New Chieftain Proto Spotted LIVE! Broken or Trash? | World of Tanks 1.18+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of FV4201 Proto (Tier 9 Chieftain) Spotted on Live . World of Tanks Chieftain Proto, New Tier 9 British Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch .

Thank you very much to Sampyla, who spotted the FV4201 Chieftain Proto, upcoming tier 9 British heavy tank. Is it a reward tank, a premium tank or something else?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Let me know what you think about those “spotted” type of videos, looking at vehicles which are not in the game yet… would like to see more in the future? If yes and have something to share, then feel free to do that over at
    Have an absolutely fantastic day!

  2. Evildarke Evildark

    idk to be honest i have the concept 1 but the gun feels soo damm bad its not even funy ? might be only me?

  3. Chieftain Proto not in the NA game client yet, that I can see.

  4. i saw chief a month ago , they must brought it again

  5. If they sell this tank will be prob be balanced since they stopped releasing broken shit for backlash reasons but will make them a crap ton of money because is a chieftain …….. lets see how it goes.

  6. Big thumbs up on these ‘spotted’ vids Dez, as it gives us some foreshadowing and a clue as to whether it might be worth it (coughs in 780). That said, nobody wants another overpowered Chieftain but I have to say this one looks pretty weak — the armor profile, imo, needs a bit of a plus-up by WG before it is released, and the mobility could stand some buffing as well (perhaps to 42 kmh). Again, not advocating for an OP tier 9, but I don’t think tier 7’s should be able to easily pen a tier 9 heavy frontally. Is that a high standard? I don’t think so. Keep kicking ass Dez!

  7. I really like these vids. I would like to see more of these.

  8. Gavin janavar deric

    It’s thier in with blitz as tier 8 premium tank

  9. Hope it’s a Marathon reward and not a SHOP resources sink like the 780 is…
    Always Great to get a Heads Up on this umm game lol ty Dez

  10. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Destroyed Obj 780 and Cobra today, playing my Jagdpanther 2. Finished my first chapter of the Battle Pass.

  11. Chieftani in every Tier and only pro’s get! And this killing the game.

  12. On Console this is the Valour/T95E6/F4201, Tier 10 prem/earn op. It’s annoying but has weaknesses. It’s been out for 2 years or so.

  13. OK get your cash ready, but wait first we need to nerf the last tank you bought. lol

  14. Met one last week. It is OP, has the same god tier turret with no weakspots.

  15. I heard it is this year’s summer marathon tank

  16. Dez… That’s why you are my favorite WoT youtuber… your content is always interesting… and Fun of course… !!!

  17. Soon enough: tier 8 premium Chieftain

  18. Yeah, i have seen it before.

  19. The main selling point is its a Chieftain. it could be trash WG knows people would flock to it. The tank is actually not Broken op… but do we really need 1 of these on every team? bleh ….

  20. I spotted this tank around the 15.6. for the first time on malinovka, was the first guy to die. LOL

  21. I saw one today i thought its already in game

  22. As a matter of fact i encountered chieftain p about 2 weeks ago but i thought it was already in game just some sort of lower tier chiefs like we have in tier 8 so I wasn’t really surprised

  23. Kinda looks like tier9 tornvagn but lil better

  24. Hopefully its a tech tree so we can finally get the tierX chieftain

  25. This is important Dez, i saw a lot of chiefs proto in randoms, but also meet one tie 8 soviet heavy, one brand new and its called: Udarnyi and i noticed that he is game files and you can compere it to other tanks, btw i like this kind of vids, keep doing it in future, pease

  26. The tier 9 should have been tier10 clan wars reward vehicle. Ezz fix. Just buff Dpm, HP, mabye hullarmor and pen but give OP chieftan the same weakspot.

  27. I talked to a Supertester who played the tank in a match few weeks ago. He said it’s pretty bad and conquerer is better. I kinda believe him because he wasn’t actually a bad player

  28. If they leave it as is, and make it a tier 8, then I am interested. If they make it another meh.. tier 9, they can keep it.
    I will wait for a real chieftain.

  29. Dez,what is the new gamemode “FUN RANDOM” in 1.17.1?

  30. I have seen TS-54 Heavy american T8 on Pilsen one day, he was on the enemy team and i killed him as well

  31. Roland Yancy Dorol

    maybe the premium tank of Battlepass

  32. sorry too confusing for me lol

  33. If you turned off dmg notifications etc in Settings, that would have have made the replay less distracting, no?

  34. If they will sell at Assembly shop . Fuck it . I wont believe wargamings scam projects again …

  35. Betting it is a reward tank from the recently-announced global map event going 25 Jul – 7 Aug

  36. It’s nice to have a “Heads Up” about what may be coming down the WOT’s pipeline. I do not see a reason to trade in my Tier 9 Conqueror for this Tier 9 Chieftain, except for its turret armor, of course. I wonder if all these Auto Loading/Heavy Armored/Hull Down tanks may be killing this game ? The game is very unbalanced right now. And how would WOT’s NERF these MONSTERS ???

  37. Illbegoodinthefuture

    This tank looks so bad on paper I would most likely skip it.

  38. Wot just keeps adding same old shit
    Fuck this game. 45 days wait to get acc deleted was worth it. Fuck this game

  39. Love this series of video. It keeps me in the loop of upcoming tanks. Thanks Dez

  40. Are they making chieftain HT line?

  41. They should have added it to the tech tree with the tier 10 being the Chieftain Mk VI.

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