New Clan Wars Tank = New Chieftain? | Update 1.11 Release | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021

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Carro Da Combattimento 45t, New Clan Wars Campaign Reward Tank. World of Tanks Carro Da Combattiomento 45t, Italian Medium Tank. World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2020 / 2021 Offers Leaked, Advent Calendar Review. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 | Introduction
00:40 | Advent Calendar Leak Holds
01:30 | Offers Tip and Quick Tank Review
04:10 | New Clan Campaign Reward Tank
07:30 | Carro Da Combattimento 45t Overview
15:55 | Update 1.11 Release
18:00 | Winners and Announcement

Today I am back with yet another news episode, because we just have so much stuff to talk about. Like Advent Calendar Leaks, new clan wars campaign reward tank – Carro Da Combattimento 45t, Update 1.11 patch release date and more!

What do you think?


  1. nick – milanac, server EU

  2. ScDx_Fantasy NA great video as always my friend!

  3. I don’t have any premium tanks or premium account 🙁 lmao. But I’m on EU and my user name is Angelo_Blom hopefully you see this :/

  4. Tank you so much.
    Much love to you ^^

  5. I so excited about the christmas box in the game

  6. This italian med looks strong..

    Siajek / Eu Server

  7. I wan t to see that italina tank…
    Server: eu
    Nickname: saimnieks

  8. JuznoPrugasZitoradja

    Username: “dax666nzm”
    Server: EU

  9. Name:jupiterknight

    The new italian heavy tank tech tree looks promising too

  10. Server: “EU”
    Nick: “0ldYeti”

  11. Maybe this year I’ll get the chieftain from the auction, previous years haven’t gone too well

    Username: poupsnozzle
    Server: Asia

  12. EU server. _X_PREDATOR_XX_

  13. Im so exited to finally get a snowy garage 🙂 its my absolute favorite one
    Name: Timk_2710
    Server: EU

  14. I dont like that the best players gets the best tanks. And no im not in a clan.
    Server: EU
    Name: Shaddow0126

  15. Server: EU
    Nickname: BowserNL

  16. server EU

    name : Autschmeno
    i love u dez

  17. Crazytactics EU exciting news.

  18. The med seems OKAY, but you will never know how a skilled player will make it work.

    User: onuuno27
    Server: EU

  19. Informative as always. Hate these reward tanks from Clan Wars. But it is understandable that devs have to make the prizes attractive.

    Username: FinCefiroth
    Server: EU

  20. IGN: neonfieldmouse
    Server: Europe

  21. Server:eu

  22. name: CHICKEN_steel
    server: eu
    I think the new Italian will not be as OP as the Chieftain but in the right hands it will be painfull to play against.

  23. username: kwtNAVY
    server: EU

  24. great another tank that 80% of the player use can’t get not impressed

  25. the new italian tank dosent realy look op , look average or below average ( like 121b and m60) but because of the poor base skill of subhumman in this game , those people are going to call it broken only because good player are going to get it first
    Server : NA
    Name : marc270

  26. emje007 EU

  27. I am hyped for the Christmas Event every year. Don’t know why, but thats the time I enjoy WoT the most. Also looking forward to test out the italian Heavys!

    Server: EU
    Username: Jaguar899

  28. Server : EU
    Nickname : juba777

    Italian Heavys look intresting.
    By the way have u watched sirfoch’s new vid?

  29. lmao wish i still had the time to do CW camps and get more CW tanks like the vkk 907 and this thing wish they put the vkk into the bond shop

  30. Interesting tanks but unfortunately I’m not a clan member and I’m more of a casual player, so I won’t be able to get the Tire X Italian medium tank. I would love to see from wargaming some new development for casual players (something that we can get as well), not only for dedicated players.
    EU server

  31. Mauricio Federico Egel

    Server: “NA”
    Nick: “Mutay”

  32. username: “Timeguardian7”
    server: EU

  33. Server: EU
    Nick: kermit_SWE
    WG seems to go on the “sheeps” with the holiday stuff in my mind.
    Keep up the good work.

  34. Hope to see new tanks in the bondshop to.
    Eu server

  35. server: eu
    name: seafight_1
    i hate that only clan members can get that tank, loot boxes will probebly be here the 14th, and dez you are very very generous!!
    long live dezembers

  36. Username: “graver84”
    Server: EU

  37. username: KojiSuNasi

  38. user: luciffer
    Server: Europe

  39. Nick name: mago666
    Eu server

  40. Boner killer

    Nickname: Anomaly2
    Server: EU

  41. Username: MyKeL_55
    Server: EU

  42. Looking forward to the Italians!
    IGN: Cpt_Alpha
    Server: EU

  43. was hoping the italian heavy was a tech tree tank

    ign: pso97
    server: eu

  44. Japanese tree is a dead tree in this game ?

  45. Not sure if the tank is worth it, but it will probably bring a bunch of those people who have everything back to the next clanwars campaign.
    IGN: ShaiTei
    Server: EU

  46. This was a great video Dez! A lot of useful info in it!!
    EU server: SuperDacha

  47. Server: “EU”
    Nick: “_gRm_”

  48. IGN: evosieg
    Damn, auto-reloading chieftain. I dread the day they come in T_T

  49. Well, another tank I probably won’t be getting, yay! holidays ops is Dec 9th, been anounced now hooray

    1JWJ1 EU

  50. kerim necati ünlü

    Greyfurt – EU

    tarret plays are ruling game nowadays..

  51. na server ingame name lt_pap you and skill the two best ccs

  52. Username: x_MEDO_x
    Server: EU
    Please i need gold!

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