NEW BZ-75, META or BETA? | World of Tanks BZ-75, Tier 10 Rocket Booster Tank

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Source: DezGamez

BZ-75, New Tier 10 Chinese Jet Booster Heavy . World of Tanks Update 1.19.1 Test Server – New Chinese Jet Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree – Tier 10 BZ-75, Tier 9 BZ-68, Tier 8 BZ-166, Tier 7 BZ-58.

gameplay with the newest tier 10 heavy tank BZ-75, tier 10 jet booster heavy tank in World of Tanks.

What do you think?


  1. So, hugely well armoured heavies that are faster than mediums. Congratulations Wargaming.

    • Пламен Янков

      bro just compare this with T110E5 for example its crazy haha same lvl 10 same role heavys and the difference in everything is so huge is unreal what the point of playing other tanks …

    • With 3 horrible and medium sized weak spot on turret, none of those can be hid even on hull down and every tier 8 tank can pen it. Imo this tank playstyle wise could be like the Vz. 55. A follow up gun on the front line.

  2. WG lost their mind. They should now mix Blitz with WOT this is the same shit game. I’m out.

  3. How are slow normal heavies gonna compete with this ? These tanks will arrive to key positions and have early map control every time. Mediums also seem to become more and more obsolete

  4. man.. These Goofball tanks.. Game is getting Less fun.

  5. Definitely rocket boosters not jet boosters lol wargaming change that word!

  6. That obj430U gun elevation was just awesome… i was like no way there is a player who pays that much attention… it was a small detail, but like the best wot moment i’ve seen in a while…

  7. i disapointed by the fact they remove the derp guns at least in the test server, a gun with 1600 alfa souns brutal but if it only have 75 penetration then it will only penetrate some hoes, its not the same like the FV4005 that thing hits hard with less recharge time than 30s and whith more acuracy and penetration, why then they remove the derp guns??????

  8. Nothing special about these tanks…tier ten has more weak spots on its turret than a leaky Dyke….only thing going for it is rocket boost and gun depression..Tier 8 Prem the best this line gets….at best this line is a tits and giggles line….still an improvement on the aweful Yoh tanks and Mega Boring Italian Tds.

  9. Wg has messed up completely I wanted the big a…. naval gun not these one.

  10. This game became a joke.

  11. Not even WW II era, its more like 40’s to 70s except for American tanks.

  12. Cant wait till you do a ramming build

  13. WOT thech tree needs new tiers for some tanks Tier 11 and Tier 12. With their own matchmaking.

  14. It’s funny that u guys community contributors slap turbo on every tank and than complain the gun is derpy :))

  15. IF they are insistent on making faster tanks, I think the best option for them would be to make maps larger and give a few of the super heavy tanks a small speed boost

  16. Downvote for putting musk on the thumbnail. He doesn’t need to be everywhere.

  17. any info when they appear into game?

  18. Gun sound gr8

  19. Where is 1600 DAMAGE DERP ??? WTF This tier X shit is worse than Tier 8 Premium

  20. This tank is a big disappointment! Three weak spots across the entire turret top. It’s even worse the BZ-176. Will get farmed easily.

  21. WoT is more and more becoming a Halloween event all year long. Absolutely stupid.

  22. I can’t wait ’til WG nerf the tanks on this tech tree line, but insist that Tier 8, premium, scumbag tank is “working as intended”. They really need to move it to Tier 9, or fix the MM, because that P2W piece of shit should not be meeting Tier 6s.
    On another note: Shows you how just how bad the power-creep is, when 258pen is considered low…..

  23. But u don.t see the jet flames…not real at all….

  24. These tanks are Dez-custing

  25. Give us Maus with rocket booster ….

  26. Since WG is playing imaginary, when is the e50m getting rocket boosters?

  27. BZ 176 is the only tank in my garage with the goldround on my 1 key lol.

  28. This is the point where I am stopping to play the game.
    Just silly what it has become.

  29. The only acceptable change to the artillery is removing it from the game.

  30. thank you so much for the Leopard 2a6 opening, I needed that in life so much

  31. trash game cheater

  32. Is Common Test active now does anybody know?

  33. Where is gun of doom

  34. What happened to the big gun? I was looking forward to using it 🙁

  35. Bond Vents and Bond rammer gave the gun a really nice feel with .33 acc and Aux saftey is worth the loss to save fuel tank imo

  36. It seems like a fairly strong tank even without the jet boosters. I think if they gave it only 3 boosts (so you wouldn’t be completely reliant on it and actually had to think when to use them) and made some tweaks to the tank itself so it isn’t OP af, I think it could be a strong and fun tank/line.

  37. If heavies are faster then Mediums, something went wrong in the Game Design or the Ballancing Department…

  38. Cristian Nicolae Marin

    I can get the BZ-176 in common test?

  39. That Gun elevation moment from the 430u was beautiful.

  40. There’s an easy way to balance that tank : make it impossible to shot while rocket boosting and add a 5s delay before and after the boost finish to be able to shot again. Like 2 barrels that have to prepare to shot both at the same time

  41. That turret front looks like it could be a shot trap. Is it actually possible to bounce the shot from lower part of that beak into the hull roof?

  42. ah a Leopard 2 style tank before a Leopard 1A3

  43. I hope they will end soon

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