New Codes for Premium Tanks, Battle Pass Season 8 | World of Tanks Update 1.18+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 8 with Warhammer 40,000, . World of Tanks Codes Free Premium Tanks Rentals. World of Tanks TL-7-120, New American Tank . 1.18+ Patch News.

Today let's take a look at the upcoming battle pass season 8, featuring E-100, STB-1 and Object 430U with the Special Warhammer 40,000 commanders and styles. Also, let's talk about frontline and I have some codes to share with you which gives you as a rental for free for couple battles.

What do you think?



    I worked with no ability to play that much so only got 10% done i think

  2. What’s the music at 3:00?

  3. All Things Korian

    Anyone know a best tank for Frontline? I don’t have a lot of these so a top 3 or so would be appreciated if you have an opinion lol??

  4. I didnt try
    wasnt worth it as I would have to play 30 – 40 games per day so no

  5. i better start grinding 430u now! FOR CHAOS >: E

  6. Im gonna start running my shid barn and hope for tier 8 matchmaking

  7. That tl7 looks so funny lol, as if someone took a 60tp turret and put it on the astron hull

  8. If you do not want to lose a lot of battles, do not accept the BP until you reach all the BP points needed to finish all chapters.

  9. Got it for free

  10. it is soo ugly looks like a grown up astron rex ..sort of

  11. That E100 skin is gonna be the main one from whenever I complete that side of BP

  12. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I got the tank for free and 12 of my friends wich almost my active freind list got it for free aswell

  13. It’s only me who hear Dez saying Warthunder in 9,16s?

  14. pretty good battlepass. got the tank but not for free… had to pay 2k gold for the prem battlepass rewards to then be able to buy the last 3 levels of the battlepass.

    everytime wg releases an interesting thing like a marathon i happen to be unavailable during it. this time i was sent to Singapore for work… so i had to play with 360 ping to the eu server, big lags nad delays.

    i had given up the game in the last month so i wasnt able to prepare t6 and t7 tanks right on the edge to get the extra 15 points, so i ws mainly playing t6 tanks because its esier to reach those 100 points. with 6 or 7 tier 6 tanks i was able to go through htis.
    as a completely f2p i had gathered 3.8k gold over the past 6 years (competitions, couple of fuys actully gave me gifts for randomly helping them pass a crazy hard mission, etc) so i used up 2.750 gold to get this tank. at least it meant some good credits from the premium missions, but i am losing all the premium days because i am not keen on playing with 16-28fps on a laptop with hotel wifi (i did get an ethernet cable but still, hotel internet) on the other side of the world with over 350 ping…

    better than any previous marathon. Not sure ye if the tank was worth me spending my extremely valuable gold.
    with current lag, i cant aim for weakspots so HE is kind of useless and the slow shells dont help for long distance together with the lag. will re-evaluate my choice when i get back home with better conditions

  15. Got the tank completely for free and actually one of the few marathon tanks i got at all, that wasn’t with this discount price stuff, cause never i wanted to waste gold or euros on marathon tanks. Grinded 2-4 hours daily (just didnt have more time to invest into the game) and got it exactly on Sunday evening. All marathons should be like that, that everyone can get the tank for free if you have enough free time or at least u can buy stages for gold left overs from Christmas lootbooxes or smth, not getting some stupid discount to still buy with real money. I hope WG takes notes from this, cause happy playerbase is the key for a long life of the game…

  16. I was not able to play on the weekends so I had to play a bit more than i enjoyed during the weekdays. But the tank is fun and I am happy grinded for it (got it completly for free).

  17. Robert von Schumann

    I got it for free, finishing on sunday aorund 22:00 pm but i did bought the 3d style for 2k gold because the tank looks much more better with 3d style

  18. Frederick Burkert

    Even 90 ty Dezzie
    Didn’t have time for the new TD – my kind of tank, so sad 🙁

  19. Battle Pass is not over, just the Bonus Chapter

  20. Yes i got the tank and i’m f2p, took me 7 days to complete, not so hard!

  21. Did not get it free as could not play enough games

  22. social3ngin33rin

    Nope, gave up after 2 days because of work….
    Damn, they want us to complete the BP to get the skin….I’ll see you all in November when the holiday events starts lol

  23. social3ngin33rin

    Okay, do any of these huge caliber guns have a VIABLE derp?

  24. Am i only one who heard twice War Thunder instead Warhamer?

  25. Free stuff is always nice

  26. in my mind its just cringe, all the styles are bad ( E100 is too bad) and i dont want to put a great big pile of cringe into my tank as a commander. 🙁

  27. I thought this was a good battle pass season, an actual German commander, a vehicle at the end…It was strong work. I was not excited about the Warhammer theme of the next season, I will probably play it for the other rewards, I will not use the commanders or skins.

  28. chris spielvogel

    Do they still have dumb clown cars and gold spam? Thats a hard no for me. Love your channel though.

  29. I spent about 3000 Gold to get the TVP 100

  30. just had to use 750 gold

  31. I got it for free

  32. Managed to grind to level 30 but then didn’t buy the rest in time, so I missed out. Pity WG didn’t give a few days after the end to but the tank at a discount

  33. its also works in asia too i used 122tms code

  34. Fake tanks.
    Fake stats.
    Fake “game”.

  35. Yes Dez I get it for free. RedScrenA

  36. Jepp i got the tank for free but it was a harder grind to get in than quickybabys excel sheet said.

  37. Dieter Von Hellstrom

    I am a hardcore WH40K fan. Love the new styles! Would like to see more faction styles in the future. Night Lords *wink *wink.

  38. I was really slacking off, but I did got it eventually. Had a bunch of tanks that were close to their points cap, so I’ve had a busy weekend, grinding off nearly 100 games in those last two days of the “marathon”.
    Tank is OK. Just as expected – high skill cap vehicle, which means I love it, but I also suck in it. Well, that’s life ! 😀

  39. All the codes are for 2 day rentals and then you can get a discount off the premium after your first win in it.

  40. Sơn Phạm Thanh

    but these code only rent not forever ;-;


  42. i got skoda for free even tho i didnt have much time for it like like 5 to 6 stages per day took me 9 day to do it

  43. Does it work on every server like Asia?

  44. what are the rewards from frontline?

  45. James Irwin-McConnell

    I got the tank by last Thursday 😀 haven’t been able to play it much yet though, just got back from bein outta town since Friday.

    Love the “red ones go faster” reference lmao

  46. Got it free, only took a few days, though I did play ALOT on those days. Finished the normal BP before the extra started. This was WAY better than the normal marathons. Those I generally don’t bother with.

  47. skins for the same tryhard tanks (stb,obj), boring, boring and boring! what about those tanks being not reworked? at least bring some skins for those for fs-__-

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