NEW Custom Armor & Bush Camo! (War Thunder Tanks New Armor)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Tanks Armor and Camo Update!
the new armor and bush camo over powered, or pay to win?

Thanks for watching!


  1. first :D

  2. Hey Baron can you play hawker hunter?

  3. plz play tb-3 papa baron

  4. pay to win crap…should have been for silver a lot of it

  5. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    I do not like this cause i dont put gold so i cant put awsome camos ! i
    think they should do like the normal camos, kills to get those

  6. No wonder why i uninstalled War Thunder
    You have to pay 500 GE for a fuc**ng bush

  7. So you have to buy them *despite* having premium? Gaijin can get fucked.
    They go one step forward but go back two……

  8. you should be able to kill 200 tanks or something and get the Bushes or
    customization. like you already do with some camos

  9. Why frrrkin P2W ? It is just decoration, like the skins in LoL for example,
    the tracks which you can get are avivable for normal research, and the Camo
    thing does disappear at a 150m+ and if not it doesn´t really matter in
    arcade and sort of in RB (3rd person view). Maybe in Sim

  10. We shouldn’t pay for it we should grind it to get it

  11. p2w

  12. This is what gaijin did wrong

  13. Pay 2 win, no big surprise

  14. how can i get on the dev erver


  16. good vidéo

  17. agreed bye war thunder i aint spending 500GE for bushes or a damn skull or
    a freaking jerry can

  18. second :)

  19. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    we need this for planes.

  20. War Thunder, c’mon, if this is a free to play game, they should be free,
    especially if you pay 40 dollars for the churchill. #2 ,Not all of us can
    continually put money in this game, we aren’t all well of, so for the
    people who spent money on this game, this is ridiculous ,I’m happpy hte
    armor is free though, but I feel they’ve been getting greedy lately, but
    hey, it’s their game.

  21. baron not sure if my computer glitched but at 10:20-10:22 a really loud
    humming sound happened… again not sure if a problem on my end or not.

  22. every 50th kill u get a camo box with 3 different things like bushes

  23. Άκης Γκεμίσης


  24. My war thunder keeps crashing when i start it. does anybody know what i
    need to do, i have tried so much but it keeps failing.

  25. 01:05 ENOUGH.. JUST DO IT BARON!!! You’ve got Golden Eagles, you get them
    from the link below, right? So buy that stuff and put it on so the rest of
    us who can’t afford it, can see how it looks! …so did’ya? …I’m so
    exited to watch the rest of this video!!! REALLY!!!

  26. I am disappointed

  27. The Churchill upgrade is 100% p2w. As if the Churchill didn’t have enough
    armor at the front.

  28. What do you think about the new cusotmization? Armor, and the

    I think War Thunder did a great job with the armor upgrades. Having them as
    a module that you earn/grind is a good system to have. The bushes on the
    other hand have a real tactical advantage in some maps in Realistic
    Battles, so to only have them able to be bought for Gold seems like they
    should change it. My two cents.

  29. Gaijin is getting really greedy in the last few patches as I have
    noticed,the new premium planes are 2 times more expensive than they were
    before(just look at prices for old prem planes and new ones),in some
    payment methods you get less eagles for the same amount of money and now
    this…(although the bushes part is kinda ok but not fcking 500 GE,you can
    buy a premium he 112 b-1 for 550 GE),now this may be cause Gajijin is in
    Russia and this may be a sign of the crisis in the country,but lets not go
    political.The point is,Gaijin stop being greedy,instead of earning money by
    milking players you should earn the money by making the game better so more
    people will play it.

  30. ItzzDustyspartan32

    Well Kemp Bush is official

  31. A bush shoud costa 100Ge not 500 fucking gilden eagels each wtf!!! 4000 GE
    or more to get a useful bush camo gg

  32. Sigh

  33. i thinck i had a minor orgasm when Baron showed the Panzer IV H and the
    Panther D

  34. Lets uninstall the game 😀 I will noy pay for something that should be free

  35. 500 GE it isn’t fair

  36. Baron play with the jag Panther or jag tiger with the bushes

  37. Bush Hetzer pls!

  38. BoJangles The Wise

    what is this? world of tanks?

