, the /T in the ammunition types stands for Tracer

  23. holy shit mate

  24. they really add that visibility!!!!!!

  25. Buy non of this shit unless you want to support Gaijins outragous BR
    system. Shame the game is going down the drain as magz phrased it.

  26. I used to be an achilles. then i took an arrow to the heel. Famous
    achillees quote.

  27. Not all British people are English baron

  28. I say this as a Halo fan, never try to do the Halo theme again lol

  29. Achilies! U wot m8! Tea? I have that wit sem feckin crumpets!
    Firefly! wait, m8.. y u on fire? y u fly?
    Cruiser! You no boat.
    Black Prince? Dayum! You royal!…
    before you ask, I am british.

  30. black prancer

  31. PyrotechnicMailman

    The T stands for tracer. For instance, Apfsds-T. I’ve done research on the
    T significance actually, and every reputable source I’ve come across
    signifies it as tracer. Not tandem warhead. Not training. Tracer. Yes I’ve
    had to argue about this before…

  32. Black Prince!!!

  33. Aijalon Cartwright


  34. Black Prince!!!!!!

  35. The T stands for TITS Baron!

  36. Naxx out???

  37. All the British tanks can get killed by a teir 2

  38. Baron, who needs tanks when you can beat the enemy with a cricket bat?

  39. Primarch Alpharius

    T = tracer

  40. sherman firefly

  41. Black prince

  42. Tali Ho British Tanks, ITS MY TIME TO SHINE

  43. Play the Black Prince first!

  44. Take the BlackPrince out first

  45. Firefly please.

  46. Black Prince

  47. hmm…. Sherman Firefly, Achillies would be good, but the M10 is roughly
    the same thing, just with a 3 inch instead of a 17 pounder .-.

  48. Did u guys know that the SABOT round of the 17pdr couldn t hit anything
    over 500 meters?So it would be nice if they included that in the game

  49. play the cruiser first!!

  50. the second beast the sherman firefly (sorry for my bad English i’m french)
    but do it !!

  51. We should have put a 17 pounder in a Jumbo, although US and British started
    making newer tanks by the time the Jumbo came out.. And the Jumbo was a
    tank only used by the US, eh I can dream ;P

  52. Primarch Alpharius

    YES WE WON IT’S NOT 6.7 ANYMORE IT’S A 6.0!!!!!!!

  53. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Isn’t it kinda bs how Firefly is 5.0 BR while the earliest Panther D model
    is 5.7 BR…

  54. the Sherman ff

  55. Play Black Prince first

  56. Black Prince. God save the Queen.

  57. Black Prince!!!!!!!!! Remember to pack the tea before going to battle.

  58. dat intro hahahahaa

  59. Shion “Scarves” Kaito

    let’s get the cruiser first! it’s almost like the BTs

  60. The Prince needs to show his face on the battlefield

  61. when is 1.53 coming out?

  62. I think there going to have to add some off the British armored artillery
    as heaveis

  63. I think there going to have to add some off the British armored artillery
    as heaveis

  64. Did u guys know that the SABOT round of the 17pdr couldn t hit anything
    over 500 meters?So it would be nice if they included that in the game


  66. I for one would like to see the Firefly as a non-premium tank, we all need
    it to be able to have a fighting chance against Stalin’s dream team.

  67. Why dont you bring il2 cliffs of dover or il2 battle of stalingrad?

  68. The black prince!!!!

  69. улиточка диктатор

    the black prince is definitely too slow

  70. Do my eyes deceive me or is there a visibility mechanic in the game
    now?This feels like going further and further into the world of tanks piece
    of crap mechanics…

  71. Play the Sherman FF first plz ;)

  72. That was dev server, right?

  73. “Gameplay”

  74. I wish we had french tanks

  75. Jordan Corner (Superdog117)

    Black prince

  76. hey baron if you could make like a true tanks beginner tutorial and tips
    would be awsome. such as things to look out for and what to go for and
    ect.. thanks..

  77. I love the cruiser tanks

  78. Firefly

  79. Out of all the nations the British make some really cool plane and tank

  80. fap fap fap fap oh. don’t mind me, i’m just fapping ;)

  81. the black prins

  82. the black prince

  83. Play Sherman Firefly and try to pronouce ‘trzyniec’ :D

  84. theyres no french tanks because they suck at war and need the usa help

  85. You got to play “lowrider” when you drive the Black prince. Because you
    know, you drive a little slower(than everyone else)

  86. Seriously, please stop with those missleading video titles. Click baiting
    is low. Sure you could argue that this is “gameplay” but i guess i am not
    the only one who doesnt define an 20 second test drive as gameplay.


