New Crazy Fast Autoloader TL-7-120 and K-91-II Coming! | World of Tanks Update 1.18+ News

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TL-7-120, New American Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks K-91-Version II, New Tier 9 Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch News.

Battle played by: Bambito

Firday and back with yet another news episodes about some upcoming tanks in World of Tanks. American autoloading tank destroyer and K-91-II were added to the supertest server.

What do you think?


  1. So please, let me know what you think about all of this? More autoloaders coming + the full Italian tech tree as well. 🙂
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    Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

  2. Marutein Falconone

    I dont know right now it feels like we go in the direction “get the new stuff and the old stuff should be forgotten” I would love more to see some rebalance and rework of some of the existing tanks instead of new premium tanks…. But its the way they make money… BUT also i think we need to see how they really play out and how “good” they armor and all really then is.
    Eu Server

  3. If it is a TD with a turret, sounds good to me. I would love to try it.
    skip_630 NA

  4. Darko Crepinsek

    IMHO…. we don’t need more autoloaders, russian meds, troll tanks…..
    game is getting crazier and crazier.
    but thanks for the info! 😉
    EU server

  5. Username: I_LIKE_FAT_GIRLS
    Server: NA
    I really like the K-91 So what some others say it feels like single shot tanks are getting left behind and getting out gun by auto loaders in some aspects But I also can’t wait for the Italian line It’s going to be interesting because their tanks weren’t all to good in World War II I can’t wait to see what wargaming has in store for them

  6. for me looks like a gsor1008 with a different look/nation AND better reload time..
    ign: Robert_Reason
    server: EU

  7. As always the new premium tanks way better than the older ones. WG goes to a bad direction
    Server: EU
    Username: bendzsi99

  8. Mikhail Vershinin

    I hope they buff some of the older tanks to be competitive with all of these autoloaders.

    NA server

  9. IdzIk EU.
    Both tanks looks good as usual when something new is added. The autoloader with decent mobility is awesome.

  10. I think they are a cool addition to the Game, although WG should focus on balancing the game more.
    Aquiilaa EU

  11. Honestly I used to be extremely against the fast-paced gameplay but at this point I recognize that if I don’t move along with the speedyboi trend then I’m going to get left in the dust.

    I still love the game and wanna enjoy it so it’ll have to be fine.
    P.S. – REALLY looking forward to Italian TDs so I can’t wait for more information on those, too. (and by extension the weird builds you come up with for them.)

    IGN: histotoxic
    Region: EU

  12. CampingTheDocks

    Autoloaders are fun, but I’d like more tech tree lines instead of one-off premium tanks.
    Wields_really_heckin on NA server

  13. EU: Cheesyboofs – Love my T30, if I can swap it out for another T9 American turreted TD all the better.

  14. Players moan that there are too many autoloaders being added yet whenever they add a single shot tank they moan it’s boring. These 2 here don’t look like anything special to me. Still hoping they’ll add m48 gau 8 at some time! InfernoJack EU.

  15. well I guess We will have our fun on these tanks bush camping could be even more deadlier, with the light tanks that spot from the satteles to this, I think the game is rebalancing lol Ign: 3koperis server: EU

  16. They look great. Can I have one??
    user: MeShadow_1
    server: EU

  17. I was pretty happy to see the new Italian tech tree, as it was nice to see something not nearly as fast being brought into the game.

    Personally I feel like the higher HE pen is a good thing, as it allows the shell type to gain back some of the relevance it lost with the HE nerf. It might allow for HE to be very useful in the hands of a skilled player.

    Although I like auto-loaders, I feel like too many of them will only contribute to speeding up the game even more than it has. Tons of autoloaders just allow a team to absolutely destroy a flank in less than a minute, and by the time the other team can respond their reload is over and the autoloader can keep rolling on.

    IGN: Alexandriov
    Server: NA

  18. Kostas Tsampakhs

    I want to see gameplay to get a better opinion about this 2 tanks… (A small question what’s is going to happen with COBRA ??? Is it going to be in the game??? )
    EU server

  19. fast td good depresion maybe fun to play the clip is not my favorit think but what ever just one poin what kind of cammo it will have sorry if you sad it and i lost it but the soviet medium the k 91 II is tank for experiecet players at least it looks like hammer for good players with is good i hate tanks witch are made dumproof
    italian ts looking strange i am Happy to see them in game but scared it will not be something awesome maybe it will have some fans but that’s it like USA newest heavy
    EU server

  20. Marin Marinović

    i cant wait MRMR32 EU

  21. I also noticed a trend of increasing HE penetration. Not perfect for a light and medium tank player like myself… Regarding the new TD I definitely prefer that 2 sec intraclip reload here than the 8 seconds in the new italian techtree line. Good mobility is also a big plus for me. I’d probably enjoy it. The K-91-II seems to be just another one of many average tanks, not too interested really. But the TL-7-120 TD may be really interesting. 🙂 And the style for T95 is just perfect. <3 Cheers Dez! Server: EU, Username: Drzeq

  22. The Game is to fast already idk I don’t like them adding so much autoloaders…with the medium tank idk for me doesn’t look that good looks like we are getting to 2 min games so what’s the point of 15 mins battle 🤣🤣 Username:WhiteEagle94 Server:EU