  39. they should realy make the bushes 50 000 coins each…. at least fucking

  40. cant wait to use me churchill mkviii with armour, as I think it good anyway
    if you angle right! ;)

  41. yey we need it.

  42. Antonio Aranda Crespo

    It looks silly and very unrealistic just putting tank tracks everywhere but
    the idea is cool, if you just add some of them not so many

  43. At least make shrub camouflage unlockable through gameplay like normal camo

  44. The glorious Retardmagnet

    I don’t really think that this is a good way to take a lot of gold (at
    least for younger players) for the bushes. Because they can get you a real
    advantage in realistic and simulator battles. And I don’t like the way
    Gaijin goes with that, because they shouldn’t give paying players that much
    of an advantage.

    Maybe a solution would be to do it like with the camos. Like if you kill a
    certain amount of kills, or maybe wins in battles, the vehicle participated
    in. But otherwise it is just an unfair advantage with these bushes.

    (btw. I am a paying user. I got a premium account and premium tanks. I am
    only talking for others )

  45. Are those replacer moddels, the additional tracks don´t even match the

    But I agree with most people here that Bushes should be reserchable or
    purchesable for credits.

  46. Baron whats that M24 TL? It doesnt look premium but its in that area.

  47. You Said that one of the tanks that could have this feature (for Germany)
    was the tiger H1! (In a different video) so I was hyped as fuck and went
    and bought a fuck ton of golden eagles so I could ace my tiger to get this
    early. But! U mixed the Tiger and the Panzer IV…I’m really really
    disappointed in you baron :(

  48. Why do i have to pay fucking money to put put some bushes on my tanks…
    Fucking bullshit. Gaijin are fucking cunts for doing this !

  49. i would love if you could grind the bushes an signs and so on…

  50. Baron mate, do you want to stop copying Phlys videos. Cheers.

  51. Baron and Phly got a divorce ? who will get custody of Slick?

  52. Natanael de Visser

    I eat Maus with extra armor for breakfast and Candy with spikes in IT for
    dinner, Without a Glass of Milk.

  53. So the Churchill gets Sherman track link on the turret? At least the track
    link on the hull is suitable to use on the vehicle?

  54. This is just dumb imo

  55. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  56. Aleksandar Mihajlovic

    this is free2play game now you explain me how would they make money without
    micro transactions?

  57. The bushes at realistic battles would be a pain in the ass for real… Its
    bullshit and its for the wallets warrior that kind of customization.

  58. I would make 2000 for a bush. 500 is low

  59. what about bush planes for bush pilots?

  60. Pay to win huh?? there go’s my 300 hours on War Thunder i quit nice job
    Gaijin with f*cking up a once awesome game!

  61. Those armor “upgrades” are not what you think they are, in most cases that
    extra 15-20mm of armor wont help you SINCE its not rolled homogeneus armor
    but tracks which get like 0.3 mutiplier so you are looking at 5ish mm of
    extra armor at most

  62. T34 1942=Few small tracks
    Panzer 4= A Million on the front

  63. The Panzer IV H is my favorite tank in War Thunder. Randomly getting a
    talisman just the other night, and now up armoring it, in the way Gaijin
    did. I’m not going to drive any other tank ever! I RNG bounce shit all the
    time as it was. But now, I’m going to be unstoppable in it. Panzer IV H

  64. +BaronVonGamez its so expensive :p i have 9 golden eagles and its not just
    enough ?

  65. Pay-for-bush to gotta the worst kind of micro-transaction ever implemented
    on any game ever, period.

    Also i was hoping there’d be custom add-on armor so I can cover my Tiger
    II/Tiger I/Panther/Jagtiger Lower Front Plate (LFP) as its the most
    targeted weakspots of those tanks. However, the most effective use of
    add-on armor would be on the Leopard. Spaced armor eats HEAT shells.

  66. i was so very excited for this, but then again never get your hopes up when
    gaijin announces something cool.But hey atleast i can add a fucking
    jerrycan to my tank….

