NEW Buffed AMX M4 54 is a BEAST! | World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch

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of AMX M4 mle 54 Buffed, Tier Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch Test Server Review – Tank Destroyers, New Map Outpost, Kranvagn and AMX M4 Mle 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch.

Update 1.18 Patch Test Srver notes:

I was looking forward testing out this tank on the test server

What do you think?


  1. I love your content keep the good work rolin.

  2. Alexander The Great

    From the stats AMX has worse dispersion than Conq. Even if they have the same number on paper, but it depends on your maximum speed, the slower tank will be more accurate.

  3. And there a bug in sniper mode gun move itself up and down in this patch 1.18

  4. Wont get i ,, but for sure, i respect it more,! ,

  5. Just a good balanced tank with weak spots on the turret. WG! Make weak spots on turrets! Not like pigeon crapped on Minotauro or Kranvagn. Real visible coppolas.

  6. meanwhile Type 5 heavy commit seppuku in the corner

  7. Loved the HP and 130 mm buffs but i have to disagree with you when you said 2 gun rammers were added, the side armor buff is pointless to me as he shows later in the first battle side scraping in this tank not a good play since of its 2 plates on the side of its front armor the Mobility nerf will make it harder for 1 on 1 if they try to circle you

    • Positive waves dude…..

    • @shotgunshawzy well ive played that tank enough to know what its good at and not good at of course this is just my opinion

    • At least HE shells won’t go through

    • @Alex Steel I have the tier IX and i am a GOD in that, if you cant translate that to the tier X after this buff your technical performance has some serious issues needing sorted out.

      edit: use a Turbo on the tier X after buff and only sidescrape v lower tiers, problem solved.

  8. Lance Corporal Rookie

    Console is getting the 10 clip bulldog, maybe pc will get it back

  9. It really feel’s like a beast. Managed to hold in place a Minotauro and kill it without gold on Overlord

  10. still think the armor and new premium pen is still a bit weak to compete

  11. For me thanks like these are unplayable. Armor profile makes zero sense. THose sholder plates… what an idiotic design. U angle ure tank and every one gonna pen u…

  12. Biketime with Dez #3 when

  13. honestly if this balance change will stay as it is i may start to grind it now

  14. 3:36 Tell me you never play in the NA server without telling that you never play in the NA server =P. (lol). Great video =)

  15. CC playing speshul acc on a test server and all the shots went where he aimed.
    What a surprise.

  16. LOVING this new buff.

  17. when is na east getting the 1.18 patch notes

  18. Денис Канов

    this thing hit minotauro’s cuppola, while he is above me, high rolled for 600+, killed him and when fireing i was moving back and foward and also turning on sand river
    (he was F1 and i was B1)

  19. Wargaming Destroyer

    Pff not a beast.. they can pen you around the gun with gold, its 300mm.

  20. Yea i just wanna get the amx 50 B buffed

  21. I would like to know how work with AMX 65t

  22. Why did they nerfed the small gun ?

  23. When is-7 will have a better premium pen?

  24. These bugs need to be reduced, easy to good for a non-Russian biased tank. Whole game is turning into a homogenous steaming pile of excrement.

  25. Has the MM system been improved yet? No more 1-15 games all night long? No? Ok F*** WG. Not redownloading this Sh!t game.

  26. Not realy enough in my opinion. This tank should have better gun mantlet and cheek armour at the hull as well. It is going to be interesting but problem is tier IX tank is still going to be a lot better tier per tier. Same turret armour, almost the same hull, same mobility, same pen, similar gun handling, only DPM and alpha is a big step up

  27. Omg I’m so hype. I’ve waited too long! Its a fucking Bully already and now a can bully people a little more.

  28. this tank laughs at the pz7 with all the buffs it got

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Meanwhile the Vk 30.01 P to the Panzer 7 line: *sniffs* ….

  30. Damn if I start playing wot again I got to grind amx m4 54. It’s looking rly good now.

  31. play leo 1 so it doesnt matter what ammo enemy uses 😀

  32. object 430U Has .38 accuracy and poor gun handling compared to this 130mm heavy tank. despite having a smaller platform comparable mobility AND worse gunhandling over all. wack. :l they need to rebuff my 430. i have so much fun when i manage to do well but its such a horribly inaccurate gun its like fighting the ocean with a stick.

  33. how the fuck did you kill ebr cmon man like did you know where is the edge

  34. este juego es una reverenda mierda

  35. A Gene Richero Production

    give the 120mm another look. aim time drops the 1.73, turret disperse to 0.08 and better ammunition it is the clear winner for snapping. PS this is a front scraper you were side scraping a fair bit and its not good for side with slanted pieces joining the front and side armour

  36. Are you sure the rocking wasn’t because as you put the brakes on, the nose dipped?

  37. As I got the T9 (feels like) years ago I finally will buy the T10. Thanks for the awesome vid Dez!

  38. IS-7 still need gold pen buff….

  39. I never knew I wanted this tank, now seeing that tank in action, well it means a new grind. Love your videos, thanks

  40. Date realise update 1.18 ???????

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