  88. play the firefly tank

  89. The Irish Scotsman

    When is the dev server open?

  90. Black Prince :D

  91. Question to BaronVonGamez: Do you think Gaijin should work on Japanese
    tanks next, or should War Thunder Ships take the next priority?

  92. yeah cruser III ! played that tank in w.o.t

  93. why is quaility so low baron its only 380

  94. Иосиф Steelin

    “T” stands for “Tracer”

  95. Mk II

  96. I just noticed, the vampire and venom has moved in the tech tree. And it’s
    kinda sad, because i’ve been playing on my free account, unlocking the
    mosquitos, just to get to the Vampire. But now, i have to research the
    tempests instead…

  97. Sherman firefly

  98. Firefly

  99. Its painful to hear yanks try and do british accents

  100. Black Prince

  101. When is This update?

  102. black prince

  103. request: whe driving british tanks needs to have a stronk british voice
    good sir!

  104. Play the firefly first!

  105. welp, ill be getting the black prince.

  106. Use cruiser first

  107. Jeremy GoneHunting


  108. firefly

  109. I wanna see the FCM F1 in this game. SCREW IT! ADD ALL THE SUPER HEAVY

  110. KV2 STRONK

  111. Black Prince

  112. black Prince

  113. take the firefly

  114. Person who want Black Prince like this commentary

  115. all of then take them all

  116. fireflie pls


  118. Baron please the black prince do the black prince

  119. OMG there is sabot!

  120. Ze firefly, jawohl?

  121. Black prince please

  122. Please sir drive the firefly!!

  123. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    play the firefly first!

  124. Emerald Diaz Mansyur


  125. Black prince 4 sure

  126. A13 Mk.II

  127. Emerald Diaz Mansyur

    The firefly is a good tank

  128. The Achilles is the British Version of the M10 Its exactly the same shape

  129. I pissed my pants with Plhy video baron you are second

  130. black prince

  131. Too late to change my pants after that first shot in the start of the video
    right before your warning.

    I need your address so i can now forward you a cleaning bill.

    Also do you hope for the 165mm Derp Churchill?

  132. dosent the “T” in a round stand for traces?

  133. I think I jizzed in my pants…

  134. Why my warthunder can’t update to 1.53

  135. No, OP-2 is da best plane evar! (Swordfish in close second)

  136. “Shot Mk.8 with some pretty decent penetration.” 171mm of
    penetration=pretty decent to baron

  137. ‘this is the fool who thought he killed Achilles .. you will wonder the
    underworld blind, deaf and dumb and everyone will laugh saying this is the
    fool who thought he killed achilles”


  138. Where the hell is HESH!?

  139. Baron really needs to visit the Uk some time, he would love the military

  140. when does the patch come out?

  141. black prince

  142. FIREFLY

  143. Firefly plox?!?!?!

  144. sherman firefly

  145. i think the Congqeuror will be the tier 5^^

    (i hope i wrote “Conqueror” correct^^)

  146. All 4 r in one bundle, like when the the American tanks came out, u could
    buy a bundle of tanks

  147. Firefly please

  148. the black prince has to be played first

  149. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)


  150. oh go on then, Black Prince…you know you want to :)

  151. Black Prince!!!!

    for caps

  153. Black prince

  154. baron pls tell me what you use to record war thunder!!!!

  155. I honestly think baron gets a boner from the tanks

  156. Black prince

  157. Btw I’m juggernaut750

  158. Ok baron

  159. A Sherman that can actually hurt German cats! I also love the look of
    British heavy tanks.

  160. british and americans tanks are shit

  161. DeadFrontierBySeba17

    Black Prince vs IS-2? One hit… boom your dead.

  162. black prince man

  163. black prince man

  164. black prince all the way

  165. firefly all the way

  166. Firefly then Blackprince the Achilles then a13

  167. I needed to change my pants. Twice.

  168. LUUL! Phly did that exact same thing to the Panther D in the Churchill wen
    he shot both of deez traks!

  169. firefly

  170. Black Prince


  172. GJ’s logic: no explosive filler=no kill. Good luck, British tankers

  173. do the black prince baron!!! and we need a stronk british accent as LK said

  174. how do u update warthunder

  175. 9:28 They won’t add in French tanks unless they made them british premium
    tier 1s. Same with Japanese tanks they were just too awful in real life

  176. BS!!!!!! BS!! REALLY!?!?

  177. black prince br of 6.0, only 152mm of turrent armor, this thing is going to
    be eaten alive.

