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World of Tanks. Wargaming are currently showcasing customisation on the test server – let’s check out!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. well to be honest..they sponsored Girls Und Panzer anime
    so why not the full paint color right ?
    people keep complaining this and that and about its anime and weeb and not historical but didnt care if a Warhammer tank in the friggin joke

  2. PIMP my tank !

  3. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of seeing people neuter games in the name of historical accuracy. Especially a purely pvp game like WoT. I’m happy for this coming update lol.

  4. AWSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME !!!! Hype for the pink MAUS

  5. If they add more non historical colors, pl show the amx 40 gone full duck. have a nice Day and good luck playing.

  6. This looks cool af, why are you guys hating? I play Blitz and I love the amount of tanks in the PC version, and this customization thing looks dope af. I’d love to change the look of my tanks lol

  7. If they add more non historical colors, plz show of the amx 40 gone full duck. have a nice Day and good luck playing, il continiue watching your vids.

  8. Wondering what WG will do with the black edition tanks. You can make the normal versions black with this, so they Black Edition owners will not have anything special anymore…

  9. they should bring in skins like some mods does

  10. Will the chinese TD’s dissapear from the game when i check the “Hide non-historical elements”?

  11. Not bad for the people who like this, best solution is to drop the camo bonus from all “paint jobs” and just do it for the looks. That would cut down another (small) pay 2 win aspect of the game.

  12. we need new maps

  13. T100-LT looks like eggplant with those colors

  14. World of tanks: Paint your tank

  15. I want it to go down to tier 3 cause i wanna make my PZ.IC to look like Takumis 86 from Initial D

  16. They’re paying someone to work on this instead of making more maps.

  17. Wargaming become crazy !! 1 gold for a fcking camo, they want money, money, money… ???

  18. I love how non historical paints DON’T appear to other players.

  19. So can the TOG truly become a… yellow submarine one day?

  20. wtf.. that td is so cute!!!!!!!

  21. QB your turret looks like melon with that dark green stripes hahaha.

  22. sigurdur gunnarsson

    So when will we be seeing hot pink tanks

  23. I wanna paint my french tanks white

  24. Pink Panther incomming

  25. For IS-6B, it’s a very bad news if I can print my IS-6 black.

  26. I would paint my tank white and put big *UN* logo on the sides. That would be neat 🙂

  27. Gimmicky will appeal to the Apeggio audience only. The only likeable feature here is the Change in scale of historical camo. I agree with you QB let us put on log’s, helmets, goggles and bushes etc.

  28. Five subsections are not enough for drawing penises.

  29. Wargaming adopting the CS:GO model of monetisation where real money is exchanged for customisation items?! Never thought I’d see the day when a FTP (but PTW) game adopted this.

    Best way to make money whilst keeping the general population of gamers happy. They play the game that THEY want to and pay for it too!

    Fix prem ammo spam like they did on Blitz, remove bonds/improved equipment and I might think of coming back to WoT!

  30. Changing your centurion AX to a Chinese tank

  31. Yay! 😀 smurf tanks ^_^ can’t wait to paint my fastest tank blue and smurf out!

  32. WG, add goggly eyes!

  33. Sorry, just a bit of smoke and mirrors. Do something like this while avoiding the real issues……it’s called bait and switch…..hookers do this all the time. (and WOT has as much integrity as a $5.00 crack whore).

  34. Clown-camo really should decrease camo-rating when on tank!

  35. I want a Snowitzer KV-2 skin!

  36. Instadisable

  37. Hey guys, do you like IS-6? I know you don’t but take a look on ability for bouncing of this soviet tin 😉

  38. Painting your IS-2 Pink will make sense actually 😉 there is a pink IS-2 in a museum in the Czech Republic! 😛

  39. fashiontank endgame?

  40. Omg ! Wot become Pimp my ride. 2 fast&2furious style ? I will hide this from day 1 ?

  41. If this come out,some guy gonna paint his tanks full pink

  42. What is the paint job for “noob”? 😉

  43. I will colour my tank according to armor rating so ppl would know where to shoot me.

  44. RIP those who bought those “fancy” black edititon tanks.

  45. Finally, we’re gonna be able to paint the amx 40 yellow with an orange mantlet !

  46. WG runs out of good ideas – so make need for speed type customization for gold ROFL

  47. All you had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!

  48. I think it would be really cool to see an actual cammo net on your tank if you choose….as tanks did used to have on them and maybe some branches etc.

  49. Personally I think if you are going to paint your tanks silly colours then you should lose the concealment a bright purple tank on a battlefield will stand out more than a concealed camouflage just saying

  50. so how long till we see Pink tank clan in clan battles?
    just to clifiry if i was good enough and had a pc that could run it, i would total join a pink tank clan because fuck it, it would be funny as hell

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