New CW Reward 116-F3, Map Rebalance, Steel Hunter and More! | World of Tanks Update 1.20+ News

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Source: DezGamez

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New Clan Wars Reward Tank 116-F3 in World of Tanks. Steel Rewards with No Experimental Equipment, Rebalance, Drops and More! World of Tanks 1.20 Patch News.

00:00 Introdution
00:49 Steel Hunter and Rewards
02:45 Announcement
04:50 Details
05:15 116-F3 Preview
10:14 Fisherman's Bay
12:24 Murovanka Changes
14:53 Trade-in Feature
16:40 Monthly Rundown
17:40 Conclusion

Information from:
– World of Tanks Portal and in-game
– Maps:
– Background replay played by: tankos05

Time to take a look at WOT is going on in World of Tanks – new clan wars tank 116-F3, Steel Hunter, map rebalance on Murovanka and Fisherman's Bay, Trade-In event and more!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!
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  1. I feel like you missed the 2nd most important part of monthly rubdown – top of the tech tree (E5 and T-100 LT). It’s much more important than valentine special etc. Only thing more important than that is Twitch drops and big events (not Happening in February).
    Just an opinion, feel free to voice yours.

  2. @A K
    Yeah, I hope we could get it. Would be nice addition to my f2p garage

  3. I think they are withdrawing the experimental equipment.
    Or they do plan on giving it out and it was just a massive massive mess up.
    CDR_Xavier. NA.

  4. I saw a lion in action in my game you want a replay of that game? That played did very good in that game

  5. steel hunter party

  6. I don’t really like Steel Hunter, Battle Royale isn’t really my thing and having frankenstein tanks that we can’t keep in our garage don’t appeal to me either. I much prefer Frontline instead, pretty much opposite in concept.

    I don’t really get to play in CW, so this new 116-F3 is a bit of a faraway dream

    (Bavlin, Asia)

  7. Regarding steelhunter, for me it’s a nice event to relax a bit from the standard way of playing. I participate from time to time without any specific goal. For the crew resets it is definetly worth it.

    kovexal2 EU

  8. Im looking Forward for Steel Hunter since Last year and now finally IT will come Back. Im very exited. EU Hunter_44442

  9. I still cant find any reason why i should start playing again. now close to 1 year break and i missed nothing important… Why to play this game anmore???someone plz answer me this..
    darkdog666, EU

  10. I’m really looking forward to the retraining orders. Thanks for the update dez! ClonetrooperC4 EU

  11. Map changes look promising. But the 116 doesn’t really look appealing to play and to play against.
    Moro2007_6 EU

  12. The 116 looks like another hull down tank, and wargaming is again increasing the gap between new and experienced players. Experimental equipment now this, and the fact that you cannot get the type 62 light tank for free from the lunar year missions, it just shows how free to play world of tanks really is.

    Patrick_drwal NA -i am not a good player by any means

  13. feels like one step foward and two steps back with the hull down meta, mino, then BZ 75 which is great, then back to this with 116-f3, and those tanks end up not being fun to play either having to nerf the gun. thanks for the info as always Dez. IGN is ShadowraizeX on NA server

  14. Steel Hunter game mode is not my top favorite, but I’m looking forward to look into the new CW tank. region: EU and in-game name: Digger007

  15. Dawid ZWIASTUN Sikora

    Happy Steel Hunter! Multipainkiller EU.

  16. Experimental equipment is the beginning of the end, at least in my opinion. I already don’t bother chasing EBRs when being circled by them, and I also don’t engage the BZ-176. It’s just pointless. I refuse to take Pay to Win takes seriously and simply allow WOT to win in its own game. As for map changes, they are good. More engagement on both sides. But regarding the trade ins, that was a bust bc I’d love to exchange some higher tier tanks for some lower ones. But since that was impossible to do, I skipped it… | ID: sei2ur3; EU server.

  17. Steel Hunter is really only mode that I don’t like playing and won’t play it now either and one of the reasons is that rewards are not something too much, talking about rewards, I’m really looking forward for Clan Wars and hopefully I can get 116F3, and about map changes, I hope they finally tell us how the f do bushes in middle of Fishermans Bay work because I lost too much tanks and games because of those bushes.
    Server: EU
    IGN: Hybba_

  18. Another stupidly armoured useless tank. Also we have enough autoloaders, no need for more…

  19. Thanks for another great video. EU: SHAFT001

  20. I will play Steel Hunter, for those pretty bonds

  21. Jānis Šņucītis

    The steel hunter rewards are not as good as expected. New cw reward tank doesn’t look too op compared to other tier 10 heavies.