  67. Rly???500GE?

  68. Armor would be so useful on my German Tiger H1 so annoying its a moving C4

  69. Wtf, I am in thunder league and I wasn’t given the pirate skull!

  70. Loco “Mrloco” Stark

    Please Gaijin don’t fuck up the game to a level where its utter bullshit by
    adding price tags for these changes … on the other hand if you do it
    right … this game might just beat the popularity of WOT

  71. This does it, I’m out…

  72. BushThunder confirmed

  73. Krisztian Racsko

    Umm, the Churchill VII had Sherman (Firelfly) tracks on it’s turret and
    those were 20 mm thick, but when you checked the actual Firefly, the same
    tracks were 17 mm only. Magic tracks got thicker on a bigger tank?
    Also in the US line, some of the tracks on the M4A3s were T41 or T51 rubber
    tracks, which is not very armory I think.
    I don’t like the German track-armors, they used bushes but not tracks. The
    latter were rare and it was prohibited also (in the Heer, I’m not sure
    about the Waffen SS).
    Shame on me but I wonder if those lots of tracks will cause any speed and
    handling problems, because they weigh a lot. Or they will, but only on
    non-russian tanks? :P

  74. T-32 need tracks in front

  75. Nice Feature, greedy Publisher. I was excited for this one, so i saw it
    today on a panther: “YES, tactical
    snip-…wait…5…50…nope….500GE….f*cking great….”

    -.- thx gaijin for ruining WT again

  76. baron create fury on m4a3 76 and drive it next time

  77. Dick butt Nick butt

    paywall paywall what a wonderful thing you are

  78. the panthers have thicker tank tracks and have 20mm instead of 15mm extra

  79. If you aim at the side of a T-34, just aim between the two road wheels
    below the turret where the ammo is stored and boom.

  80. Camo is cool but not 500 gold cool. It should have been silver lions.

  81. Lmao that Panzer IV looks neato.

  82. RB is now officially completely pay2win, nice

  83. you should be able to put tank tracks yourself too…

  84. I was so excited and I thought you have to earn them but nope. :(

  85. If we can unlock bushes,helmets,skulls without real money, they just
    transferred the game to Pay to win mode.

  86. Again, kids with rich parents gonna get the good stuff… no offense to
    people that actualy work and have a lot of money xD

  87. I am considering putting bushes all over the front of my jagdpanther had
    become a big bush

  88. Now we need bush planes for sekrit surprise attacks)))

  89. Awwww…… No gameplay! :(

  90. amnesiagrunt2356

    absolute bullshit, i should be able to put the armor where I choose and I
    should be able to research all the custom stuff, war thunder your the worst

  91. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe


  92. Nemo Is A Clownfish And So is Marlin

    500 ge for camo what a rip off

  93. Were is assoult squad Monday? Why SHAISSE idk how to spell thatch

  94. I disagree with the bush’s….

  95. the tiger doesn’t need armor in the front Sherman weak as dirt they need
    hella armor!

  96. usarmyalaskanick

    Need concrete armor for the Sherman’s

  97. Garrett VanGundy

    Try to make Fury

  98. Slippery™ Sandals™

    How about I uninstall the game instead

  99. It should be grind to get the decorations. the customization slots should
    be ‘modifications’ upgrades, where you grind each slot one at a time

  100. Can you increase the size or rotate/flip the bushes like you can with

  101. unfer plane, kemp boosh

  102. You shouldnt have to pay for camo what a rip off fucking gaijin money is
    the top thing with them not the community

  103. Hidden behind a pay wall. What a surprise. I certainly didn’t expect that
    one. Nope, not at all.

  104. Churchill op…

  105. The bushes should be free or it should cost silver lions

  106. War thunder TF2 edition

  107. Hello (AlpacaPooable)

    Ive been playing and the bushes in realistic battles are crazy OP in jungle
    and forest environments.

  108. LordScrubMaker TheSecond

    God dammit, we have to pay 500 eagles just for a pile of leafs?

  109. late 1 april ?

