New CS-63 + New TURBINE Engine Mode! | World of Tanks CS-63 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks CS-63 Gameplay, New Tier 10 Polish Review. 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object 430U Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel 2020.
Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction and First Battle
01:41 – CS-63 Introduction
04:50 – Equipment Setup
08:22 – First Impressions Battle
13:20 – Battle Results, First Impressions
15:20 – Impressions after 15+ Battles
18:52 – Conclusion and Best Battle Continues

1.10 Patch Notes:
1.10 Version 2 Patch Notes:

How big is the update 1.10 going to be?! Yesterday the test received an update, which on the top of already quite a massive patch, introduced new equipment system 2.0 + New Polish medium tanks to the patch as well…

What do you think?


  1. This feature is definitely interesting and awesome, right, but… There are many buts with it. What do you think?
    Have a nice weekend, my friends! ❤
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 – Introduction and First Battle
    01:41 – CS-63 Introduction
    04:50 – Equipment Setup
    08:22 – First Impressions Battle
    13:20 – Battle Results, First Impressions
    15:20 – Impressions after 15+ Battles
    18:52 – Conclusion and Best Battle Continues

  2. IMO the gas turbine sound should be more of a whiny sound

  3. Hello DzGamez, I been wanting to say this for a long time. You sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  4. another joke by the russians on the poles. It does this and that but you would be better off in a lep. It is the ‘free xp for russian tanks’ tank.

  5. WG needs to add ATGMs. They are perfectly suited for such maps and can counter artillery.

    Alright this was just a joke ATGMs are cancer if you wanna know why just ask people who play blitz.

  6. bodybuilder john

    did I have to register for acces on common test ? or why cant I play it wtf

  7. im so happy that i stopped playing this arcade game years ago 🙂 and it can be worse i see 😀

  8. RLY WG?! Nerfing Progetto but bringing this Op-Tank in the game. At least give it 360 or even better 320 Alpha insteed of 390. And the Pen to 250 insteed of 268.
    Like if you agree.

  9. I could see improving the turret armor a bit, but other than that I think it’s good the way it is, very versatile.

  10. Jan Valko Kristak

    New Dez suffers episode
    Play cs63 in turbo mode and get 2k dmg minimum 😅

  11. The wheeled tanks should also lose accuracy when they travel so fast, just to balance things out. They shouldn’t be able to hit accurately at top speed.

  12. Ryokajimo Sensei

    So I was right about selling progetto

  13. Ionut Florin Hulea

    This is the medium tank version of the EBR

  14. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Next RNG video from WG will be full of CS-63’s with full speed and bloom hitting an EBR on the move at 400m.

  15. This would be nice to have on the console version!!.

  16. @9:30, if you drive faster, you lose something… true for everything else other than russian tanks

  17. Klap - Brawl Stars

    tank: has no gun handling
    dez: *_wut is tis_*

  18. The m44 has a better aiming circle on move then when this tank is in speed mode.

  19. Devs after 3rd line of coke xD

  20. That”s a fucking fast medium.

  21. buhahahha gg wargaming make French tanks useless….. They nerf EBR speed to 90 Km:H max when is REAL life speed is 105/110 km:H gg

  22. If polish tanks were this good german wouldt have won

  23. Its not going to be a good tank, it shouldnt have to stop to switch mode.
    If it went 75 in rapid mode and only lost aim time it would still be a worse ebr, but at least it would be viable.
    This tank will be the worst tier 10 tank in the game if it comes out like this, the ebr just does everything better besides pen.
    conclusion: ebr is better.

  24. Hahahahha the game is completly screwd up!!! Meds faster than lights?! How bad is this?! Who the hell will play scouts after this???!!!

  25. Epic wg FAIL AGAIN!!!

  26. *** 🇵🇱🇸 🇳🇪🇷🇫 CS-63 ***

    ( the drama has been started)

  27. Oh my god, we have a New meta tank

  28. Is it me or the games seems to move towards more action? Like faster tanks, bigger guns, shorter matches and so forth.

