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World of Tanks just announced a new tree of Chinese heavy tanks including the BZ-58, BZ-166, BZ-68, BZ-75 and premium BZ-176! They're going to be the new ALPHA LORDS of WoT here's all we know!



  1. Does having rocket fuel onboard make them easy to set on fire? it flaming well should

  2. Maybe wargaming should put time into improving the current tech tree instead of adding a pointless mechanic nobody asked for.

  3. The one thing I would like to see in the game is that the machine guns that are mounted on top turrets were active. Fixed guns that fire when you are reloading shell, that would be cool.

  4. Looks like middle front plate is 240mm, upper is more like 100mm but nicely slopped… this tank is going to be ridge line monster..

  5. I wonder when will WG add a yugoslavia tech tree, l know that a lot of those tanks will be “ripoffs” from rusians l guess but stillthats kinda the same with china and russia, just my though dont take it personally

  6. So looks like another tank (or even entire tank line) thats basically useles without gold ammo, and which most likely won’t realy have any weakspots frontally… yay, i am so hyped…

  7. 3:29 so what you’re saying is china have already developed jet powered all terrain tank all this time?

  8. Well, the booster has been tried and tested in different game modes over the years… I think it’s a somewhat interesting idea. I am yet to see a tonk with all the special abilities stuffed in it (wheeled siege mode reverse autoreloader with boost etc etc why not? )

  9. I know WoT has taken more of an arcade style game play with less focus on realism. Dual barrel guns, fake tanks, etc. But this mechanic seems rather goofy

  10. I have more tanks than I can ever hope to play already and I haven’t even researched a whole bunch of lines yet. I think WG need to shift their focus to more map development and other ways of creating variety in the game.

  11. That boost looks so goofy.

  12. After the second time I’ve watched this promo, I’ve noticed that the thrust “impact” of engaging the rockets rocks the tank in the wrong direction. The thrust is above the center of gravity of the tank so it should push the nose of the tank down. The rocking currently acts like the tank is a muscle car dropping the clutch

    *Insert physics and realism guy*

  13. Italian TDs are cancer. Too fast and with too much armor.

  14. Well. Looks like Weegee used up all their fucking crack reserves making this tech line. Fuck me, this is stupid… Hull down meta heavy tanks with stupid derp guns and now *rocket boosters.*
    This is beyond fucking wack! I do not support this line.

  15. So wg is adding tanks with nitro? Aight

  16. Wonder if they work when tracked, so you can inch your way forward and get back in to cover.

  17. Rocket thrusters out of the back of tanks? It’s getting stupid now. Leave the game alone, instead of making it worse with every silly implementation.

  18. 1100 damage ? one shot one kill

  19. It is high time for Chinese arty!!!

  20. Ooooohhh nice, i knew i didn’t waste type 4 line crew muahahahaha

  21. We have been waiting for Japanese tds for so long

  22. Quickybaby wargaming just released a video get to it?

  23. Nice love new tanks

  24. Once again Wargaming cheats all its customers by making all the tanks they own obsolete.

  25. Loot boxes for the new premium, you know how they work by now QB.

  26. I wonder if you shoot the rockets on one side of the back you can get the enemy tank’s rockets to fire, spinning them around like a pinwheel (hahahaa)

  27. Lets nerf HE, and add a tank that relies mostly on HE.

  28. You guys don’t realize that Wargaming made HE changes to get more money out of tanks like these and they doing it quite good ,cause I don’t see u guys being mad about this ,but you have to be mad about power creep right???!!!!. Motherbuzzers.

  29. QB i see the new ram god!!! xD

  30. It’s insane how many Heavy Tank Tech Trees have been introduced into the game recently. I love a good Heavy Tank, but I think Wargaming needs to shake things up.

  31. and now we gonna start playing need for speed
    save your money for Christmas boxes to get a nitro tank


  33. Also this tank have double tracks.

  34. So will the double tracks be double durable and double repair time?

  35. Still yet to see first tier 8 premium arty….i have premium heavies i haven’t played once. No need more.

  36. More (historically inaccurate) heavy tanks?

  37. Still no Japanese TD’s…

  38. Tier 8 is already becoming a nightmare as its just filled with premium tanks. Tech tree tanks are suffering and this won’t help with it at all.

  39. So the levitating ufo german tanks are comming? Oh wait, WG just boost russian tanks first, as always.

  40. The real question can you use the jet booster to ram a maus?

  41. Ramming with it will be so awesome

  42. Perfect casual game now

  43. I like your videos QB but you need to update the expected behaviour to the real life conditions of what is happening in WoT at the moment.
    The age old argument “how is a vehicle like this going to be balanced against tier 6 and tier 7 tanks” doesn’t really apply anymore as I rarely see tier 6 or 7 battles in tier 8 tanks anymore. I doubt that I’m the only one in this case.
    Going by this behaviour, intentional MM change or a side effect of the tier 8 inflation, they do not really need to balance tier 8 tanks against tier 6 tanks anymore. And looking at the latest premium tanks this seems to be the case.

    Taking the latest example of grinding the SMV CC 67 (tier 8) I got only 1 tier 6 battle in 20 games played. Similar results I got in the WZ-120 G FT (tier 8 premium TD).
    After those approximately 20 battles in the SMV CC 67 I’ve started seeing tier 9 battles more often than 8.

  44. Everytime they release such ridiculous and toxic new content I wonder what more I need to stop playing this game.
    This is absolutely disgusting, people will stop firing the (premium?) HESH rounds only to rape paper tanks and one shot all tier 6 and 7 and many tier 8 tanks.
    It’s got a gun very comparable to a JgPzE100, but at tier 8, nearly same alpha and reload when using the standard HE rounds, it has almost as much HE pen than the JgPzE100…
    How is it supposed to be healty for the game?

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