  110. Dude yes that’s awesome

  111. Put them ontop so bombers don’t see u

  112. Well, I’ll stay in arcade battles for now.

  113. Sup

  114. war thunder is going to turn into tf2

  115. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    Armor is good, but the camo needs to be less P2W
    Also I realized I can give the tanks more than 2 emblems, finally

  116. So Gaijin want to punish us people who actually play on high graphical
    settings even more? If someone’s covered their tank in bushes and they’re
    well concealed we aren’t going to be able to see them until they fire…. I
    wouldn’t have massive problem with that if I could do it for free myself.
    Making people pay is fucking dirty. I’m out haha

  117. Love it but the american m10, m18 and m36 really need it

  118. This is total b.s. it should be earned not a buy it game make it earn
    because all the kids can’t buy this stuff so make it earned

  119. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    If they make this able to be bought by Lions, it’s fine. Eagles only is a
    bit paywall-esque, and makes Gaijin look kinga like a bunch of dicks, but
    people can manage.

  120. Churchill should not be allowed to have extra armor, they are hard enough
    to kill as is.

  121. if decorations dont add to amour value the we should be able to put more
    than 6 i want at least 20 slots

  122. What the fuck gaijin?

  123. 500 GE is bullshit

  124. killkreeth lockjaw

    they messed up with making it cost eagles on the bushes, they should be
    earnable and not pay to win.

  125. Filip “Flippen” Karlsson

    I like it

  126. This is disgusting, give us this for grinding and unlocking, make damn
    stickers and other crap 500 gold.

  127. Sherman’s are still gonna get clubbed, the need tracks all across the front
    for it to be any better

  128. Giving people with GE advantages
    “No this is not a P2W comrade”
    bye warthunder

  129. The reason I left War Thunder. This. Fucking. Bullshit.

  130. MAKE DA FURY!!!!!!

  131. Dragoneltie27 (aaron)

    baron make a bush tank PLZ PLZ

  132. Valonox Merciegone (Deadto)

    Where does he get his gold?

  133. Armor upgrades are pointless in the positions they are.

  134. 500 gold for a freaking bush war thunder get your priority’s in order its
    ridiculous at least armor via grinding i get decor but a bush i was looking
    forward to it but they make 500 gold i have 0

  135. Damn u people stupid u get 6x bushes for just 500 GE not 1 bush stop crying
    it may go down 250 and may become a unlock has well but has time and time
    again into weds show us that people Don’t even think most of time just see
    video think end of world or something now get off galjin back

  136. Dragoneltie27 (aaron)

    the devs should put more tanks with etra armer

  137. The bushes are bs, that should be unlockable… Definetly, but none the
    less… GG gajin… Not a bad way to start of, the bushes still have be
    unlockable… But still…

  138. Tracks as spaced armour will not stop heat, at least it is highly unlikely
    to stop heat. It will stop a Jess round.

  139. Nice video Baron!

  140. Wtf war thunder we have to pay for the customisation wtaf

  141. juanito jr cadalzo

    I like the new customization.

  142. dude u just spent like…20k gold…wtf man…bushes rly? lmao

  143. baron put the bush near the turret ring to hide it abit

  144. God, I’m reading comments here. Community of War thunder is one of the most
    idiotic I have ever met. Good job everybody!

  145. Most people hate that the bushes are not free
    But i say its a good thing, that way we can avoid bush-spam

    What i wonder the most, is: Will the Maus get tracks mod, and if yes, then
    how soon?

  146. yeah its p2w and their bunching all their stuff together to make people pay
    to get the good stuff sorry but i quit warthunder you cant get my money

  147. Bar sign and life preservers on TOG II*.

  148. I’m still waiting for ALL British tank crewmen to be wearing Berets, not
    just the commander >:I

  149. How about a bush wookie t-34 Soviet charge into Berlin

  150. We British know how to armour our tanks! Cannot wait to give those Jerries
    and Russkies a good ol’ one, two!

  151. …And of course they make it GE only.

