New COINS + Epic Store and Rewards in Halloween 2020! | World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event – Mirny-13. Halloween Event Coins, Tanks, Special 3D Style Camos, Special Crew Members and more. Halloween 2020 Event Rewards and Guide. World of Tanks Invincible E-100, The Boss Tank. World of Tanks Halloween Special: Fighting the Unexplored in Mirny-13.

Today We are going to look at the freshly released details about Halloween 2020 Event. They teased us with one very juicy trailer and this Halloween Special: Fighting the Unexplored in Mirny-13 event. But today I am able to share some very exciting leaks and about this event.

What do you think?


  1. So what do you think about all of this? Are we BETA TESTING the night map feature for the future?
    Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, stay awesome and good luck!

  2. Heck yeah I’ll play! Thanks for the preview.
    IGN nednederlander_3amigos
    Server NA

  3. Damn. One of the nicest looking 3d skins. Too bad it’ll be years before I even try to get the Leo1.

  4. It may be a covid effect, that finally they implement something well in time prepared. It looks gezspoochious. I can’t wait to try it out.
    Usrname: Peto177Vizsla

  5. just more bollocks

  6. EU

    i never play event like this so I can’t wait for this event, looks good

  7. I have already seen a style with lights, on the E50 in battle. Looks pretty sick


  8. Un: Masanca
    Server EU
    Well those thing keep game alive when they stop to add new things to game it will die. They know it so i guess thats why they update all that…

  9. The event and prizes look great! Finally some prizes worth the while, but the lantern 3D-style is a bit silly. Can’t wait


  10. I think new halloween event looks absolutely awesome!

    Server: EU
    Username: davincidavinci

  11. Username: darcolus
    Server: EU
    Thanks for the information 🙂

  12. first thing what come a question when you show that boss how to hell you are gona beat that boss????????

  13. it is like 3 time biger than maus

  14. The cooldown time as the final boss unbeatable are bad things otherwise map & scenography looks perfects.
    My favorite is still Leviathan’s Event!

    Server: EU
    Username: HNinja

    Thanks DezGamez for your preview and always soo usefull! Cheers from Italy

  15. Username: Rufrky
    Server: NA

    The fact that there is something limiting people from really getting into this mode is a disappointment, Otherwise it looks like it could be fun to tryout.

  16. Lemang95
    SEA server

    Finally real Halloween event…this the most event im waiting for

  17. Wow, this lights in night would be awsome in the midnight game mode….
    Username: Croshark2
    Server: EU

  18. looks fun. gonna grind alot

    Server: EU
    Username: NickJFosse

  19. Akilele marfa buna

    Great map, cant wait. Free beer for everyone if i win

  20. Server: Eu
    Name: Raitis2142
    By the look I got pretty hyped to try this mode out. And very apreciated that afk ppl will not count here 😎

  21. nice vid, good to see and hear your insights on this new event! thanks!!

    Server: NA
    Username : styrfoem

  22. Username: Kr4nk11
    Server: EU

    Think this will be finally good event,with more epic rewards and some epic fun

  23. It’s too spooky with the invisible tanks but the lights look nice

    Server: EU
    Name: icetean99

  24. the rewards seem good hopefully they’re not behind a massive grind, it would suck. also the “fuel” system kinda has me worrying.
    Region: EU
    Username: Sub_rock

  25. I hope it’s as awesome as it looks.
    server: EU
    name: Okazu

  26. Name: osis15
    Server: EU
    Better than collecting buggeds a few years back

  27. Prinz Von Bismarck

    For me, the majority of WG’s events are silly!! Bismarckderteufel NA

  28. Alexandra Maciuceanu

    Nice update for the game. More fun for us:X

    ING : dorin90
    EU server

  29. EU
    Name: toledo
    This looks better then anniversary xD

  30. Man this looks so cool, I like the leopard 3d stil.

    Server: EU
    Name: deadzone65

  31. name:berkuysal15
    map lookksss awesomeee,super hyped!

  32. Server: Asia
    Username: Jayzcee

    I think this is a really unique event, I hope WG have hit it for a winner

  33. Server: Eu
    About the event kind of cool stuff more skins less premiums is always welcome

  34. Username:lou14
    Looks like a cool event hope it wont be boring like so many wg events.

  35. Seems like wargaming is making an effort now
    roachsamuel576 NA

  36. Juan Pablo Moreno Cruz

    Hi Dez!
    I actually really like the idea of this event! It seems pretty cool and actually kind of spooky, would be like a whole new experience actually like a movie hehe, looking forward to it! <3
    Nick: meapaccurate
    Server: NA
    Good luck everyone <3

  37. Faidon Karamesinis

    Can’t really say i like the map…………
    EU server

  38. Looks a great event for free-to-play players 🙂 – 3-skill crew will be awesome!
    Server: EU
    Name: BurnsGhost

  39. This already looks sick, can’t wait for the halloween event to start! Thanks for all those high quality videos dez!

    Server : SEA
    In-Game username : odobo

  40. Server:Asia

    im really happy to heard this news, thx for giving this information, can’t wait for playing the event

  41. An event that looks fun?! Guess I’ve gone crazy

    Server: EU
    Username: _ Akizuki _

    (Theres no spaces in my name but YouTube comments would turn the text into italics without them)

  42. Username: DoubleTheEdge
    Server: SEA

    Looking to be a good event, I’ve been waiting to get more credit boosters and they’re finally here

  43. Server:EU
    Nickname :Patojanccek
    Just turn on wg launcher and i find out that the update is 3gb big, like ok imma download it while sleeping

  44. I did not really enjoy the previous PvE’s. I hope this one is different.

    FuzzyDoom on NA server

  45. seems cool EU Nesss72

  46. server EU
    nickname: VS_Little_Johny

    i am actually excited about whole event. Come back to wot after few years. Hope the event will be any good.

  47. I was really excited about this event until you got to the bit about commander stimulator. Hopefully it doesn’t become huge pay to win. First thought on minimap was Ghost town

    EU server

  48. Haha, looks like a lot of fun to me.
    I always like these events 🙂
    Gold price for style is a bit too high tho, but it is what it is.

    EU server
    Name: Deepfriedfries

  49. I hope the coldown of the playchanges aren’t to high.
    The Leo skinn looks realy nice.


  50. I hyped for the Leo skin as I just bought it, and it rocks. Then… The event looks promising, and fun tho
    IGN: Bara5
    S: EU

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