    Janka12_ on the EU server

  22. balance changes are always welcome. but the shit show with experimental equipment is a mess. they should give it to everyone, or remove it from all ppl.
    Server: EU
    Name: _Aspi

  23. 116-F3 must be joke….and again…great reward for great playes…so great players will play great tank (looks like better than Chief) so guess how the game will look like…jeez.


  24. for a 10 don’t seem great

  25. Won’t lie, I didn’t play Steel Hunter before but I might give it a try this time. Thanks for all the useful videos, Dez:)
    Username: BlueDragon2018
    Server: EU

  26. thanks for giving back to the community

    nick: z0rzi
    serv: EU

  27. Σταυρος Χ.

    we want video about the new equipment more details and examples what we sould to do in our tank
    i like your videos, keep going…
    Eu server
    Name: MrKRONARAS

  28. F3 is broken, how to get it ?

    Fatalista_cz EU2

  29. Not bad map changes to be honest
    Bertone_BG – EU server

  30. The steel hunter rewards seem kind off boring, except the crew retraining orders, also feels weird using the experimental equipment when many othe people do not have it.

    Eu server

  31. Steel Huner – yes! I love the mode, it’s great and simply fun for me:)
    spooqy @ EU

  32. Steel hunter doesnt rly give anything, without experimental equipment, gamemode is just worse version of 1sr steel hunter iteracion, while 116-F3 looks like a new carro 45t that will be seen for first 3 weeks after release and never again. Butcherofthesandz – eu

  33. thanks dez for this info i like the map changes and i don’t like steel hunter im a frontline player. server:EU name:Ali_Kakaiy

  34. Zaijtsev's World of Tanks

    I’m glad the Clan reward tank 116-F3 isn’t OP. Still I would like to get it, but don’t think its possible with my clan.
    The map rebalancing looks ok. First time in long time they aren’t rebalancing especially for all the hull down tanks.
    Steel Hunter is nice, rewards are good enough, so I think I will play for them. And I’m glad the new equipment isn’t there yet. Hope they keep it that way. But probably not because of al the time they already put in it.

    Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU

  35. He Dez … Again an informative vid like expected … thank you for your work. I love the upcomming map changes and I like the Steel Hunter mode – it’s something different to the “normal” random madness.

    Greetings from Germany … Pf_Tom @ EU

  36. Wargaming = popo
    They dont know how to balance the game, they just add new things instead of fixing old ones… Experimental equipment shouldnt have been added if u ask me.. Everything else looks nice and im looking forward to the rewards and steel hunter

  37. I really do not play any of the special modes. As for the new reward tank, it is no Chieftain, thank god.

  38. I’m looking forward to steel hunter mode, but the rewards could be better. And also map changes are always a good thing 🙂
    User: MadakSVK
    Server: EU

  39. I don’t particularly like SH and the rewards this season are not worth the grind… I’ll give it a miss

  40. Thanks for the updates Dez. I will give steel hunter a go this time.

    Crazed_Armour on EU

    GL everyone!

  41. Definitely gonna give the steel hunter mode a go for that free book
    EU server

  42. does wot still do battlepasses?

  43. Met 116-F3 in random battle (Berlin) a few days back. Cupola is hard to dmg pen (hit area seemed bigger when it was hulldown on slope; in window heavy position over Nort-south central road.); 3x hit – 3x critical.

    Foxlord83 EU

  44. I think the 116-F3 is a very interesting tank, especially with this strong armour.

    Nickname: bluewarrior2017

    Server: EU

  45. Well I’ll be devil’s advocate here and say I like all the new things coming in WoT. It’s good seing game moving forward being with new clan wars campaign or new equipment. Also kudos to WG for all the balancing on the maps, Murovanka one looks so good and will change current meta 100%.

    miste1892 EU

  46. Steel Hunter does not rock my boat in any form or shape. Its a waste of time. Experimental equipment mess up – there’s a surprise – standard WG. Yet more small dabbling on irrelevant maps. Yet you still get Mines at all tiers…. Burnt_Bum EU

  47. Cant wait to play steel hunter

    Nickname: bam_it_up

    Server: EU

  48. 4-5 games / day for steel hunter missions is ok. I will play it!

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