  152. If you would have read the Forum Post, you would know that the Bushes fade
    away after distance.
    Baron with you Big audience Please first research and then do a Video about
    such thing…

  153. Bushes are fine by me but you have to pay REAL MONEY to get them and you
    can hide weak spots so that’s PAY TO WIN thats not ok

  154. i think that general customization should be silver lion items but the
    leaves should be eagles.

  155. Iz Not Camo … Iz Green Wigs and Beards for Tonks !!!!

  156. At least you caught yourself

  157. Nice, but I’m still not gonna grind in #Warthunder again. good try #Gaijin. and #ObsidianEntertainment with #ArmoredWarfare has my wallet now
    >:) I love you WarThunder. I still jump in War Thunder arcade once in a
    while when I’m feeling stressed. But then I get stressed, and I gtfo that.

  158. The N0o_b game r :3

    Where’s men of war Monday baron

  159. please take a stug with bush camo for sniper mission please

  160. is men of war monday

  161. does the T 34-85E has extra armor???

  162. # bush t34

  163. he no plane fair he is bush

  164. Pls make fury

  165. the German stole dead t-34 tracks

  166. What if HE rounds could blow the extra tracks off? It’d give more reason to
    carry more HE.

  167. Now the Shermans can survive

  168. raggedsolution21

    bro totally do the Fury thing with the helmet-gasmask combo on the Easy 8

  169. I’ve always wanted to put tracks on the wings of my planes. Maybe now the
    fuel tanks will have less chance of igniting!

  170. well, i like that the armor is not pay to have, the camo and all the rest
    is just cosmetics, well the camo might help, but with the flood of ulq
    users, any camo is pointless so…yeah i like the new things 🙂 and i wont
    mind spend some in having some of the decors

  171. look i was right another money grab what a pile of shiat

  172. OMG we have to pay for that sh*t OMFG i get hypped for this and boom 500 GE
    go fuck yourself i’m not going waste £100 of my hard earned money on a
    virtual bush FIRST flags now BUSHES WTF gaijin well i hope people boycott
    this shit becuase i’m only going on for daily rewards fuck this

  173. They should have gone with the wargaming way, silver to get it for weeks or
    a month and gold to get it forever.

  174. kerbalcake youtube

    you said 500 bucks lol not 500 golden eagles

  175. For all the new decorations that is 14,500 GE and to pay for all of them
    with real money it adds up to £58.07 or $82.87
    That is just BS

  176. If you buy a bush for the 500 E it goes to all of the tanks

  177. Gaijin…don’t you dare put add on armor to the fucking T-50…

  178. Where is men of war

  179. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    nah,they should cost GE,but like 200-500 GE,thats not much money,and if u
    dont want pay ,u can use GE wagers,500 GE = 6 things whatever u bought,u
    can full bush up ur tank,or may 1=450k SL

  180. Baron u done diditit….. camos and all other Decorators are for all
    vehicles but…. the Armor mod is only for that list of vehicles

  181. SirPetterTheFirst

    Yes….. ONLY give Armor too Frontal IP armored German and American tanks
    and let the weak Russian armor just have 2 bits of tracks, Yet people
    complain about the IS-2 Spam, People spam it because it the only thing that
    can fucking Kill a german tank before that tank can one shot you. Gaijin
    Yet again amazes me with their Intelligence.

  182. This is cool and all but it can probably be knocked off with HE or mounted

  183. Bush did pay2win

  184. Baron Von Bushwagen

  185. the tank track part i don’t mind and the bushes i wouldn’t mind either if
    they were not golden eagles

  186. This game has become pay to win :(

  187. whats the thunder league?

  188. I’m actually fucking pissed about having to buy this. Money hungry fuckers.

  189. ~ CAN ANYONE TELL ME if the Russian infantrymen helmet’s during WWII were
    the same as the American’s? I always had wondered because they look similar
    and I know that the US did supply Uncle Joe with massive amounts of
    supplies and gear, thanks.

