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  1. Pink maus.. in coming.

  2. what you did miss, for those of us with clan wars camo, they can be removed. Which is really cool, because all you have to have had is attain one set of cw camo per nation and you are set to change those nation to nation tanks. So where as i have one green digital camo, can now apply to any tank. Also cool since I did have a green digi on my t37 because i have no tier 10 americans to this day, but now can remove it to any tank really.

  3. Thanks very much for this vid I was kinda confused with this customization stuff

  4. That is really generous of WG… for once… finally… ty WG for not being greedy fucks. But then again thats like thanking someone for not killing you. :/

  5. Why is your crew except the commander is named Salt again 😀

  6. Hide Non-Historical Elements?

    So you mean basically hide three-quarters of all the tanks in the game?

  7. EXCELLENT! Thank you Circon. NEVER paying for extra concealment again by removing camo from turrets and guns I already paid for and applying them to the hulls of my other tanks!!!

  8. Just wait, theyll somehow fuck it up by putting a lootbox system in here ??

  9. looks like i play on NA. DOPE !

  10. i don’t know if these are the original one from the tanks but i have hundreds of national flags that i can sell as well as the one gifted.

  11. If only the “historical paint only mode” would exclude the patriot and liberte camo, that would have been great. WG let’s you block seeing purple tanks with clown setup paints, but not those clown paint jobs…


  13. 6:10 circMeme “Right?”

  14. I can remove camo now without losing it D: thank you for this info circ

  15. im on NA server and i sold emblems for 3 mil credits 😉

  16. Pre patch I unlocked the StuGIV camo and rented it for credits for my Leopard 1. Now, the camo is still available, but only for gold. I unlocked it, gotta pay gold to use it. What?

  17. Circon! Nearly 100k subs!!!!!!

  18. 16:37 racist Kappa

  19. so we are not able to buy the paints for credits??

    • 75000 credits for all seasons camo for 100 battles, not time limited.

    • Circonflexes I know that, but im on about the actual paints like historical and non historical paints XD

    • Nope, but then again, you’d only need 150 gold for all season hull or 450 gold for all seasons camo on all 3 parts. Thats at most around 2euro, which you can then reapply on any tank of the same nation, for free.

  20. I wanted to see a armored clown car! POUT!

  21. gj wg. you have option to be cheap and they still make money cus theres fancy ass tankers who buys even more camos cus u can make tank even more pretty.. good bye women, my maus looks sexy af! 😛

  22. Overcomplicated BS – why have separate camo for a gun barrel for Christ’s sake?!!!! It looks dumb as fuck

  23. If they introduce the “pay for cosmetic” and remove the “pay to win” (with the ability to improve camo rating without paying gold) then it’s near perfect. Somehow, knowing Wargaming it looks too good to be true and I expect them to re-introduce a “pay to win” aspect sooner than later. We shall see…

  24. Thanks again for the info. I am now 10 million credits richer. I had like 282 Canada flags.

  25. I don’t get it. Why were people so upset back in the day about emblems giving bonuses?

    • Because it had insane credit and gold prices, so it was really turning into P2W if it went through.

    • Thanks, I didn’t know it was so expensive.
      Can you give me an example? How much did it cost in credits/gold, how big of a bonus you got and how long did it last?

  26. INB4 they make it cost credits/gold to remove camo since they accidentally implemented the test version ;D

  27. thnx man that was useful really …. having the camo only on the hull . on some tanks it looks fine like the strv103b

  28. I love to paint the gun of my french tanks with the “leaves/grass” camouflage.

    A plant has growth on my turret! Goddamnit WG.

  29. Yay! Now I can paint all my tanks bright red to reflect my XVM status!

  30. Now we need a mod that automatically transferes camo from tank to tank!

  31. Damn I gotta get on and hustle real quick before they patch it. Especially selling emblems.

  32. Merchant Shalomshoah GoldbergShekelstein

    I still say fuck wargaming. Everything is barred behind gold and only one option to hide “non-historical” ugly ass clown shit but you can also make ugly ass clown shit with historical paints. Everything is barred behind gold, therefore it’s a fuck you to wargaming for me. I’ve already payed wargaming 500 shekels, they don’t need anymore with this product because millions pay for one thing. This is why houses don’t cost 50 dollars and video games don’t cost 5,000. Wargaming makes too much money from this stupid shit the CEO is a fucking billionaire they deserve no more money. Fuck them they deserve a bomb at their headquarters.

  33. Merchant Shalomshoah GoldbergShekelstein

    No it’s not really fucking cool, it’s really fucking gay because they REMOVED previous credit options! Which by the way you earned through paying them for PREMIUM TANKS AND TIME! Fuck wargaming I hope they all die of terminal cancer and live bedridden for amount of years equal to how long they worked at Fuck your gaming.

  34. 7 million credits selling a lot of emblems and flags, great stuff

  35. Great Info dude! thanks

  36. Just logged in on NA and made 4 million in emblems, and I don’t even play that much, so yeah you can afford a T10 or three thanks to those. Great stuff!

  37. this will be changed before release

  38. So everybody is getting the free camo or only the players who had purchased at least 1 perma camo purchased??

  39. Is it just your client or do all players get get to see your colours etc ?

  40. fucking gay, can’t run my favorite cammo and inscription now

  41. Oh good they got rid of the time thing with temp camos. Now if only they’d do the same for prem account…

  42. charlie no you’re retarded

  43. NA player here – can confirm: I have so many goddamn Canuck leaves.

  44. Make a black WZ-132-1

  45. I mean I like the new customisation, but I hope they will add that if u aply camouflage on the gun, turret and gun mantle it would give u more concealment after firing… it would make sence in a way

  46. Why stop at text, flags and different paint schemes.. I would had liked to see things like adding (tool) boxes or bushes…

  47. Is arty still in the game? that’s the only thing that will make me play again

  48. the gold prices are beyond ridiculous

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