  178. Fireflies did get the APDS rounds (rather more common after 1944) but of
    course they’d be rather strong at that BR. The BP Is I think going to be
    penned mercilessly, durability could be an issue.

  179. F-f-f-Firefly first!

  180. firefly is a must

  181. know all we need is amphibious tanks

  182. Obviously start at tier 1. No need to go overboard… Yet.

  183. les français nont pas de char a par le Renault ft ww1 ou pas on les a
    jamais vue les char fr de la seconde guerre mondiale

  184. African Prince

  185. Play the Prince!! It’s really good in WoT with strong armor

  186. Firefly first. O7

  187. The slow hunk of armor, The Black Prince!

  188. Baron, I want to love you…but there’s something between us.
    It’s…it’s…it’s the accent. The British accent. It hurts me :'(
    Haha but seriously as stupid as it sounds it took me a veryyyyy long time
    to sub to you because you constantly doing that accent is like nails down a
    chalk board >< It's the internet, i can voice my opinion, so there you go 😉 I love the content, it's just that ikkle likkle bit.... ^^ P.S. Can we actually see the Cruiser a13? With that jammy little gun :3

  189. I used to love the Valentine in wot

  190. Definitely the Sherman firefly

  191. why there is no british tank or japanese tank on my war thunder??

  192. The black prince

  193. Black prince with its sexy orgasmic engine sound

  194. A13!!!!!!

  195. robert carl dunlap

    Achilles or Firefly

  196. Thegamingberry Jack


  197. Play firefly God save the queen

  198. I can’t even update the thing because I am getting a yuplay/err_yup_error
    when I try to load the game on Mac.

  199. black prince for me

  200. Save the queen in the black prince

  201. should have recorded some test shots to the front armor of different
    targets on the test drive range

  202. Hey baron I have been trying to up my game in warthunder and I’ve watched
    tutorials on how to get better, but none of them have worked if you could
    help me that would be fantastic.

  203. FIREFLY

  204. Black Prince

  205. Ze black price

  206. blackprince

  207. Since you like the eet!

  208. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    At 1,7 BR the A13MkIV MkII can and will face HEAT rounds from anything with
    a short 75mm gun. (Pzkpfw IV ausf FI, F2, SU76M, Pzkpfw IV ausf C and E…)

  209. Would be very interesting if they would put modern tanks in this game.
    Maybe up to early 90’s Gulf War stuff? I think one M1 Abrams would kill
    everything one shot easily!

  210. the A13 with the 2 pounder would play myself if it was me .

  211. T=traser

  212. the black prince

  213. Smashed On Buxton Mate

    Firefly cuz FURY ( movie ) pretymutch the same but

  214. play ze cruiser first

  215. all we.need now is the fv215b (183)

  216. Cool gameplay and nice tanks but does anyone knows what is happening or why
    it is happening when I use artillery fire sometimes it shows friendly
    aircraft destroyed? There was not even 1 plane there too tho

  217. Genevieve Christie


  218. Popinphresh William


  219. Charlie bit my black prince…lol

  220. The firefly

  221. defiantly pull out that firefly baron.

  222. I would like to see how the churchill plays.

  223. the black prince and show Jerry what what. Old chap

  224. Firefly!!!!! Show them Tigers the old tea power!!!

  225. A13-mk2

  226. play firefly.

  227. Sebonotik Insertnamehere

    Guys! They will also show explosive type and explosive mass!

  228. Geometry Dash Palomo

    Is dis Dev Server???

  229. @BaronvonGamez there is a new sound for the m60’s gun can you try it out
    next dev server ?. BTW firefly

  230. Use the prince plz

  231. Firefly first!!!

  232. black prince

  233. Please release the full British tree soon!

  234. Firefly

  235. firefly please or black prince with sabot

  236. Can you do some planes

  237. firefly

  238. Play the firefly first plea ????

  239. Firefly!!

  240. why i don´t can loade the 1.53 in germany ??????????????

  241. The black Prince pls!!!!

  242. Black Prince!!!

  243. davidvansnippenberg

    black prince

  244. Plz a12 Mkll

  245. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft

    Play the super op black prince!

  246. black prince

  247. must see the Black Prince in action:-)

  248. Black Prince ftw

  249. Play the (mighty) Black Prince

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