  190. are you guys really that upset for them to release the bushes with 500 GE?

    it’s not really a big deal, and you can buy em once and equip them to all
    the tanks you have, we don’t really see the bush’s effect towards in-game
    battles right now, but i assume people can still see them like they can see
    me hiding behind a regular in-game bush

  191. I don’t think the track will stay on for long once you get into a
    firefight. I assume they will fall off after a hit received like many
    things already added on tanks as decoration.

  192. Isn’t the iron cross put on all German mechanised units?

  193. baron kill a tiger with he round with Cromwell I did it it hard but fun

  194. Bush did 9/11

  195. Is the armor free for the Sherman Firefly?

  196. I freaken love it! been waiting for this forever, always really wanted to
    have more customization with our vehicles especially tanks, I don’t think
    it’s p2w although the camo is a bit, but in the games I’ve already played I
    haven’t really had troubles with it. I think it’s a great addition to the
    game, look forward to armor on more tanks ???

  197. how do i get the binoculars out in ps4?

  198. fuuuuuuck yeah

  199. make the Fury next time please, when I said Fury I meant the actual Fury.

  200. Two Tailed Warrior

    I wonder if you would be able to see that skull next to the scope in sim
    battles like you see the barrel.

  201. Daniel Richardson

    Now a good question would be if they act like spaced armor does, as in,
    when shot by a shell they become damaged and fall off. Could this give some
    purpose to HE and HEAT shells to blow off great amounts of added tank
    tracks off before punching through with regular shells?

  202. hey Baron , T-44-100 or Gulag??? choose one

  203. Ok baron… I e got a bit of a challenge for you. I’ve done it multiple
    times 2 or 3 to be exact. I’m a tank murder with a t34 1942. I got an
    istonishing 20 kills(highest ever) 19 being my second highest. I wana see
    you do that and see if you can beat my record(sure you can)

  204. he unlocked every bloody merican tank….wow…

  205. Hey baron i have a new german word for you:verdammt(damed)

    That word is nice

  206. Hey baron,

    Just curious, do you popular youtubers just buy like all that gold, or do
    you have really sneaky/secret ways to make/get gold that most average
    players do not know about?

    cheers :)

  207. It’s weird, that the added track armor does not add weight to the tank.

  208. Horny Pickle (Itunes23)

    GE only fcourse.

  209. it’s a wast of money it’s annoying :-(

  210. love it can’t wait for them to add more

  211. I would love to see the front covered in sand bags

  212. nicholas prayudi

    hey guys can we put bushes on the barrel witch would be awesome

  213. Ok Baron… I dare YOU to be First Place at the Stats while driving a
    Focke-Wulf or a BF-109G-10 and do NOT crash, and i call this challenge…

  214. You can’t place tracks where you want? PFFFFFF, useless.

  215. Nice paywall there, morons.

  216. Zikry Hishamuddin

    So can u make like the gas mask on the fury tank?

  217. Aaron Lamontagne

    You’ll never see anyone use it tho because only an idiot would pay 509gold
    for it

  218. Aaron Lamontagne

    I’d say pay to win but all the premium tanks have crapoy BR rather big and

  219. paytohide gg war thunder

  220. +BaronVonGamez I personally would love to use the bushes and tree parts to
    cover weak spots of certain tanks rather than use them as camo in the way
    most intend. I mean, use the camo to blind them from making a precise shot
    on a tanks weak spot if that makes sense.

  221. 500 eagles.. hah… hahah… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  222. bushes for GE isnt terrible. its surely not P2W. Why? because they fade at
    distance. If you cant spot a tank at 50m from you, bushwookie or not, it’s
    a L2P issue, not a P2W one.

    God the WT community is so melodramatic. Woe is we.

  223. The Badass Bassist

    I think it’s a good addition, but was implemented TERRIBLY.

  224. Once you buy a bush can you put it on all your tanks simultaneously?

  225. I stopped playing Warthunder shortly after the BR-compression , i started
    to play again since the last big patch , now let’s see if Gaijin force me
    to stop playing again …

  226. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Damn tanks with addon armor look so ugly but I have to use it for advantage
    now :

  227. So many golden eagles

  228. Akaliptos O Megalos

    Please make a Jagpanther bush tank video

  229. looks like shitty

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