New Caliban’s Copy GONSALO, Free Gift Tank, Banned Players and More | World of Tanks 1.7+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Consalo, New Tier 8 British . World of Tanks Free 12th Anniversary Gift Tank M38. World of Tanks Object 259A Shock and Banned Cheaters/Players. World of Tanks Update 1.17+ Patch .

Battle played by: Prinoot

Today I am back with another news episode showcasing couple new tanks coming to World of Tanks, including Calibans copy Consalo, free anniversary gift tank Lago M38, Object 259A Shock and more!

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about all of this covered in today’s video? 🙂
    Have a good one and stay tuned for more content!

    • Nice vid,its a interesting tank,the gun reminds me the of the conway,i hope it get into the game and i think they maybe will buff the aim and dispershion,i know its a copy paste tank but…its interesting i think.

    • what a great round in your Caliban, my Caliban miss fully aimed shots at tanks 25 meters away 🙂

    • Gonzalo & Shock are for Halloween event, don’t u think so? In previous Halloween events WG also provided a bit modified tech tree/premium tanks with imaginary names like these. For example Centurion 7/1 = Cerberus.

    • This was actually played by Prinoot.

  2. another tank nobody asked for……

  3. money money money no need funny

  4. when you showed us the free lago tank, you showed us 2 different tanks one with a main gun and one without. xD

  5. wtf is wargaming doing

  6. Consalo lol

  7. That laughing meme will never die

  8. They could have just given it a separate gun but wg is too greedy

  9. Greedy much? ffs WG

  10. It’s like woke culture, they want you to 100% depend on them and not yourself – RNG dependent 100%. They decide what happens, not you, it does not matter what you do. You will hit, pen, do damage, win or lose, based on WG algorithm decision. Oh wait, it’s already like that… hmm….

  11. You didnt mention the hash rounds in this tank. It has 219mm pen and 530 alpha dmg i guess

  12. With this rate in some years 490 alpha would be normal for t8 premium tank

  13. Still waiting for the release of t55 with 105mm.

  14. Why not just make the Caiban the first premium tank with a interchangeable gun, why another tank with a different name

  15. That Lago must be a clockwork tank, I can see the wind up key at the top on the back of the turret.

  16. They have no control over illegal mods

    the fact that they hide player accounts who have ruined the game for others tells me that it’s complete BS. On my clans Discord a random account posted an image of the 114SP and them using illegal mods. They went on to say they are members of RDDT and have been in other top clans and that other top players use these mods. They can fix the illegal mods by banning mods. They should do that and use EAC.

  17. extreme CTR + c and CTR + V – and New tank is comin XD

  18. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    WG sure thought hard what to do with this one…just change the gun caliber lol.

  19. this aint bringing me back to the game bois

  20. It will be in Christmas boxes.
    Failed game badly

  21. i can’t believe WOT is really going to add another t8 Russian premium tank. Its a waste of time, for them and us….. NO one wants another russian hvy anything… .there are so many nations that dont have any premiums worth talking about. you would think they would add a few more to the lines that have none. As they say, you can’t fix stupid. So, expect this kind of clown thinking from War Gaming, because it dont look like its ever gong to stop. Ans as far as the player base goes….. WG does not care at all…. they just want our money, not our opinion.

  22. wg need only money from us…or we soo stupid to not know !!

  23. They dont even try to hide it anymore, maximum profit on minimum work. I dont get it, why people still buy everything they release. For me WOT at the moment is a realy worse game experience.

  24. WG gift are like getting used socks at XMAs! great video info! i’d rather have the new heavy than the Caliban!

  25. Tbh id rather have a cool 3d skin for my anniversary gift.

  26. what is the music you use at the very end of the video?

  27. Ofcourse size matter Dez:):)

  28. Edit:Massive ban wawe….just delete Mod folder in game:):)

  29. if they make the gun to 0.36 I think I’ll like it, the armor for me is more than enough

  30. I remember being Hyped about t34; that Thing Had 400 Alpha, what a beast!

  31. The whole deal with the caliban was that its shit, but fun to play, so when they remove the meme gun (thats not even that memey since they nerfed HE), all thats left is gonna be shit. A boring ass mediocre tank.

  32. All Things Korian

    WG gift tanks are always crap. Rather than giving a decent gift tank to the community. As usual they would rather milk the living hell outta everyone for as much $$$ as possible by producing another useless premium.

  33. The peak of WG laziness!

  34. this reminds me of the time WG said “you can not own 2 identical tanks” in the backgrounds a youtuber “only if you paint it black”

  35. so its basically the caliban but with the fun removed? ok ill pass lol

  36. Piotr Montgomery TV

    Fun Fact WG is taking the names for this tanks from the Book called “The Tempest”.

  37. why not just patch a second gun in for caliban

  38. Still waiting on WG to lower the RNG stats.

  39. This game sterted to be 1 shot goodbye back garage chose anoter tank go ! Is this pubg ?

  40. Onestly after reading the name I tought they were going to put in game spain, portugal or a south american nation

  41. Alexander Schmidt

    later this year we don’t see new 3D skins … no no no … we see the old premiums with new 3d skins for the full price 😉

  42. Alexander Schmidt

    extra garage slot? I have 100 without buying them since 2015 (and 250 Tanks)

  43. WG need to stop giving out free tier 3 and 2 tanks. . They should give away tier 6 to stop the low tier matchmaker being full of people with thousands of games playing low tier tanks and get them u a tier or 2. . I do it myself, I get Mt x2 for a win with a crew them put them into every premium and get their x2 in there also, due to all the fee low tier tanks I’m playing about 1/4 of my games at tier 5 or below.

  44. Oh great another one of these rng shitters

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