  23. cristobal villagran

    Hi dez, i think it’s kind of OP vehicle except for total reload, cause having mobility some turret armor for hull down, autoader, 4 shells with 2 seconds of reload all together, should have some kind of balance, some kind of mix of T57H and k91 with, but battles will show everything, everyways is an interesting vehicle i want to try it

  24. Since im mostly TD player, then it’s always welcome to get new TD-s into the game and autoloaders usually comes as a bonus in this variety. K-91-II didn’t look very appealing for me, but you never know, time will tell.
    aLLaN8602/EU server

  25. I’m interested in the TL-7, doesn’t seem like it has a ton of weaknesses. Would be a nice to have a battle pass autoloader with a shorter reload like it. The K-91 variant is only interesting from the prospective of a T9 russian med being a premium or reward. IGN:historicgamer server NA.

  26. Steffen Schreiber

    To be honest, I am not happy about any new tank as long there is no progress with the game itself. As you already mentioned, the meta becomes a run’n’gun game, with little time to think and use tactics. I would love to see like 5 new maps instead. IGN: El_Duderino_39 Server: EU Thanks

  27. K-91=meh,just another fast fireing td,nothing special…american medium camuflaged in td looks way more interesting…3min games ftw
    Eu CroAce

  28. Mariusz Nalewajk

    omg, stats of this TD looks horrible. 4 shots in autoloader with 2 seconds intraclip? Many medium VIII tanks can go from full hp to zero in 6 seconds… Bourrasque is powerful tank, but makes 720 dmg and reloads 19-20 seconds, this makes twice damage, but reloads just 1,5 longer. Hope it is gonna be nerfed.

    Nickname: MarYanOooo
    EU server

  29. Jepur Jepurovic

    That Russian medium looks like tier IX obj 140 🙂

  30. Slobodan Stankovic

    Interesting looking new tanks. Looking forward to trying them.

    Nickname: NousInfinitum
    Server: EU

  31. These tanks are intriguing for sure. New grinds for the latest meta tanks.
    IGN: EngineerT
    Server: NA

  32. Yannis Batsiolas

    Both these tanks seem to be very powerful.. with this rythm it seems older tanks will became useless very soon..
    Username. Yan6956
    Server. EU

  33. IGN: Miksuli05
    Server: EU
    I like that they add alot of tanks at once, but I would be happier if they put out some meds instead, because I get easily bored sitting with a TD..
    One thing I love though is the T95 skin, I love it

  34. Thanks for the News
    Nickname: Kurt_Kettenfett
    Server: EU

  35. K-91-II looks average, bad penetration for td. TL-7-120 looks like really strong on paper, the mobility with the 2sec intraclip and good HE penetration.
    Server: EU
    User: Gambler85

  36. I think that if people will play the TL like a normal TD it wont be that good, but I dont know what is going on with HEs penetration on tanks, ShPTK is deleting me from game when I play lights. And russian med is like nobody wanted it but we still got it lol
    Ign: ludvicek05

  37. RADOSLAV Magál

    We need more OP tanks to the game!
    User : Mago666
    Region: Eu

  38. In my opnion, the games should be made to be played much slower, so a td with good mobility is kinda stupid. DeaDHeaDLP eu

  39. Douglas Pettigrew

    Everything is faster and more autoloadier. Sucks for the old tech trees
    Grautuefel Asia.

  40. The game is getting so fast, I think we need to xpand map size, other than that, tanks look good. Unlikeable NA

  41. Luis Ricardo Diaz Roque

    Well, my hype is on the Italian TD’s, but that american thing is pretty neat as well. IGN: _Golipan_ Server: NA

  42. I am always thrilled for new tanks and these look nice.
    Username: SWECrasher
    Server: EU

  43. Alexandre Audet

    Looks like these tanks are alright. The reload time on the American one makes it work, reminds me of the Bristish GSOR. Also has the standard tumor on top. From the stats alone, the USSR one feels bland, nothing special.
    Rigor (NA)

  44. On one hand, the introduction of strong auto loading TDs may lead to an imbalance in power as single shot TDs may fall behind but at the same time, by creating that imbalance it creates more opportunities in the future for stronger single shot tanks that could be very interesting in the future. IGN – Nedkins Server – EU

  45. This new auto loading America TD seems similar to the AMBT, I look forward to seeing how it performs when it gets in game.
    Username: UmpsYeah
    Server: NA

  46. I can see myself having quite a bit of fun with the tl 7 120 lol, he with lightly armoured tanks?, yes please. Shawy_UK EU

  47. It seems like the auto loader TD is the T77 American Heavy tank but turned into a TD. That said it seems balanced so we will see if anyone actually likes it. The K91 seems the same way where its balanced so people may not go crazy over it.
    Name: Lordkillsalot
    Server: NA

  48. Any new tank is exciting, especially those that bring something new to the game! An american medium autoloader at tier 9 sounds interesting.
    Server EU
    User: yo_78

  49. This tier 9 K-91 is already in wot blitz, it’s a auto-loading heavy. I’m glad they didnt just copy it.
    IGN : Pacadebord
    EU Server

  50. I dont like tanks like tl7 that have nearly everything good but im waiting for k91 2 for year
    Ign stari666
    Server EU

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