  29. “..with my pressure…”

  30. i know some fact that english tier 8 heavy line have turbine engine

  31. I think this patch is too big for WG and I have a feeling they are going to screw it up

  32. Soon the exclusive polish medium mechanic will be on a premium soviet …. just like the auto loader from italy … reverse or not still is the same mechanic 🙁

  33. Matthijs van Duin

    1.10 or just 2.0, so much changes now so why not

  34. Jamie Collingwood

    This is typical WG. They fix the issue of the EBR’s, but just implement it on another tank. Unreal.

  35. Vent, Turdo Charger, Tracks, Food AND 105 Octane for the ultimate speedy boi setup.

  36. Kinda cool how switching an engine mode gives you more horsepower and takes time. Then you realize an EBR can put four giant metal wheels on the ground and only lose a tiny bit of speed for a second to gain so much more speed. Changing a couple gears in the engine vs putting down massive metal wheels…and then you also realize still hit like 80% of its shots going 90km/h with a tiny ass bloom and assisted auto-aim. As well as being able to pretty much turn their whole tank in less than a second with a crazy turret rotation speed that would make mince meat of a real human crew. And the fact that the CS loses a bit of camo while going faster but the EBR keep the exact same camo no matter what speed it’s going. And how the EBR still gets massive rubber shields that can absorb 155mm shots from my T30 like nothing which means it probably has a better chance of not getting penetrated despite having no armor at all. But WG only nerfs that mobility and not literally every other OP feature it has and WG takes a shit on the progetto. It’s balance DA Ivan. We do good coding at WG

  37. If only they had put that accuracy mechanic on the wheelies… Yet another tank that makes playing a light tank completely pointless.

  38. I think it should keep its moving camo rating in high speed so it can actually get away when it needs to

  39. WoT should also have simulator battle

  40. Here’s an idea: instead of giving vehicles which have been powercreeped buffs, we need a massive nerf of speed and view range and dpm to reset the game

  41. this patch is as big as the aiming circle of the CS-63

  42. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

    You see Ivan, most players are Polish. By removing the strong competition, we can make Polish player base enjoy their Polish tanks more than if we did not. Why not add turbo mode to tier 8 and 9? Tovarisch, they lose less credits. Only tier 10 with turbo mode means they must get premium Polish tier 8 tank as tier 10 is most expensive tier, Da!

  43. 3700 dpm, sure. WG be like: “Let’s make it OP so everyone can spend their gold on free xp and buy it. We’ll nerf it after some time. We did it hundred times, we’ll do it again.”

  44. Why play with lights if we have ebr’s and this tank. Well done WG, as we can see in ranks what im saying.

  45. So the CS-63 is practically the M1 Abrams of WoT?

  46. Honestly if you were able to give out weekly tank reward codes, we really wouldn’t need Wot Weekly! Great info for a newer player like me.

  47. Just so I understand this completely balanced tank. The base stats are faster than a Sheridan, it’s going to have slightly less DPM than a K-91, average penetration for a tier 10 med., and great gun dispersion outside of speed mode. Seems legit. I will say that I do like the speed mode vs firing mode and it’s something that should be placed on the wheeled tanks along with needing to stop to change modes.
    WG really needs to chill out with adding new tanks every single chance they get and start balancing their existing tanks. Specifically tanks the NEED to be balanced.

  48. jose armando borjas gomez

    nice video.

    But i must say something leaving aside the comments of people complaining about the tank being fast and that is the only tank of that line that has these spacial mode and them saing that the matches are gonna be fast when in my opinion these tank is more about taking those vital medium spots that they need to allow the team to have the advantage the tank it self is nice.

    The nerf in my opinion to the italian and russian is more about why the italian needs to get the boot when the russian is the most hated one but still even with those nerfs with some time and skill you can stil have good matches.

    Final in my opinion about the equipment meaby there is a way to make it much better with out the necesity of changing the original ones and that will be that the new equipment had a special tab for the new equipment and the normal equipment in their respectib tab now the special equipment at the difference of the standar well known equipmnet these one instead of being purchased as standar equipment with your credits these one you will need to buy it with special credits, tokens, etc. And these special tokens you can get them in battle if you perform well but instead like bonds that you get them only with a medal and that stuff you get more or less depending how good you perform on battle.

    Note. Sorry about my english.

  49. Game is already in a terrible place why do this and make it worse still.

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