NEW Commander IN CHIEF (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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NEW Commander IN CHIEF ( Gameplay)


  1. Phly your new mission is to use our new prototype series the XP’s(XP-55, XP-38G, XP-50). In this mission to protect America against terrorism you are to shot down three(no more, no less) planes a battle. We wish you great luck on your mission.

  2. they should have a type of assassination gamemode where you have to kill your target then once you do you pick up theirs or get a new one

  3. best intro ever

  4. chieftain mk.5 is shit becuse mk.3 is also shit
    i think this tank is worst MBT in this game
    shit power shit penetration
    and shit mobility

  5. I used to be realy good at realistic battles but then i took a 2 1/2 month break and came back i took me about 12 games to get a single kill

  6. 来自中国bilibili的观众

  7. manusia coeg sedunia

    nice intro

  8. yolo Chieftain power

  9. You want some cheef in ur life? Lets blaze Phly ?

  10. you abuse the spawn point of planes all the time phly don’t start crying about it now

  11. ScipionLaurentiend

    not only that map is crazy unbalanced but anyone ever see the russian spawning on the wrong side?? I never have….

  12. Hey phly your the best man, guy pump out interesting content and I hope everything us going well man!

  13. Play The P-61 again remember th 4 .50 on top got bumped up

  14. love the intro.. it1 bias !

  15. that intro perfectly sums up the chieftain

  16. Phly Do the American Bias! Starship and PB4Y Privateer ( Like so phly can see)

  17. Hey bro, why do you turn that sound mod off ?

  18. How about that t-10m maybe it-1 to throw little bias in there. With mig 17 or il28. Plus i think the last t10 gameplay was 2 years ago.

  19. OverSized Chicken

    Oh how i love it when Phly rages…;)

  20. Gaming with Izzy

    What’s with the Chief’s Hat in the Thumbnail?

  21. +1 just for that marvelous intro

  22. For some reason it1 is bouncing more shoots than t-10

  23. I really wish Gaijin brought back the Enduring Confrontation RB events, those were great fun and helped a lot when grinding just about any aircraft, now they’re only for SB, which kinda sucks IMO.

  24. omg phly cultural appropriation!!!

  25. Brance Halterman

    I REALLY hate people who use that spot but your so damn good with it I’m just jealous

  26. Space Bread Bacon Man

    can someone help me everytime phly shoots with tanks or planes the is a little smoke trail behind hes shots how is it possible?

  27. Moritz Ruehlemann

    phly is the best

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. Why not HESH? It’s great vs russian tanks and all medium, you just shoot them in turret or front armor if its heavy. Hesh is bad vs germany so dont try.

  29. a random war thunder player

    pasta without sauce? i thought the italian aircraft where the sauce.

  30. I agree with the whole pasta and sauce thing. I grind often and it just gets so, so, so repetitive. I am coming up on 400 hours and honestly don’t have much to say for it. In addition to this, does anyone else have issues with tier three tanks? In the US and German tech lines ( RB) it is so difficult to transition from 3.7 ish to 5.0. Just my rant.

  31. what if we get lost in the sauce

  32. Phly you compared an ace crew to a not ace crew. Turret rotation and reload are different.

  33. That intro reminds me of bouncing off of the front of a T-92 with the Tiger II (H)

  34. I haven’t seen Phly play the T34-85 and the La-5F.

  35. 레식게이아크

    that is stalium!

  36. Wouter van de gevel

    ladies and gentlemen if you look to the right you see phlydaily being f*cked in the intro

  37. funny opening

  38. Dunno if you noticed, Phly, but the fw 190 kill was a revenge kill from the guy you killed on the hill

  39. warthunder sometimes makes no sense…

  40. ASU-57 and and 8.0 jet of your choice

  41. Shot 3 AP 120mm shells on Ferdinand.

    Didn’t killed him.All 3 of them penetrated.

  42. JakeTheTankmaster

    hey phly! I’m trying to get ze Maus!!

    Any advice on how to fight the Russian tanks?
    Americans are quite easy, for most of them (except the T95) ya can just shoot top plate
    Germans, probably easier, except for another Maus though.. leos can be easy to kill most times
    Russians, though, with things such as -Russian Bias- and Stalinium, things like T-62s and (as I saw in this video) IT-1s, it can be easier just to shoot the ammo, but, they just swarm rank V! plus I’m worried about -Russian Bias- and Stalinium. but ze Germans have Krupptonite…..!

  43. Eyyy Phlys back in the house. Seriously though man stop apologising! You were ill I’m sure we all missed you uploading new content but I’d much rather you be well than forcing yourself to make content when you’re feeling completely crap.

    So yeah, no more apologies or we’ll think of a really sadistic challenge for you ;).

  44. makes no sense that mk. 5 is at 8.3

  45. Are you a fan of the new upcoming boom aircraft as well?

  46. that intro tho xD

  47. Phly, there is a game about Cold war subs. It’s called Cold Waters and you can find it on Steam. I think it’s a great game and you should play it!!(also: Devil played it too)

  48. Captain phly!
    The germans are bombing the eiffel tower. You must stop them take out the D 520 and give them the taste of 7.5 mm

  49. Wait what happened to you

  50. They have changed the air simulator battles once again and I’m completely lost :/ the player base seems gone and when you get into a game it is just broken:/

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